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Subsidised ½ Price Airfare + Network-Wide Sale: Sydney-Gold Coast $35 (Jetstar), ADL-MEL $88 (Qantas) @ Qantas & Jetstar


Both Qantas and Jetstar are launching their sales at midnight tonight, so it's a night to stay up!

Sale ends 11.59pm (AEST) 31 July 2021, unless sold out prior. Travel period: 1 April 2021 – 30 September 2021

Jetstar sale fares include:

Adelaide-Avalon from $32* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Gold Coast from $35* (Half Off Flights sale)
Melbourne-Launceston from $35* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Ballina from $39* (Jetstar sale)
Melbourne-Gold Coast from $49* (Jetstar sale)
Sydney-Cairns from $69* (Jetstar sale)

Qantas sale fares include:

Adelaide-Melbourne from $88* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Sunshine Coast from $92* (Half Off Flights sale)
Canberra-Gold Coast from $95* (Half Off Flights sale)
Sydney-Melbourne from $99* (Qantas sale)
Melbourne-Newcastle from $109* (Qantas sale)
Sydney-Coffs Harbour from $109* (Qantas sale)

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  • what a shit show, the jetstar website has crashed

    • yeah, same

    • yeah, same here too

  • Are they halving reward redemption points required also?

    • Not on any flights I've been following

  • i managed to ram raid qantas website, got flights to sunshine coast and to gold coast

  • When will Virgin Australia launch?

    • +1

      They have launched, not on all dates and not on all flights, generally rubbish times like mid day or late evening.

  • +7

    You'd think there would be no restriction on dates. The whole idea is to get people into these areas to kickstart domestic tourism. Another half arsed fed measure fails to hit it's mark.

  • +3

    what a dud

  • +3

    Was looking for Sydney to Hamilton Island on Qantas, the only flight that had the offer was a 15 hour flight that connected with an overnight stay in Melbourne, all direct flights were full price. Complete and utter joke.

  • just booked melbourne and merimbula flights too- half price to regional is so good

  • +5

    What a shit show! Jetstar and virgin exclude September school holidays and qantas has limited options and is still too expensive! No thanks.

  • +4

    Flights were cheaper a few days ago and with double status points.

    • +1

      That's what I found too. Was searching MEL-SYD it was $99 each way and double SC

      I chose to wait and now it's $109 each way and standard SC

      • Should have booked since it's easy to cancel and get voucher. Refunds still seem to take a while.

  • +2

    No real deals to Cairns from Syd return that I could see (I'm going non-school holidays as well) bit the bullet and paid $250 ($125 each way)

  • Qantas was 30-50 more expensive than jetstar per leg, worth it for the extra luggage and free travel for an infant with their extra luggage

    • Also Qantas include 20kg checkin + 7kg onboard luggage
      I tried both Qantas and Jetstar with same date
      the final price are pretty much the same (+-$10 difference after adding 20kg on Jetstar)

      So chose Qantas at the end

  • What a joke….. No Hamilton Island specials for Virgin in Sep, then Jetstar has no flights on the day I need. Had to go Qantas and pay almost triple the price of Jetstar, even though it was still apparently 50% off.

  • +2

    Ridiculous, prices have jumped since I looked last week. Should've just booked it on the pre-half price fares.

    • +2

      And our tax payer dollars wouldn't have been siphoned to big companies.

  • Going to Hobart during darkmofo = RIP, super expensive.

  • I had a $200 voucher (watch for bones in the chicken sandwhich) got 3 of us return to Gold Coast for a week for $160. Thank you!

  • Thank you OP.
    Booked return Jetstar flights Melbourne to Goldcoast for September.
    Holidays 😎

  • +1

    Paid 225 one way to Launceston, should have bought earlier @140 instead of waiting for this bs

    • Wowwww, what? BNE-LST? Eyeing the same thing. Not sure how much they cost pre-covid?

  • any idea?
    Qantas- can the credit voucher be used part (the ones that we get as refund for a flight cancelation of red-edeal ).
    Then I'll see if I need to buy ticket for each person individually or all in one big ticket ..

    Jet star- the entire voucher has to be used fully if you don't then we loose the leftover $

  • +1

    virgin too, give them a go… i only fly virgin now. so over qantas attitude and jetstar always makes me feel like an unwanted burden

  • +3

    Jetstar flights are better value during their Friday frenzy or club Jetstar sales

    Half price flights promotion is best for Qantas and Virgin.

    • +6

      Exactly my thoughts. This "sale" is nothing really special. It is sad that it is subsidized by taxpayers' money. Neg from me.

      • yes the 'best deals' from this are the regional Qantaslink flights that rarely ever go on sale. like to merimbula or the smaller airports in tassie.

  • The booking system appears to be down since last night. I cannot get past the "why book at Qantas.com" page.

  • Half price sale doesn't pop up on Qantas when picking dates? Even within the travel period.

  • Two Return tix to sunshine coast in term 2 hols (vic) $355 return (melb - tulla) with virgin.. cheers OP

  • +2

    Stayed up to book flights, I booked but airlines aren’t passing on full saving to customers. Researched flights at 11.30pm and for selected flight from Sunshine Coast to Sydney was $109 per person through Virgin then after midnight $70 NOT HALF PRICE.

    Then return flight from Sydney to Maroochydore was $138 per person at 11.30pm then $78 after midnight again NOT HALF PRICE.

    As usual with government funded schemes businesses don’t pass on the savings they are supposed to.

    • I think the airlines will say the 'base fare' is half price and the airport surcharges and taxes etc are kept the same.

      Ie. Sunshine Coast to Sydney was $109 - the base fare is probably worth $80, taxes/airport surcharge being $29

      Cut to $70 with base fare at $40 and taxes/airport surcharge being $29

    • +1

      I don't think anyone is surprised by this.

  • That was disappointing. Especially annoyed to see some of them excluding the school holidays. Qantas has school holidays but they were going fast last night but Virgin and Jetstar seemed to be excluding them specifically

  • +1

    Alan Joyce can sit on it. What a grifter… Consider this a mini airline bailout, that they just run off with.

    On top of that, they've had a year to sort out their website & infrastructure, and it fell over in 5ms…. Let them fail.

  • Hi, QANTAS and Virgin include full flexibility (you can change the dates on your own initiative without any extra fees) as far as I know, Jetstar does not allow that (unless you pay extra for flexi). Could someone please confirm? Someone is sitting on my leave approval so I really want to buy discounted tickets but it is possible that I would need to change the dates.

  • If I've already booked flights but they're cheaper now, can I get the difference back?

    • You could cancel for a voucher and re-book

  • +1

    Very disappointing and the flight times were pretty crap as well who wants to travel back at 6am??

  • This sale is more popular than I thought. I saw plenty of seats available this morning to the routes I am interested in but looking at it now Qantas has sold out all of their weekend flights and Jetstar only has 6am weekend flights left.

    The sale is supposed to end July 31 but its only Day 1 and most of the discounted seats are already gone.

  • So i gather these deals wont be available via the amex travel portal? (have a voucher to use!)

  • I would pay more if I could tick a box that could guarantee that I wouldn't have to sit next to a bogan

    • +1

      There is, it's called Business Class

    • +1

      Are the planes back to fighting for armrests and being packed in like sardines? The quality of flight was getting worse and worse.

      I hope with covid they will leave a gap in the middle of a 3 person row or leave one seat empty for a booking of 2.

  • Do we also get a jetstar hotel voucher for a jetstar booking? If anyone not using theirs, I'm happy to receive thanks.

    • Try the Classifieds, rather than beg here!
      Mods don't approve of it.
      Jetstar Hotel Vouchers in Classifieds
      Others may also want the vouchers!

      Jetstar vouchers expire within 14d of flight purchase.

      Pretty limited use as only 1 x $25 voucher can be used towards a hotel booking, so not much of a discount.

      May find cheaper hotel deals elsewhere without the voucher.

      Of most use for booking 1 night in cheapest accommodation listed. (I've done that!)

      If booking 2 one way flights instead of return - receive 2 vouchers