Subsidised ½ Price Airfare + Network-Wide Sale: Sydney-Gold Coast $35 (Jetstar), ADL-MEL $88 (Qantas) @ Qantas & Jetstar


Both Qantas and Jetstar are launching their sales at midnight tonight, so it's a night to stay up!

Sale ends 11.59pm (AEST) 31 July 2021, unless sold out prior. Travel period: 1 April 2021 – 30 September 2021

Jetstar sale fares include:

Adelaide-Avalon from $32* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Gold Coast from $35* (Half Off Flights sale)
Melbourne-Launceston from $35* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Ballina from $39* (Jetstar sale)
Melbourne-Gold Coast from $49* (Jetstar sale)
Sydney-Cairns from $69* (Jetstar sale)

Qantas sale fares include:

Adelaide-Melbourne from $88* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Sunshine Coast from $92* (Half Off Flights sale)
Canberra-Gold Coast from $95* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Melbourne from $99* (Qantas sale)
Melbourne-Newcastle from $109* (Qantas sale)
Sydney-Coffs Harbour from $109* (Qantas sale)

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  • Come for the bargains….stay for the COVID!

  • The heading suggests Syd Melb is half price. I thought $99 seemed steep for half off when rex and virgin do $79 Syd Melb

    • +1 vote

      Apparently the govt has based it on average fares for this time of the year, and subsidized. But who knows. Often seen comments on ozbargain that Virgin prices seem to jump before a sale, so wouldn't be surprised if others appear to do it too.

      • SYD-MEL was never one of the destinations mentioned for this govt subsidy? I've already picked up ~$100 SYD-MEL Red e-Deals this week for June so I don't think that's any more than their current pricing.

        • +2 votes

          Yeah, there are tourist destinations, and then they've combined in a network wide sale. I might tweak title.

          edit: they are actually labelled whether half price or Qantas sale

        • Sydney to Avalon is, though most people wouldn’t regard Avalon as Melbourne…


            @Jimmy Tseng: I live in Melbourne and use Avalon a lot for cheap flights, it doesn't take much longer to get to than Tullamarine from the CBD.
            The only issue is the lack of airlines that fly to Avalon Airport.

            • @DisabledUser110907: Using google maps to check at 3am, Avalon is 45 mins and Melbourne airport is 22 mins. Worse during daytime due to Westgate - showing 57 mins at the moment.

              Not to mention, Melbourne’s centre of population is in Glen Iris, so more than half the Melbourne population is on the wrong side of the city to benefit.

              I’ve seen flights for $9 to Sydney and I still wouldn’t bite due to being from Avalon.

              • @Jimmy Tseng: Thats why Melbourne needs a proper 2nd Airport based around Koo Wee Rup.


                @Jimmy Tseng: The freeway to Tullamarine is VERY hit and miss, one hour it can be fast, the next hour painfully slow, very unpredictable.

                But either way, I don't consider either airport that far from Melbourne CBD, which is where both the Sky Bus services transport people to and from.

                Avalon will always be cheaper, their landing taxes are very low like the Gold Coast airport yet Brisbane is very expensive. Just take a look at the price difference on flights between those two airports due to the taxes.

      • Above the Syd Melb price is a "Qantas Sale" not a "Half Off Sale" I don't think Syd Melb is part of the 18 half off destinations it was all touristy areas from memory.

      • Why didn't you add Virgin into your post when they have deals too?

        Qantas continue to sack workers, outsource jobs and take billions of handouts while giving huge sums to Alan Joyce.


        Much better deals on Virgin here:|c_rev|au_beta|hb1|half_price|mar21

  • Aren't there supposed to be Adelaide <-> Gold Coast flights?

  • Want to use my $450 Amex Platinum travel credit for this. Does anyone know if the half-price sale will be reflected in Amex Travel? Thanks.

    • Ive used the $450 voucher twice and the prices are always more expensive than standard. Good luck but I doubt there will be anything discounted for you.

      • Checking tickets right now the price on Amex Travel and are exactly the same.

        • Prices were the same as sale fares on the Qantas website for me when I booked a few an overseas trip a few years ago.

      • Always found the prices almist identical myself. Maybe it is destination specific.

    • It's should be available though the Amex portal as they are a travel agent and in the press conference the PM did mention travel agents:

      “This is our ticket to recovery – 800,000 half-price airfares to get Australians travelling and supporting tourism operators, businesses, travel agents and airlines who continue to do it tough through COVID-19, while our international borders remain closed” the Prime Minister said.

    • I've hit the same question. As I understand, the tickets need to be purchased directly via the airline's website.

      More here

      • Oh wow I did not expect this :@

        • I'd be careful as these websites can get their facts wrong. You'd imagine Qantas may just create a new fare class that travel agents can access, like P as it's not used for domestic travel and limit the amount of tickets that can be sold via this class.

        • There was a huge backlash from travel agents on LinkedIn about the requirement to buy direct and cut them out.

          More Morrison incompetence by the sounds of it as that no doubt would've helped keep some people in a job. Some people still prefer to buy through a human.

    • it is worth it if you want to book a long weekend fare or a last minute one- since they're exxpensive like 200 one way

  • Best to factor in $40 extra per ticket to get the flexi fare (change/cancel ticket at no cost). Probably not needed for sub $40 flights ;-)

    • If you mean because of a potential Covid situation like is happening in Brissie right now, no need. Qantas/Jetstar came out straight away and said all changes free of charge straight away.

      • Have you got more info so I can avoid booking the flexi fare, or is it prudent to not rely on them?

  • Possible to get to Hamilton Island from Melbourne with these sales?

  • No WA flights? Thats all right I guess we will just keep rock'n on and paying our taxes.

  • Don't risk it.

  • "Hey baby, lost my job and jobkeeper just finished"

    "Awesome - grab the kids and let's fly to Broome!"

  • +25 votes

    Airlines taking the govt for a ride - these are really just normal sale fares but added bonus now they get double the amount via taxpayer funds 🤷‍♂️

  • As a taxpayer to all travellers - You're Welcome!

  • Waiting for MEL - HTI in May.

  • Wait is this return?

    Seems pretty average on pricing…
    Like this is the price of booking 6 months in advance during a sale

  • -2 votes

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I just paid $500 pp last week to fly during queen's birthday…..

  • Correct me here but it seems that regular and less affluent John and Jane taxpayer funds are being used to support more affluent John and Jane Shareholders of Qantas.

  • This sale is weirdly bias towards people in 3 specific cities, lol, launches at midnight, the list goes on.

    Only upside is I see Labour getting more votes, whether these decisions were the airlines decision or not haha.

  • ah, yes, using the taxpayers' money to increase the airlines' profits while the average Joe and small businesses are killed slowly.

    God save the Queen!

    • Socialise air travel, ez.

      • Socialise big-business losses, basically. That's the LNP for ya

        • Yep. For the liberals, corporate welfare is good.

          Siphoning off our money to Murdoch and using the public purse to handout billions to profitable companies.

          • @arcticmonkey: While convincing the every-day Australian that those on Jobseeker/keeper are just asking for handouts. Industrial-scale corporate handouts that Australia has NEVER seen before - it sickens me.

      • as a club jetstar member this sale is pretty mid, logistically doesn't actually make sense if you didn't make vaccines mandatory for interstate travel, I mean I don't really expect an outbreak this year but hey we thought that by June/July 2020.

  • I was hoping to tap into these cheaper flights to do a trip to Broome but it looks like most accommodation is sold out for most dates in June, July and August. Anyone else finding the same issue for Broome?

    Can't be needing tourism that badly if all their accommodation is sold out.

    • +6 votes

      They don't. With WA being boarded up locals have been traveling in regional WA in large numbers. It's one of the reasons why this travel subsidy was such a harebrained idea. In general capital cities have suffered much more due to the lack of international tourism and business travel than regional areas have. It's also why travel vouchers would have made more sense. No point in offering discounted tickets to destinations that are already over-booked.

    • Yeah I had been thinking the same thing since Broome flights are very expensive normally so that would be the deal for it. But I looked and all the tours and accommodation are completely booked out!

  • Are some one way? Eg. Sydney To Adelaide?

  • Another monumentally daft idea from Morrison. Cheap Airfares to cherry picked liberal seats and dont save much when factoring in accomodation thats heavily booked out and inflated due to cherry picking policy. This money could be so much better targeted to help the people who really need it most. Its a neg from me lol

  • It says flights are on sale from 1 April. Is that midnight tonight?

  • I am hoping this is on all flights so we wont have the usual problem that the school holiday fares are excluded

  • Is this deal applicable to return flight bookings or do we have to book 2 separate one way flights

  • cant wait for qantas and jetstar website to get ozbargained and crash

  • qantas website is crashing

    • 500 - that's an error at our end
      It looks like something went wrong with our system. Try reloading the page and it should work, otherwise head back to the homepage.

      Colour me shocked.

  • Shitshow from Scomo, only certain flights at odd times have the sale fare.

  • Waste of time……nothing to see here

  • Still priced higher for school holidays….