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Celsius Network Referral - US$40/US$50 in BTC with US$400 Crypto Deposit


Celsius Network has increased their referral bonus US$50 in Bitcoin, paid after 30 days. Your Bonus will show as locked after you transfer more then US$400 in Crypto Assets.

For limited periods of time Celsius Network also increases the referral bonus to US$50 in Bitcoin.

All coins in the wallet are supported.

Cel has also hit another high today of $7.29 just over 12months ago it was just 0.5cents

Update August 1st, Increased to $50 with $400 Deposit
Update 7 July: Decreased to US$40 with US$400 deposit
Update 2 July: Increased to US$50 with US$400 deposit
Update 26 June: Decreased to US$40 with US$400 deposit
Update 19 June: Increased to US$50 with US$400 deposit
7 April: US$40 Worth of BTC on US$200 Crypto Deposit
Prior to 7 April: US$30 Worth of BTC on US$200 Crypto Deposit

Information on Referrals

Referral Links

Referral: random (514)

US$50 Worth of BTC for referrer and referee with US$400 Crypto Deposit from referee.

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    • $40.usd btc each, $80usd total

  • Been over 30 days now and I still haven't received the $40 bonus. Followed all the instructions correctly. What's going on?
    Edit: Checked under BTC and it's there, all good. Thought I'd get an email or some notification about it but never did.

    • Yes, it will show as locked. Click Total Balance then See All

  • +1

    This is back up to $50USD again!

    • back to $40USD when I used a referral yday.

      • Weird, mine is definitely up to $50. Just got an email from celsius confirming it.

        • mayb i used an old affiliate link which only rewards me $40. Though, now that I referred a friend, they only got $40 as well…

  • interesting might sign up soon. thinking between stable coin or BTC/ADA…

  • How solid do people feel Celsius is to leave keys with?

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