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101 6-Eye Cherry Red Smooth Unisex Boots $79.99 (Was $269.99) + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $150 Spend) @ Dr Martens


The 6 Eyelet boot in classic Dr. Martens smooth leather: durable, with a smooth finish and made with Goodyear welt meaning the upper and sole are heat-sealed and sewn together. Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole is oil and fat resistant and offers good abrasion and slip resistance.

Unisex boots UK size 9,10,11 /US Men's Size 10/11/12/US Women's 11,12/EU 43,45,46 available while stocks last.

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  • +8

    Damn, no uk 8. Always wanted a pair of martens.

  • +4

    Thanks OP, daughter very thankful.

  • +11

    Very good deal. I know the quality has dropped, but this makes 10 years ago me very happy.

    • +5

      it makes 25 years ago me happy

      • +3

        Daria, is that you?

    • +1

      Same goes for any other brand. I'm looking at other boots too, just not convinced paying $200 odd for "made in China under strict guidelines and quality measures" product.
      Seems it's either $350+ or Kmart for a pair, anything in between is a gamble.

      • Check out Solovairs. Still made in the UK to the original docs quality.
        Cost about the same as docs heritage line and well worth the price.

      • I’ve been very happy with red back Australian Mande slip on boots. First pair lasted 7 years of almost daily wear, albeit I work behind a computer.
        They are still going for yard work or camping, but I have a new pair for work.

  • +2

    bought a pair cheers OP - good price

  • +6

    Cue JV with it's povo Kmart boots

  • +4

    Ordered, thanks op. Always wanted a pair of doc martins,

  • Do the hokey pokey

  • +6

    Overrated shoes whose value is solely in the name that they used to be.

    EDIT: Also their 'smooth leather' is generally considered the worst of the worst.

    t. retired emo kid.

    • +12

      "solely in the name that they used to be" - that's shoe pun mastery

    • +4

      My Docs are the longest lasting shoes I've owned of any kind.

      There are probably better quality boots out there, but these will still last you years so $80 is a bargain.

      • Not made the same these days. A lot of reports of them falling apart in a year or two and people dealing with crappy customer service.

        Solovair is the go to now for quality boots of this style AFAIK

        • I have a pair from a bit over a year ago and a pair from several years ago. They look fine to me.

          Maybe they had some bad batches 🤷‍♂️

          • -3

            @tiskael: More than likely you aren't wearing the boots in the way boots are meant to be worn.

            • +1

              @Broden: How does one not wear boots properly? Seriously?

              • -3

                @Sxio: If you wear them once a week into the city and barely get off the beaten track, you are not wearing the boot the way it was designed and would probably not notice if they were goodyear welt (these are not, they glue the sole)

                • +1

                  @Broden: Fair enough. I've owned Docs though and they're definitely not designed for hiking or any kind of off beaten track work.

                  They're just not that kind of boot.

                  • @Sxio: Yep they are not for hiking. I never said that.

                    • +1

                      @Broden: These boots are made for walking.

                      And that's just what they'll do.

      • I have a pair I sometimes wear that I purchased mail order from the UK in 1986 LOL.

    • +2

      You get what you pay for. The 'Vintage' 1460s and 101s are still the same quality as they've always been and are made in the UK, but you're never getting them for $80.

  • No self respecting skinhead would have been seen without these in the 80s

    • +3

      No self respecting skinhead would have been seen without these in the 80s

      10 hole minimum

  • +1

    thanks op, got some

  • +10

    "fat resistant"

    Not if music festivals are any guide.

    • +2

      As a member of the coloured-hair community I take offense and hearby demand your cancellation

  • Where can you click and collect from? Can't seem to find it on the website.

    • +2

      Go through to checkout. It will ask for a post code.

  • -2

    For anyone interested these boots are extremely good for stomping and review very positively for this activity.

  • They red or Brown?

  • I had a few pairs of the regular 8-up black leather ones, they always split near the big toe where the leather creases. Then in 1999 I bought some steel cap soft leather ones, they're still being worn today.

  • +1

    the good ol's "Cherry Docs", every cool kid back in high school used to have pair! (I wasn't one of them :()

    edit: was about order a pair but notice these doesn't have yellow stitches! WTH????

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Now I can be as urbanely stylish as my son.
    For those commenting on the leather splitting at the creases, the key is to use leather care products. I have a pair of Docs from 1989 where the leather is beautifully supple with no evidence of cracking, but I use a high quality polish regularly. Unfortunately this doesn't stop the soles from wearing through.

    • Similarly for me, but I'll never be as stylish as my daughter. To be fair, I've been wearing DM's since the 80's. It's interesting seeing every generation discover trends like this and try to make it their own. Some things become timeless.

    • What polish do you use, and how often?

      • Spit. Only when dirty.

      • +1

        For black I'd use Kiwi Parade Gloss and for the Cherries you could use either Dubbin or the Neutral with carnauba wax. Just look at the leather, if its getting dry, dull, or scuffed then its time to give it some love.

        I'm a little different as I use liquid lanolin on most of my boots to condition them. Used to get it in the Army for lubricating weapons when we discovered that it works even better on leather.

        • spuddie1: Any ideas how to treat black leather which is turning greenish in some spots especially toe area ? I've had a pair of black softwair doc marts which was daily work wear, super comfy and would love to extend the life of them.

          • +1

            @skeevs: I'd try the Parade Gloss first. It's an oilier polish and will sink into the leather. If it's an extreme discolouration then you can use a permanent leather dye such as Raven Oil and polish over that. https://waproo.com.au/products/raven-oil/

            • @spuddie1: awesome, thanks - I will give it a go!

        • So silly question, but I guess you should clean the shoes as much as possible before polishing them, so would you even wash them if particularly dirty? And then let them dry before polishing?

          • +1

            @kiitos: You don't want to be sealing dirt in underneath the polish so some pre-cleaning might be required,depending on how manky they are.
            1. Use a brush to remove dirt/dust that isn't caked on.
            2. Soapy water for anything that #1 doesn't remove. Let the leather air dry if the water soaks in.
            3. If still not satisfied then you can strip the surface back to it's base with methylated spirits and start from scratch.

  • I remember when these were $89 in 1990

  • Hate to be a negative Nancy but the fact this has so many upvotes and the same 3 sizes are still available indicates that the likelihood of all these orders being filled is small. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst :(

    • +2

      Are you going to drop the bomb or not?

    • Ordered about 4 days ago - received mine today

  • Never a 13.5 on sale >:(

  • Could these be considered motorbike shoes?

    • +1

      I don't think so, motorcycle boots generally have steel toes or at least a toe protector to help with gear changes, so these may look really cool on a bike but won't be very functional.

    • +2

      Don’t bike boots have a metal shank and ankle support?

    • +1

      Steel blue work well as a middle ground between motorbike boots and boots good enough for walking. Kevlar toe cap and more ankle padding than a Doc.

  • I've just ordered some of shoes from the website and my invoice says my payment has gone to Platypus -shoes shop-.

    It's ok tho I feel a bit odd to see the different shop name on the confirmation message.

    • +1

      Platypus holds the license for Doc's in Australia and runs the store. I've seen the same thing when I've bought from them before.

      • Good to know! Thanks:D

  • +1

    What's sizing like with Dr Martens? Do they run on the wider side or are they narrow?

    Wish more shoe companies actually sold wide sizes… Having to buy a size up because a shoe is too narrow sucks.

    • I agree. Thursday Boots offers wider sizes on some of their shoes and are pretty decent value for the price.

  • Goth: Do these come in black?

    • Paint them w/polish!

  • +1

    For that price good to have a pair! Thanks op

  • Apart from black jeans or any jeans.. what clothing colours does a cherry doc suit?

    I have black 8 holes, but was never game to pop on a pair of cherries…

    • -1

      A charcoal or navy suit work great with these. Can even match a tie to em.

  • Bought, thanks OP - They only had a half size bigger than what i normally get so hopefully they are smaller than actual size, but i have a wide foot so hopefully it;s good

  • +1

    Arrived yesterday, very happy. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Mine arrived yesterday - on the balance of things, it's all good.
    The boots are made in Thailand, and the box label as well as the card that comes inside the box is completely in Chinese. Quality control was done back in April 2018. The 'quarters' on the boots don't appear to have been stitched evenly compared to each other, so the lace at the bottom of this shoe looks a bit wonky compared to the other one. But after they wear in I probably won't notice it so much. Apart from this they look like they are pretty rugged and finished well. They look very much like the photos, wysiwyg.
    I read somewhere that they don't do half sizes so you should order the size down. This worked for me, I generally prefer UK 11.5 and ordered the 11 and it fits well.
    These are definitely not motorcycle shoes.
    I'm very happy with them for the price, would never spend AUD$269.99 for these but they are a good deal for $79.99.

    • +1

      Interesting - mine arrived today and says made in Vietnam with all cards/box in English. Fit to size - I wear a uk9. Definately need a bit of wearing in but worth it for the price.

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