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50 Free 6x4" Digital Prints (Next Day Pickup) @ Harvey Norman Photos


Edit - promo code now working

Been a while since we've had this deal. Apply promo code to get 50 free prints.


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  • +8

    F HN… so hell yeah!!!

  • YES!

  • Yass

  • Mrs loves this deal, thanks OP

  • Matte or Glossy which ones better?

    • +51

      That's like asking which of my children I prefer. They each have their own qualities.

      But yeah I prefer my eldest, so I'd choose matte.

    • Matte classier

    • +12

      Glossy is higher photo quality, matte is better if you don't like sheen or reflection in daylight.
      Source: used to work at Officeworks

      • +1

        Glossy is higher photo quality? In terms of what?

        • They used to work at Officeworks…

      • +5

        Glossy doesn't increase the photo quality but it can make colours look more vibrant

        • I would say they make it better quality by being more true to life, but yes what you said.

          • @Levity: Gloss is not more true to life, unless your life is very shiny and reflective ;)

            Gloss enhances colours and makes them look more vibrant, it's like an easy Photoshop edit. So I don't think you can say it is more true to life.

            Both gloss and matte have their pros and cons.

    • -1

      I don't think you have a choice now

      • +1

        You can choose between matte and glossy.

        • Last time I did not get a choice and was told that Officeworks only offered a semi gloss paper and was not going to offer 2 choices anymore

          • +4

            @spaceflight: Yes, but this is Harvey Norman not Officeworks

            • +1

              @Levity: Yes I meant to say Harvey Norman.
              Maybe it was the store I went to not wanting to have 2 types of paper. I went to HN because I wanted gloss but didn't get the choice.

        • +1

          Even when they tell you that it isn't what you actually get. It is a choice between lustre and gloss.

          They dont have matte paper.

          Source: i used to run the lab there. Its just easier to call lustre matte than explain to people why they dont actually want true matte.

          • +1

            @Duff5000: I want someone to explain to me why I am supposed to want lustre instead of true matte now.

            • +1

              @RickyJ: Most people want "matte" because they dont want the fingerprint and sticking you get with gloss.

              True matte can look dull and it is almost a rough textured finish. Somewhat more like canvas i guess you could say.

              Shops have been calling lustre matte for so long now if you gave the average customer a true matte print they would probably complain it wasnt what they expected.

              Essentially every time i went over it with someone they were wanting lustre.

    • Glossy would tend to leave fingerprints and also sticks to the frame etc. Choose Matte

      • And they will give you lustre cause they dont do matte.

  • +3

    Doesnt work for me, says promo code cannot be applied?

    • Thanks, works now!!

  • +4

    Says promo code invalid. Expired already? Or does one have to create a new account?

  • +2

    50 free pictures of my junk…

  • How to print this

  • +1

    Doesn’t work

  • +1

    Doesn't work.

  • +1

    Nah not for me 'This promotion code cannot be applied'

    • +3

      You have to select next day otherwise it will not work for the code.

  • Promo code currently broken, but can't buy from richmond store anyway :(

  • Noticing a chorus of "not working" posts. Same for me.

  • Waste of time, thanks Gerry.

  • +1

    Get ur shit together Gerry u old fart

  • +1

    Nice, Managed to place an order with the promo code.

  • +1

    Tried again, works now. Thanks op!

  • Working now :) Cheers

  • No go in NZ

  • +15

    Technically, you've paid for this in tax when the Gov lined Gerry's pocket via Jobkeeper that he shouldn't be qualified for

  • do these expire - thinng of doing it later tonight but don't wont to miss out

    • +2

      website says it'll expire midnight 14/04/21

  • +2

    Does anyone know what happens to the photographs you upload once they are printed? Does HN keep them or they get deleted once the photos are printed? Or fujifilm where you upload the images keep a copy of your images even if HN deletes them? I couldn't find the product disclosure on HN or fujiflim imagine website.

    • +1

      Assume the worst when it comes to data

      • Try asking the vendor for a copy of your data that they have retained. They need to provide that by laew.

  • +3

    make sure you use next day print to get the discount. i wasted a lot of time using same day print and had to do it again

    saving of $5 really..

  • Got me some, happy to see these print deals come back!

  • +1

    Last time the photos never arrived at the store, nothing.happened. Inclined to neg for an unprofessional and patchy service.

    • +4

      once i used a fake name and a burner email then forgot the fake name i used. never got them

      • +3

        I thought they'd use order numbers, so I had an interesting fake name for the counter.
        In fairness, it is completely true. Props to the dude at the counter for giving me the photos with a real 'not my job' laugh.

  • -3

    Shop here and you are a scumbag.

    • +1

      Shop here and you are a scumbag.

      Is it shopping when it's free?

  • any deals on Photo Album anywhere?

  • sweet
    been waiting for this to come back around

  • +3

    Did this last time. Great deal! Looked at the pictures the day I got them and haven’t since.

  • +1

    Will officeworks price match?

  • +11

    Good pic to print at your local:

    • And leave scattered around the store. i like it :)

  • Time for another freebie from Uncle Gerry.

  • +4

    Good to print your small business Ad and put them in the mailboxes around.

  • +1

    I know these 50 are free but if you were going to pay for printed photos who would give you the better quality photo, colour reproduction etc.? HN, Officeworks, Big W or another recommendation?

    I have a couple of empty frames hanging on the wall waiting to be filled for 5 years now, time to finally do something about it. I have great photos but don't know where the best place to get them printed.

    • I have always had better experience with fuji, (HN and BigW)

      Last time i printed at harvies though they had Fuji wetlabs still. Not sure what fuji equpment they use now.

      Had to return the last batch of prints i did on a kodak machine.

  • What’s the quality of the prints like?

    • +4

      Decent enough for the size. No complaints at this price

  • Thanks. Got 100 from USA trip. Too tight to print otherwise.
    Source: I have an ozb badge.

    • Multiple accounts?

      • Yea I did the missos 50

  • Anyone got any dramas doing these today? The main URL doesn't work for me, the domain can't be resolved. I tried "is it down or just me" and it also says its down, 162.app.fujifilmimagine.com doesn't resolve to an IP / website.


    • Its not working for me either..

    • Same here :-(

    • +3

      Just checked with the support team - the website is down at the moment and they advised to check in afternoon.

  • Thank you OP! Managed to get these free photo prints before the expiry : )

  • Does the promo code still apply if you select the delivery option?

  • from @dm01

    If you output your images at 300dpi that will be plenty, so for a 6x4 photo you'd get image dimensions of 1800x1200 pixels.

    HN's site also suggests using the sRGB colourspace too, if you have the option to do that.

  • Need to make sure you pick the Next day option not the same day.

  • Do we get a specific email or SMS when it's ready for collection? I've only gotten the "Purchase Confirmation & Tracking Information" email and the link to the website doesn't really say whether it's in progress or ready for collection.

    • there should be an email with the following header 'Harvey Norman PhotoCentre Online order ready for Pick-up'

      • Cheers. Definitely didn’t get that yet so you saved me from a potential disappointment of a trip.

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