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Telstra $99/Month 150GB Plan + $199 Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 128GB in-Store @ JB Hi-Fi


JB matching the same deal as TGG.

Unsure if you would be able to get $10 monthly credit applied to your account (Telstra still does it when I applied earlier this year, so very likely still works).

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB also available at $499.

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  • Is GG $449 upfront for the S21 ultra and JB $499 upfront?

    • Yea seems to be cheaper at TGG if you're looking to get the S21 Ultra

      • Depends because with jb HiFi can often pay using discounted gift cards

        But still it's quite expensive would rather have preferred getting the phone with just etc paying rather than that plus the extra payment of jb/ tgg deal voucher

    • JB HIFI owns The Good Guys so if you ask I'm sure they'd match.

  • Hi OP, can you explain what the $10 credit applied to the account is? Is it after you sign up, you chat to Telstra to try to get you the discount?

    • Yes - Telstra does a $10 discount for port-in customers. Just have to get on the Telstra chat and talk to them to have it applied.

      • I signed up last week through JB - Telstra chat and Telstra in-store both said no to $10 port in… wish I talked to whoever you talked to. Did you do it after you'd signed up (were already locked in)?

        • Mine actually was done in JB when I signed up. But I went home and tried doing it to see if I can get another $10 off by speaking to Telstra, they were happy to apply it but told me that I already had a $10 credit applied. I reckon you can try speaking to another consultant again and ask for the "Port In Bonus".

          • @profeeder55: Thanks mate!

            For anyone in same boat as me just keep trying. I tried chat today and asked for the port in bonus for the 3rd time and the agent was happy to do it. Just said no problem I have updated that for you now.

            Soon after I got an email with my updated plan showing $10 off per month for 12 months.

    • The salesperson will apply the credit (ticking a box) during sign up.

    • I went to get this 2 days ago. Asked the JB Salesperson about the port in credit and he said yes.

      I was looking at the paperwork today for confirmation and didn't show anywhere, so I checked in with Telstra Chat and they said they couldn't do anything as it's a JB phone plan and to check back in the store. I called up the store and spoke to the salesperson and he said he misunderstood me as there is only the phone credit, no monthly plan credit and wasn't aware about any monthly phone credit promos.

      I guess it's very hit and miss, some get it, some don't. Please let my mistake help those interested in getting the plan/phone and clarify before signing the contract.

      • Update: tried again with Telstra chat and got the $10 credit. Took a long time but we finally got there… Initially only offered me $10 credit for 6 months, but pushed on and my message got through. Had to share a screenshot of a port in credit promo to verify info.

  • Is there any chance I can get the monthly payment to $80 or below by paying the difference as the lumpsum along with $199?
    Say $99 - $10 [credit] = $89
    Then with $9X12 = $108+$199 = $307 payment, I get phone + above deal with mothly payment of $80.

  • Hm just wondering if anyone knows if woolworths (Telstra is the underlying) can be moved across with this?

    • Yes - I moved over from Woolworths Mobile without any issue

    • Anyone except Telstra or Boost.

      • Belong Mobile too I think

        • Wouldn't it be possible to just sign up to a new number with Telstra instead of porting in?

          • @BargainHuntahh: Yes this is possible, signed my partner up to a new service so her mytesltra said two services with two different mobile numbers.

            Went into a Telstra store and asked to cancel the old service and move the number over to the new one. Took all of 10 minutes, however the girl at Telstra initially was adament it couldn't be done, to which I said it could, because i had done it before.

            • @toshjammi: Thanks for the info buddy. Now that this is figured now onto sorting out the "supposed" GC refund debacle as part of the ETC

              • @BargainHuntahh: Yeah that’s definitely not a thing hey. The weekend deal that we did, signed up to Telstra, JB then gave us a piece of paper that we took to the register. They then opened a brand new gift card, loaded $1099 onto it, immediately scanned it to pay for the S21.

                Then that printed a normal looking receipt which shows we paid $1099 for an S21 and we walked out of JB with the phone, and a SIM card stuck to the box.

                Can’t see what leg they have to stand on when I have the phone in hand and a receipt that says I paid $1099 for it. Given the receipt the missus was almost tempted to return the phone for a $1099 gift card because from all account it appears a normal receipt.

                • @toshjammi: 100% brother! This is what I'm on about as well. Unless JB have caught up to it this time around and implemented something in writing regarding clawback of the GC. What then remains is the logistics behind the clawback process. Hopefully we can hear from someone who may have taken up this deal this time around.

  • if i took up the jbhifi offer for a 12 month plan with free gift card which i'm half way through, can i recontract my plan to this one without giving back the gift card?

    • if you cancel or recontract, you have to pay back the whole gift card amount.

      • If you cancel your contract - how can they possibly claw back the amount of the phone. You've cancelled it.
        It also says Maximum ETC for 12 months is $594. They cant charge you any more than that fee?

        Edit* never mind I didn't read the comment you were responding to ;) That'll teach me! Haha

      • Just curious where did you find this info buddy?

        From what i know of previous similar promos run by them, the maximum ETA was 6 x $99. Dont remember anyone mentioning having to return the value of the GC. Unless they have changed something which I am unaware of?

        • It says in there recent S21 contract (Last deal) - $500 JB Hi-Fi fee along with $594

          • @sonu1111: Interesting, as far as I am concerned, the plan and the gift card are separate. You walk into Telstra to cancel the plan, JB hifi won't know anything about it.

            • @toshjammi: Yep this is what I would have thought since how would JB know (and ultimately chase you for the value of GC) for a cancellation which you have done through Telstra? Strange and confusing to say the least

              • @BargainHuntahh: possibly your account will be flagged with information regarding jbhifi voucher since they signed you up. and telstra may act as the agent to recover the voucher amount and reimburse jbhifi.

                • @Diesmile: I mean possibly, Telstra surely pays JB a kickback… but in every single one of those posts I’ve never seen someone comment this being the case. Guaranteed heaps of people have done it to get an S21/S20 etc for $600 or so which is the ETC. I doubt the gift card is any difference.

            • @toshjammi: Coz it's a JB HiFi Telstra Plan and not the normal Telstra Plan. Hence they know you did it.

              • @maulikdoshi82: I have cancelled them and never had a problem with JB trying to claw back anything I got free.

              • @maulikdoshi82: From the horses mouth, nowhere in their T&C does it say you need to give back the gift card.

                • What happens if I cancel my plan early?

                You’ll need to pay an Early Termination Charge if you cancel your plan early plus any remaining accessory payments. The maximum Early Termination Charge for your plan is set out in the above table.

                • Above table

                Maximum Early Termination Charges (ETC)


                • @toshjammi: If only someone (who has nothing to lose anyway) purchases this and cancels on the same day and tells us their ETC on here..😊

                  This would clear up the confusion and uncertanity around this

                  • @BargainHuntahh: Alright everyone!

                    I stand corrected, on the S21 plan my partner signed up to last weekend it specifically says in the paper contract we got given maximum voucher repayment in addition to ETC is $594.

                    I then considered Telstra might not enforce but lo and behold the cost to change or cancel the plan on the Telstra app directly is about $860 or so.

                    I guess Telstra/JB have finally implemented something to stop us immediately canceling and reaping the benefits. Never used to be the case as I’d done it before no problems.

                    It appears that the gift card T&C on their website doesn’t mention a repayment so maybe it’s only if you sign up for the plan with a free phone.

      • I wonder if they would accept a gift card in return instead of cash lol

    • seems like you in the same boat as me. This is what I saw on the Telstra website

      If you have an Accessory Repayment option, or have redeem a Telstra New Phone Feeling add-on, are on a Lease plan or if you received a bonus when you signed up, you may need to pay additional costs associated with those too.

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    please bring back the $0 on samsung s21 😎

  • Anyone knows why the iPhones are never showing up with these kinds of deals?

    • Probably not enough margin on those phones to allow for it

      • I see mate it actually makes sense thanks for your reply.

        • Also iPhones are popular enough at full price.

          • @Jimbuscus: jbhifi HAD $800 CR off any Iphone 12 @$79 after $20CR for 12 months a while back. its been the best offer ive seen and they have been scroogier since ($600 12x$99 or $89) but they will offer it again as the profit is in the kickback from Telstra & Apple in the bulk orders and NOT in the store sale price and thin margins they complain so bitterly about!

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    I got this today. It's a great deal.

    JB matched TGG for the Ultra. I wanted to buy at JB as I had $300 in Citibank JB gift cards. So I walked out with the phone paying $150 of my own money. I may sell the phone. A friend offered me $1250 for it just now but I may but it on FB to see what I can get. Looks like people are trying to get about $1.6k for the Ultra but I think $1.4k - 1.5k is more realistic.

    The salesman also chucked in a free Samsung charger, unprompted.

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    I'm going to try tomorrow

  • I finally bought it today from JB Hi-fi. They price matched with TGG but didn't apply a $10 credit. They said with this deal; they can't apply it.

  • This had to close today,

    How often do deals like this come up ?