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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Bronze Wi-Fi 128GB $796.95 ($746.95 with Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung Education Store (Membership Req)


Noticed the mystic bronze colour is nearly $400 cheaper compared to the other colours. An absolute bargain price for the Android version of the iPad Pro.

Should be able to stack with the $50 newsletter voucher, but unfortunately I'm not aware of any other vouchers stacking.

Posted on a few days old S21.

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        • as an owner of the cover I just don't see how. Maybe theirs is worn.

          if you flip the keyboard upside down onto the table, the keys don't touch the table.

          • @lostn: This post here explains in further detail - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/32k70vk9?p=47#r688383...

            I just have the book cover on ours, so I can't be certain if it really is an issue or not. My first thought was perhaps it was non-genuine keyboard covers, but they all advise they're genuine & we're purchased with the tablet.

            • @tight-ass: if that video with the keyboard sliding around is his proof, then it would only affect the bezel area, not the display itself. Pretty much any tablet keyboard case is going to be the same.

              But still the WP guy didn't mention where the scratches were so it's not very detailed. It's possible he has a defective case.

              In any case, get a screen protector if you're that worried. They cost literally $5.

  • For watching Netflix the S7+ is longer but shorter in width compared to 12.9” iPad Pro?
    S7+ is 12.4” versus iPad Pro 12.9”, so iPad Pro would give you a larger movie image when watching?
    Or is there more to it because of aspect ratio etc?

    • https://www.phonearena.com/reviews/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S7-vs-...

      The Galaxy Tab S7 has a 16:10 display, while the iPad Pro has a 14.3:10 ratio. In simple terms, the S7’s screen is longer. This is great for watching movies, as you get smaller black bars and more of the picture on the screen.

    • S7+ is 12.4” versus iPad Pro 12.9”, so iPad Pro would give you a larger movie image when watching?

      Not really. The almost 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad will mean massive borders. 4:3 is not a movie watching aspect ratio unless you're watching very old stuff.

  • Anyone got an Order Received email?
    "Thank you for choosing Samsung, your order has been received and is currently being reviewed. We may need to contact you to verify your order."

    • +1

      When I login to review my order on the website, it said, "preparing dispatch".

    • Yes, I got order confirmation emai with invoice.
      I've ordered it at 2.35am

      • Ok strange that they have to review an order first.

        • it's to make sure you're actually a student. They do it at random.

      • I got order invoice.. said need to be reviewed first or something. Didnt get that review confirmation yet. Hope i get it.

        • Still sitting at waiting for verification/review.

    • I just got SMS confirm delivery tomorrow..

  • +1

    Shattered I missed this, I've been watching these like crazy for a month. There are some good options from US for black colour wifi version around $850 for 128gb and $1000 for 512gb but this is great. Always a conundrum deciding if it's worth paying extra for 4g/5g though, you never know if it'll be cheap enough in the next little while to make it worth getting a data sim.
    Thanks OP even though I missed it, great find.

    • Are you talking about Amazon or Bhphotovideo?

      • +1

        eBay (US site) prices are way better over there. You actually need to go to US site I've found or generally they don't show up in searches. If it wasn't for import charges the savings border on epic. Wish I knew someone in the US who was visiting soon.

        • Thanks for the heads up, I have access to US post right now. Picked up a 256GB WiFi for about $820 converted.

  • Funny that the newsletter coupon still hasn’t arrived, if stock comes back I will just buy it without the code..

  • I missed this deal because of newsletter code :(

    • dont give up, they might restock tomorrow or next week, the s21 ultra black was in and out a few times a week, also, another tip is if its back in stock and you still havent received the code, just order it incase it runs out again. if the code arrives later you can order another one then reject delivery for the first one and get a full refund.

      (Samsung have a change of mind policy as long as you don't open the package https://www.samsung.com/au/estore/static/link_mindpolicy_p/ "

  • Spewing was hanging out for a newsletter code smh.

    CS was being mega painful yesterday too.
    Me: hey i havent got my code yet can you check?
    Them: its there, check your junk and spam folder
    Me: its a new email..there is definitely nothing lol
    Them: check again in 24 hours.


  • Any new stock?

    • +1

      No, OOS. I have an email alert set as well for when it does restock.

      • ok cool

        • I finally received the newsletter $50 code, Samsung manually sent one, but item still out of stock :(

          • @ozvictor: If there's no expiry of a long expiry just wait till this go on sale again

  • I am Late for the party. Damm it

  • Back in stock, just ordered one. It's listed as a promo until Apr 29th so presumably any time it restocks until then should be at the sale price. Note that I didn't get a restock email even though I requested one, so best to check manually.

    • it shows OOS

      • Yeah, they went that quickly or may have been some cancellations that got released.

        • Lucky, I've been checking a few times a day. Hopefully they will have some more stock before sale ends.

    • +3

      I've checked constantly for days, shown oos everytime.

      • Same, so there must have only been limited numbers added that were snapped up straight away.

  • Just received mine today. Upon inspecting the screen I noticed it makes this weird rainbow effect at wide viewing angles, especially on a white background. Is this normal with these tablets ?

    • I would hope not. I know with amoled the white colour can vary from panel to panel, but rainbow effect does not sound good. Is it very noticeable or only on an exteme angle?

      • I would say between 50-70 degrees viewing angle I start noticing a slight rainbow effect and the screen looks a bit darker. Then gets worse the wider I go. It's almost unnoticeable when looking at a colourful wallpaper though.

        • Okay if it's just the white I think it's quite normal with amoled, but Samsung panels have always been quite good at keeping this to a minimum. Just depends on how much it bothers you though. I guess you could request a replacement and see if it's any better.

  • +2

    Back in stock again. Just ordered mine.

    • Nice, me too. 👍

    • Ordered but no email confirmation yet.

    • ordered but now oos, friend missed out.

    • Have they sent your Tab yet? I called and was told they are waiting on more stock. Hopefully they do get some more.

      • Nope. Spoke to a Live Chat person and was told the same thing - that they're waiting on restock.

      • No, still processing. CSR said oos. Said wait till Friday and if no change phone back.

    • I hope we still get our ones. Reading the comments down below it doesn't look likely. Luckily I purchased case and screen protector off Amazon, so I will return if that happens. 😕

      • Mine is still processing, might ask them to substitute another colour is that can't fulfill.

        • Let me know how you go. Might try the same if it works for you.

  • Still out in the EPP store though. Hopefully more in stock soon.

    • No longer showing on their website :(

      • Just spoke with Samsung and they advised they're no longer stocking the bronze colour

        • how did you speak to samsung? when i asked their online chat, they couldnt tell me anything

          • @majiachen: I also contacted them via online chat, at the beginning of the week when it showed as OOS and again today now that it no longer shows on their website.

        • ye i noticed as well, damn, this was hella of a deal, such a shame to miss out

        • I received the following email:

          Thank you for your email.

          We received the photo you submitted and we've already check the stocks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, Mystic Bronze is out of stock and is no longer for sale.We have stocks available for Mystic Navy (128 GB) and Mystic Silver ( 128 GB and 256 GB ). However, the price is a bit diferent but is still discounted on the EPP Portal compared to it's normal price on the regular Samsung website which is $1499.00.

          Big shame, I was really hoping that it would be back in stock. I guess we just wait and hope that another deal happens in the future.

  • I think its unlikely they will be restocked as they have completely removed the selection for this colourway….

  • you can find some of the discounted tabs being sold on ebay, gumtree and facebook for a markup.

  • Got my newsletter voucher, and can’t use it now.

  • +3

    I've just received an email from Samsung that there is no stock of bronze, they have offered to supply the silver instead. No additional charge.

    • Excellent news!

    • We gladly accepted the offer (we actually preferred the silver).. So it works out for us. :)

      • Lucky you guys :(

      • Looks like mine is being delivered on Monday.

        Are you guys getting the silver as well? Or did anyone try swapping for the Mystic Navy (which looks really sleek - on 2nd thought, should've done that myself, dammit :p)?

        • Same.

          Was looking forward to the bronze but honestly, i thought they would just cancel the order. Happy they offered a sub of any colour at that price.

          • +1

            @bogstation: I was in the same boat. Offered the silver yesterday, arrived today. Just opened it, and guess what…….bronze!

            • @tgp207: Brilliant.. Wonder what color I'll get?

  • +1

    So glad to see many of you guys are getting the Tab s7 plus. If you are after the original Samsung case, check out Skycomp, they have the keyboard case at $228 and the book cover case at $89. I even manage to price match the book cover case at Officeworks.

  • I got this from Amazon. Very decent for the price.

  • I got a Poetic TurtleSkin TPU case for day 1. Looks pretty good. Perhaps slightly too bulky.

  • +1

    Mine is here. It's in silver. :)

  • +1

    Mine arrived and it's……… silver!

  • For those of you with access to the Samsung Education store, could someone please tell me how much the Tab S7+ Wi-Fi is currently listed for?

    I have access to the Government store & it's listed for $1,231.65 for the 128 GB (blue only) and $1,401.65 (blue & silver).

    • +3

      On the Samsung Education store the Tab S7+ Wi-Fi is listed for $1159.20 for the 128GB (blue and silver) and $1319.20 for the 256gb (silver only).

      • Thanks for that

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