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[Pre Order] ConBee II Zigbee USB Gateway $59.99 (33% off) + Free Shipping @ Smart Guys



The Conbee II has a strong focus on interoperability and supports many Zigbee devices
Works with well-known brands such as Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Xiaomi Aqara and Samsung SmartThings.

Visit the ConBee II compatibility list on our homepage to learn more.

Works without the cloud. The ConBee II offers complete local control of all Zigbee devices.

Universal Zigbee USB gateway, integrates Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Samsung SmartThings, Xiaomi Aqara and many other Zigbee products across manufacturers
Local solution without cloud, no registration or Internet access needed
Strong signal range via power-amplifier
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / 10, Ubuntu Linux (AMD64), Raspbian and Docker
For PC, Notebook, Raspberry Pi or Mini-PC

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  • Good price. Seldom does the conbee go on sale. Was waiting for a long time before i gave up and paid RRP. :(

  • Ordered one ! been wanting to try out conbee on my raspberry pi homeassistant.

    • @smartguysaustralia

      hoping I'm the first few adopters of this deal( ordered one 4 minutes after you post the deal) , still have no update since ordering .

  • Great price. I ended up paying $70 from Amazon around 2 months ago.

  • Great price

  • Great price.. I already got mine last year, this is a definite good price and OP you are a legend for understanding that it’s not a bargain if shipping isn’t free.. unlike the last Conbee deal I saw here.

  • Do they have a maximum number of devices? Or does the zigbee mesh take care of everything and funnel messages through to the Conbee?
    I'm wondering because my zigbee collection is growing and I'm wondering if i might need a second Conbee at some point since this is a great price.

    • Reaching that device limit are you? Hehe.

      Network Size (theoretical # of nodes) Up to 65,000

      (zigbee alliance website).

      • Thanks Cadal. I'm glad that i don't need to worry then. I just had no idea if there was a limit and didn't want to find out the hard way.

        • I think there might actually be a limit of no of direct connections, as in if you add device that act as routers / repeaters you can connect X no of children to that router device, something like 32 direct children I think. An ikea power plug for example is a routing device so that can increase the number of devices your zigbee network can take.

          I am not sure if this is a "hub" limitation though and may apply to only some hubs and not the conbee II. It definitely used to apply to the smarthings hub.

  • Does this work with Cygnett smart range devices? Have a bunch of sensors which I'd like to use locally with Home Assistant instead of the cygnett hub.
    Has anyone tried the same?

  • How does this device compare to other devices on the market. Is this "the" gateway to have?

    • Definitely the best I've used. Had previously used a cc2531 Zigbee board which lacked range. This was basically plug and play and I was up and running in a few minutes and haven't had any (major) issues since. Only thing I'm experiencing atm is a plugin glitch where I can't delete a specific sensor for some reason in Deconz.

    • They're great.
      My biggest complaint is that it can be a bit of stuffing around to setup power restore behavior on Hue. Otherwise your lights turn on full brightness if there's a power outage and then power comes back on in while you're sleeping. As a result, I've still got the bedroom lights connected to the Hue hub.

      • Due to frequent power outages and a few limitlessled bulbs that did not report state I ended up putting an automation into home-assistant to turn all the lights on and then off 5 mins after a homeassistant restart event.

  • Paid $80 before it was locally available and worth every cent. Has been rock solid for months and new devices are constantly added.

  • So does this allow you to use the Hue app in exactly the same way as the Hue Hub would?

    • No, it sets up a separate Zigbee network so you don't use the hub anymore

    • No, it doesn't work via the hue app. You need a controller running home assistant or domoticz. This let's that controller talk to all of the individual iot devices without needing any other zigbee hubs and this avoid the need for various brand specific apps.

      • Can it control hue devices to the same degree of intricacy via HA or Domoticz that the Hue Hub and App combo would?

        I have an Echo Plus and it is so limited in the colours it can apply to Hue devices, and there are no effects at all.

  • Also consider the Sonoff wifi zigbee which can be flashed with Tasmota. You will also need to get the USB serial device for a few dollars.

    It works with HA, node-red & ZHA.

    It was about $25. Connects via wifi so you can place it anywhere you want for the best range.


    • This is the route I have gone now. Wanted to move my Home Assistant machine elsewhere in the house, so have one of these coming.

      Currently using a husbzb1 stick, which works great, but want to move the machine elsewhere in the house.

      I bought it pre flashed here (currently out of stock it seems) - https://cloudfree.shop/product/sonoff-zigbee-bridge-flashed-...

      Edit: how have I never heard of this smart guys shop. Good selection of hardware for home assistant. This could get expensive

    • however, the wifi ZigBee adaptors are notoriously sensitive to the quality of your wifi network…


      (not saying it wont work. Just that it can be temperamental. Equally my wifi connected xiaomi hubs use wifi to connect and are a bit crappy sometimes)

  • Purchased with only knowing the basics & just recently going from the Ikea hub too a Hue, running a couple of different apps for different products that don't all tie in with Google Home. Buy now, work it all out later.

  • Wow great deal

  • Is this device more stable than the Xiaomi Aqara GW for Home Assistant? Like many others, my HA seems to lose connectivity to Xiaomi GW every hour and can only be restored by restarting HA.

    Further, can I use this USB device to control all my Xiaomi devices e.g. temp/humidity/door sensors, wall plugs, purifiers, vacuum etc? I can only see sensors & plugs on the compatibility list.

    • Xiaomi vacuums and air purifiers have wifi support on Raspberry pi via some plugins. I used it back in the day on Domoticz.

    • It could be the multicast issue if you using on VM. I had a same issue so I migrated back to Raspberry Pi 4.

    • It should be fine for the sensors, wall plugs etc. I have a bunch of Aqara ones in use.

      As above purifiers and vacuums are WiFi so you need something else for those. I use Home Assistant integrations.

    • Yeah it works better than the xiaomi gateway but beware there are issues with xiaomi zigbee sensors. Some of them will lose connection at times, some will eventually fail (reconnect for a ahort while then drop again and again).

      • I’ve read some things to suggest the Xiaomi sensors don’t necessarily play well with repeater devices from other vendors. Some suggest they don’t connect at all, others have said they do but strongly preference talking to the controller direct. If you’re loading up on Xiaomi gear and having issues. It may be worth plugging in a few of the Xiaomi branded smart plugs (which act as repeaters) around the house and seeing if that helps improve reliability of the sensors.

    • yes, it would likely be more stable for the zigbee devices, although you will likely need to fully reintegrate the devices as they will get different entity ids, and in some cases expose using a different model than under the Xiaomi hub. As an example I have a couple of power plugs and they don't correctly install under ZHA and so the power meters don't work properly in HA. ymmv

      re the vacuum - typically you go direct, using the MIIO integration- https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/xiaomi_miio - your existing docker should work fine; no need to migrate to RPI

  • After my Raspberry pi zero W had it's SD card corrupt and losing a fair amount of config since my last backup I've ditched the Pi for Smartthings. The dependency on cloud is a bit annoying but still not at the tipping point to sway me back. Native free Google Assistant and Alexa integration with Smartthings is one of the main reasons for sticking with it. Has anyone made a switch from Smartthings to a local Pi solution? Any regrets or key advantages?

    • I ditch the smartthings because of cloud lag and reliability issues and have been fine. Smartthings software is buggy as always with anything Samsung software related. As long as you remember to make a backup of your pi every now and then you should be fine.

  • I'm using multiple setup including Xiaomi old model gateway, SmartThings and Zigbee CC2531 pre-flashed USB stick that cost me about $12 AUD and all are interconnected via Home Assistant. Working fine so far. I noticed that my Zigbee downlights reacting quick on Zigbee USB stick and SmartThings having some delays. Not sure about Zigbee USB stick range issue as it's working fine with one big lounge room and Raspberry Pi is behind my computer.

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    Hey ozbargainers,

    Thank you so much for your support and really glad you like the deal. Unfortunately we have oversold due to the overwhelming demand. We are out of stock and we are going to have to fulfil some orders over the next two weeks. We will message those impacted and offer a full refund if preferred. Else they will be sent out over the next 2 weeks. Please email us on [email protected] if you have any questions.

  • Good deal, I paid around 89 and it is definitely worth it.

  • (It says out of stock, but I just ordered one - should be changed to Back Order? Says it will arrive end of April, which is fine, no rush here. Thanks OP)

  • I bought one from previous post and I can't find driver to go with my lock.
    Very difficult to setup.


    I have PC, Raspberry Pi 2, and Synology NAS, and Asus router. What is the best way to run this device so it can recognise my Lockwood digital Deadbolt?


    • should not need any driver if it ZigBee, your device connect to zigbee hub then you get software like openhab or similar to drive it

      • Thanks. Is this the step?
        1. install OpenHab
        2. Openhab will recognise or have driver to recognise the ConBee II Zigbee USB Gateway.
        3. The Lockwood device is using Zigbee 1.2 so I just download the add on for it and use ConBee to scan for the Lockwood?

        In the past, I have problem finding add-on for the Lockwood device and hence ConBee II does not know how to talk to it.

  • Rep, I can't checkout as page is blank when I hit Checkout button.
    Can you help please?

  • Nice price. Been using one with ZHA for nearly a year now and has been great. Cost me $1 more than this from Amazon US.

    Shame to see a bunch of your Shelly prices have gone up though.

  • Is this still available to pre-order?