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Conbee II Zigbee USB Gateway $59.99 (33% off) + Free Shipping @ Smart Guys


Hi Ozbargainers,

Due to us running out of stock because of the overwhelming demand last time (, we wanted to apologise and give those that missed out an opportunity to have this deal. Thank you for not being too rough on us last time. Deal will finish on Monday 26/04/2021 or unless we run out of stock, we have 200 at the time of this listing 22/04/2021 12:50PM

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The Conbee II has a strong focus on interoperability and supports many Zigbee devices
Works with well-known brands such as Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Xiaomi Aqara and Samsung SmartThings.

The Phoscon solution is compatible with a wide range of lights, switches and sensors from Philips Hue, IKEA TRÅDFRI, Xiaomi Aqara, OSRAM SMART+, Busch-Jaeger, GIRA, JUNG, Paulmann and Paul Neuhaus.

Works without the cloud. The ConBee II offers complete local control of all Zigbee devices.

Universal Zigbee USB gateway, integrates Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Samsung SmartThings, Xiaomi Aqara and many other Zigbee products across manufacturers
Local solution without cloud, no registration or Internet access needed
Strong signal range via power-amplifier
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / 10, Ubuntu Linux (AMD64), Raspbian and Docker
For PC, Notebook, Raspberry Pi or Mini-PC

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  • Sorry a stupid question, do I need to keep the computer running for it to work? Also, I understand that it is not compatible with the Mac. Can someone please confirm? Thanks

    • Yes you do. I’m planning on running mine on my always on Raspberry Pi.

      • Ah, it works on the pi. Thanks mate, I will check if I can set it up easily on my zero.

    • The device that you connect the dongle to, must always remain on for it too function.

      It does not work natively with Mac, however if you have docker it will run on there.

      People generally tend to use a low power device like a raspberry pi and run of there.

      We also sell a raspbee suitable for a pi if you did not want a usb.

  • Already have a Sonoff Zigbee Hub w/ Tasmota - what's the benefit of this instead?

    • No benefit apart from potentially stronger signal strength and out of the box compatibility with Home Assistant.

      • Does this have a larger number of maximum devices than the Sonoff Hub? 32 devices supported on that one.

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          I have a Conbee II - I just had a look and I currently have 65 endpoints connected without any issues (and I know it has been >90 in the past without issue).

          The 65 includes:
          - 9 routing devices (1xHue bulb, 5xSamsung smartplugs, 1xTradfri bulb, 1xCalla Pedestal and 1xTradfri repeater).
          - various sensors and switches from Aqara, Samsung, Philips and Tradfri.

          All the above work seamlessly with the Conbee II, with Deconz and Home Assistant.

          I don't know about the Sonoff Hub limits - is that directly connected or also through additional zigbee routing devices?

          I have significant number of sonoff/ tasmota devices and would be surprised if the limit wasn't circumvented in some way by tasmota. The only reason for not having the sonoff hub is that when it was launched I already had the Conbee II and it works - so haven't felt the need to change.

          I think a significant advantage of the Sonoff hub is that it connects via wifi and therefore you can place it in the best location for coverage - whereas the Conbee II needs to be connected directly - which may not be in the best location.

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    Will this listen to me and pass on my conversations to the nearest Authorities automatically ?

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      • +1

        Awesome bought 5 to go with my

        Smart TV
        Smart Bulbs
        Smart House
        Amazon Alexa
        Google Home
        Smart Computer
        Smart Phone
        Google Mesh

        They should have full coverage of everything i do now cheers OP

  • Picked one of these up in the last deal. Great little coordinator - much better than the flakey CC2531 I was using. Will be moving all my Zigbee devices onto it except the Hue bulbs.

  • Will this work with Mirabella Genio lights?

    • Nope. Mirabella ones connect straight to your WiFi.

  • Will this work with Mirabella Genio lights?

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      My understanding is that Mirabella use WiFi in their bulbs for communication. The Conbee uses Zigbee so is not compatible with Mirabella bulbs.

  • Does it only work with Xiaomi Aqara or does it work with other Xiaomi ZigBee devices. I have quite a few Xiaomi original Smart Human Body sensor, temp sensors and door and window sensors?

    • +1

      This is the official compatibility list:

      So far I have it working with both type Ikea light switches, Aqara cube, motion, temp, vibration, moisture, and open/close sensors, v1 smart things motion sensor, and a hue motion sensor. Working great so far.

  • FreeBSD/freenas isn’t listed in OS, but any chance this is compatible? Does it present as a USB serial device?

    (Running home assistant in a freenas jail).

  • The internet isn't the best in the sticks, so having everything run locally is becoming more and more apparent for me.

    Started using TuyaLocal this week for the dozen or so wifi switches; wanting to kill off the aqara hub, this should do the trick.

  • Damn I just saw this deal. Any info when you guys doing promo like this again? Cheers

    • Currently there is a shortage of Conbees and we are being advised this can last for up to a year. So it will be difficult for us to do a sale any time soon. We are having a meeting with dresden tonight and if the situation changes we will look to do another sale in the near future.

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