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Ultimate Awards Card: Bonus 100,000 Points with $5000 Spend in 90 Days, $0 Monthly Fee with $2500 Spend/Statement @ CBA


Monthly fee of $35 is waived if you spend $2500 per month and switch to online statements. Also 12 month waiting period for previous award card holders. Otherwise, details from site below:

100,000 Bonus Awards Points when you apply for a new CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card by 29 April 2021 and spend $5,000 on eligible purchases using your new card within 90 days from activation. New CommBank Awards customers only.

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  • Not a good card, CBA have been trying to fig this to me for a year.. much better there Diamond with no fees

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      Huh? Ultimate is $35/mth or free if you spend $2500/mth on the card. Diamond is $350pa.

      Ultimate has other benefits like no fees on international transactions and 3pts/$ too.

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        Probably holds wealth package

        • That would change things, my Platinum card was free with wealth pack. Doesn’t help you if you don’t have the right CBA home loan setup though.

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    Just finished this card, I'd say it's a pretty good card if you spend 2,500 a month. CBA were really easy to deal with too.

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    It’s disappointing that CBA doesn’t offer this card for clients that pay $400 for a wealth package.

    • I wonder if that means you don't need to wait 12 months from when you cancelled their other cards that are eligible to get the sign on bonus.
      Even so, that spend for only 50k or less flight points is well..CBA…can't be assed.

  • What kind of perks does 100k points equate to?

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      You are associated you tell me that…

      • Does not mean they have anything to do with credit cards.

      • Whoops, surely that should be off by default?

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      Pointhacks suggests it’s worth $500 in gift cards

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      50,000 Velocity Points, 40,000 Qantas Points, fewer points if other frequent flyer programs, e.g. AsiaMiles, KrisFlyer etc

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    About $500

    BP gift card is 52k pts for $250 card - most other stuff varies.

    Not a great deal imo…if you can get a frequent flyer card for almost free (fee free or $99) and you get 100k qantas points for spending $3k in 3 months - thats about the same value and lower spend criteria.

    Mind you - if you spend $2.5k every month then its probably a good churner.

    • It's OK for those who churn a bunch of cards a year. A second tier card after ANZ Black, Qantas Money, AmEx sign ups

    • so what is the rate for Myer instore redemption or Coles GC?

  • When you say 2.5k spend does it include personal & car insurance , rent, phone.

    • I didn’t know that there’s anywhere you can pay rent with a credit card.

    • Insurance and phone yes, not sure on rent.

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    I used to have the CBA Gold credit cards when they offered it as an AMEX and MasterCard. I’ve come to realise that CBA cards are not worth it.

    High min spend, high fees, basic perks that consist of points and travel insurance. You can get better value elsewhere.

  • Finished up on this card and got the 100k points. Great if you do a lot of international spending as a SME and you spend 2.5k a month. Otherwise not a card for the long term. Note that they use the daily Mastercard exchange rate for international purchases, which is decent. 3pts per dollar (1.2 QF/1.5 VF) whether you convert the currency or the merchant is in another country.

  • Just finished this card and got 100k points, and then switch to cheapest Awards card.

  • What kind of dodgy award programs CBA is running, they intentionally hiding the rate of conversion. The Myer website or CBA Award site has not mentioned anywhere about how much points is needed to convert to other awards. Why can't they just publish what their points is worth? There is no point showing you can earn 2pts per $ spend but hiding how much points needed for redemption.

    $35/month fee is $420 annual fee is not so cheap unless you spend $2500/month