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LatitudePay: $50 off $200+ Spend (New Customers Only), LittleBirdie: $20 off $200+ Spend @ The Good Guys


Get $50 off when you spend $200 or more at The Good Guys with LatitudePay this Easter.
*T&Cs Apply.

New LatitudePay customers only.

Combine with $20 coupon from Little Birdie to get $70 off $220 spend (including little birdie and LatitudePay discount) - that is about 31.8% off if you spend exactly $220

Note: Little Birdie discount is valid until 30/04/2021.

Furthermore you can also qualify for $20 store credit if buying small appliances and selecting Click & Collect.
See link.

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  • Come on Weber discounts 🤞

    • There's a deal for $670 for the family Q

  • Strange I don't see this deal when I click on the link

  • +6

    Deal is shown in the banners, 2nd of 3 offers. NEW Latitude Pay customers only.

    • Thanks, guess it won't work for me then. Good to know.

  • +3

    Doesn’t work with store credits or gift cards

    • Yeah just found this out when trying to use a gift card in the same purchase. Pretty annoying.

    • go to instore and split payments

      • but you lose birdie $20 off :(

      • How is that different from splitting paying online?

  • Only brings the Nvidia shield pro down to $300. Has been a bit cheaper lately.

    • +1

      Go instore and pricematch with HN

      • -3

        It's kind of a hassle to set up Lattitude payment plans in store I guess? Would be great if we could do the price match online.

        • I went to the store and the price matched HN, total cost for the Shield Pro is $226.
          But the Little Birdy voucher did not work in the store, anybody else managed to get it working?

          • @UncommonName: That’s a pretty good price and nope you can’t use it in store.

      • +1

        Can you price match and order over the phone?

  • I’d like to post this deal but even with the discount it’s ridiculously expensive I can’t justify it as a bargain

    Xbox series s/x 1tb expansion storage from seagate
    Down to under $280 with little birdie code


    • I think their prices have recently been marked up

  • Good guys commercial accepted or just retail GG?

    • +1

      Just retail, unfortunately

    • +2

      Commercial doesn’t take LatitudePay

      • Thanks

        • I’ve got the spend $500 get $80 back at The Good Guys on my 28 degrees card, does anyone know if the offer will work for Good Guys commercial? On your card statement does it show as The Good Guys or The Good Guys commercial

          • +1

            @Fake News: I doubt it. But you can try and report back.

          • +1

            @Fake News: how do you get those offers on your 28 degrees card? you have to activate them or be signed up to something?

            • @bennib0i: no idea, they email them randomly and they’re often not great… my partner who uses his card less than me got spend $200 get $20 back, so they’re definitely targeted. I’d say I’ve opted in for promotional emails at some point?

  • Interesting timing with the Zip announcement that Good guys & JB HiFi will offer Zip from April. Wonder if they will keep Latitude

    • They can have both options, just like Catch

  • New customers only?

    • I can’t confirm it, if someone with existing account could confirm, that would be great.

      • Yeah, the banner says "New LatitudePay customers only". Also I tried with my account, no $50 credit adjustment at LatitudePay checkout.

        • They say the same with Catch but it still works for existing customers.

          Title updated

          • @Pricebeat: Didn't work for me as I've made too many purchases already haha. Maybe new customers refers to those that have set up an account but have yet to make a purchase with LatitudePay.

            • @Ebaygiftcards: Could you please test by removing little birdie discount and going to checkout?

  • How do you actually apply the $50 discount? I just made a new account and all but I don't see the $50 off anywhere

    • +1

      You will see it when you click on place order and it will take you to LatitudePay website.

      • Cool thanks!

  • Good deal - but need to add "New Customers Only" in the title + description.

    • Added, I was waiting for someone to confirm as it also says new customers only for Catch deal, but still works for existing customers.

  • +1

    Wow I got declined as a new customer. Bit strange as I always pay cc off on time etc.

    • Ask them why?
      I think someone had problem with address, that’s why they were getting declined

  • +2

    For existing customers, I got an email from Latitude to get the $50 discount from Good Guys, you'll have to spend $250 instead of $200.

  • Trying to buy kindle but it's $199. Do they have something that's $1? or $21 to make it $220?

  • Is this the best sign up offer so far?

    • +1

      They constantly have offers for existing members as well. So if are looking to sign up, waiting for better offer means you miss out on offers for existing members.

  • 10% off "a huge range" tomorrow

  • Hey guys,

    If I sign up for LatitudePay for the first time, the $50 discount will only apply for my first TGG order using the newly created LP account.
    For subsequent TGG orders, I won't be eligible for any more discounts (i.e. you will have to pay the full price) using the same LP account. Does this sound right?

    Also, is the Little Birdie $20 off one time use only?

    • +1

      For subsequent TGG orders, I won't be eligible for any more discounts (i.e. you will have to pay the full price) using the same LP account. Does this sound right?

      For this offer yes. They also sometimes have similar offers for existing members. There also currently $20 off of $60 spend at catch. That you can use more than once.

      Also, is the Little Birdie $20 off one time use only?

      You can get more coupons using different email

  • Tried the Little Birdie code with Airpods Pro and it doesn't reduce price. I assume there's some sort of exclusions on it?

  • Does not work for me for a $400+ order. I am not a new LP customer.

  • +1

    Latitude pay did not let me sign up, strange. Anyone else had trouble with this?

    • Yeah it just declined me too, never had a problem with these kinds of things before

      • same here lol declined too

  • Are you getting a credit enquiry on your record applying for Latitude pay?

  • I'm not sure how there is a credit enquiry if it is approved so quickly ?

    Also, the good guys offer is still up on the latitude pay page but the fine print says it expired on the 5/4. Is it still active ?