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Free $20 Anniversary Voucher + $20 Birthday Voucher for Summit Club Members @ Kathmandu


Following up from this deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551856
For those who signed up for the Free Kathmandu Summit club Last year will receive a Free $20 anniversary voucher as well as a $20 birthday voucher if your birthday is coming up that can be stacked in one transaction when you shop online or instore totaling up to $40 worth of free stuff!

Anniversary vouchers are not targeted and are given to everyone who have been a summit club member for around a year

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  • -1

    Just to let you guys know that your Kathmandu vouchers can be Stacked Maximum 2 in one transaction ($40 worth of credit)

    • +8

      Signed up last year, never got any vouchers. Not even the welcome voucher.

      • -2

        you might need to change your preferences in your Kathmandu account

        • +2

          I'm the same as pandoraroom. I haven't received a birthday voucher (it's in the next couple of weeks) nor have I received an anniversary voucher. When was it sent?

        • +3

          What preferences need to be set?

        • +1

          What preferences? I have all marketing emails turned on including post and text. I get postal mails for Kathmandu every year.

          • @imnobody: Signing up doesn’t require setting your birthdate. Have you added it since?

            • @danlibbo: Yes mate. But I didn't receive the welcome voucher or the anniversary voucher that doesn't require a birthdate. There is no explanation from OP with so many of us are not receiving the voucher.

        • Is it possible to get the vouchers retrospectively after changing the preferences?

      • +2

        same here

      • +2

        Also, my account is more than a year old and I don't have $20 voucher that OP has mentioned here.

      • I contacted CS and they told me I need to make a purchase on the account before I'll get any vouchers.

      • Received several $20 vouchers in 21 & now in 22.
        Spent on Clearance items with additional discount.

    • +2

      Just to let you guys know, this is turning into a marketing fail.

    • Has there been a recent change as I am getting "Only one discount voucher can be applied per transaction." after chucking in the 2nd discount voucher? (i.e. can take only $20 off)

  • +5

    Birthday today and received neither of the vouchers, preferences allow marketing and I have bought within the last 6 months.

    • +8

      Happy birthday!! :)

    • Happy birthday! Mine’s tomorrow 😄

  • +2

    Didn't got the anniversary voucher neither the birthday ones.

    I feel this is just a fake marketing to drive traffic towards Kathmandu, get ppl subscribe to summit membership and achieve Marketings year end goals.

    I wouldn't downvote this, would wait and see if the Kathmandu marketing team reads this and sends the coupons to already subscribed members 😬

  • Nothing on my account.

  • +2

    I received both a "thanks for being a summit club member" $20 voucher last month, exactly 1 year on from signing up, and a $20 birthday voucher this month.

    • +2

      Me too - got my 2 vouchers in March

  • +1

    i've been getting these vouchers since last year. stacked them in-store, initially the cashier said there was a problem with one of the vouchers but it went through after a while. i just happened to check the balance on the one that had problems and found i still had credit. $20 of more stuff!

  • Just found out that I got $20 voucher on 11 March but it expired on 24 March :((
    Why do they make it valid for only 13 days???

    • +1

      To make you spend money, checks engagement, drives need.
      if you don’t spend the money when the voucher comes in then you are very unlikely to buy unless you have a need and then its just a discount.
      If you buy via a discount mentally you have a good experience then when you have a need you are more likely to think of Kathmandu.

      It’s all just Marketing

  • +1

    I got a $20 voucher in August last year and Feb, spent both, i like their stuff but it tends to be little expensive, vouchers make it okay.

  • +1

    I've been a summit club member since 2013… haven't received any of these vouchers you are all talking about.

  • Received $60 worth of vouchers since joining in March last year.

  • +4

    Add another voice to the "haven't received any vouchers since signing up" chorus…

  • Do they send you a message about if you receive a voucher?

    • the vouchers are sent by email

  • I made a complaint to Katmandu about the welcome voucher and I got this reply
    "After looking into your account I can see that there are no purchases against your membership.
    The vouchers are only generated if you made a purchase at the time."

    But from the previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551856 , there was no need of purchase for welcome voucher.

    You can judge this company by this.

  • I emailed customer service about the anniversary voucher and was given this response:

    Thanks for your message.
    There has not been any anniversary voucher issued this year on your account as these are not a guaranteed benefit every year.
    You will see on our summit voucher terms and conditions that we do not specify any entitlement or conditions for these.

    I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Recieved $20 welcome voucher 2 days ago. Signed up when OP posted the deal. Birthday voucher coming in a few days

  • are people still getting welcome vouchers when they sign up?

  • I've been a member for a few years. Spent money last year. Have marketing emails turned on. Have my birthday entered.

    Was my birthday yesterday.

    Received no birthday coupon, no birthday email. Nothing.

  • Has anyone else experienced trouble with paying via credit card? However paying with paypal worked fine.

  • Another one reporting no birthday vouchers this year – have marketing emails turned on, my last order was in Jan 2021, and received vouchers in past years.

    Don’t like the website redesign – and seems like perhaps they have let other things slide as well.

  • I received birthday voucher but no anniversary voucher.

  • Are these vouchers linked to individual accounts?

    Me and my wife bothe got $20 voucher each. Can I use both in one transaction?

    • I tried to use more than one voucher (that comes from diff accounts) online before, and it worked ok. That was last year, hopefully it still works now?

  • Merged from $20 Voucher for Summit Club Member to Use in Store or Online @ Kathmandu

    I have received an email today, please check you email if you are registered to summit club.

    • +1


      • yes

    • +2

      They keep sending me daily reminders to use it, but most of the stuff on their site is too expensive or just crap…

      • +1

        buy something from clearance section.

      • +1

        Happy to have yours if you really don't need it.

      • also happy to put it to good use

      • I agree about pricing; their stuff becomes buying when it's half price or less (preferably with 10% Cashrewards, like before EOFY). The RRP is a joke. The quality of most of the stuff is actually not bad and looks nice IMO. Much of their things are produced in a more environmentally sustainable way, which I am prepared to pay a bit extra for (recycled plastics, etc.).

    • Didn't receive one on any of my accounts so guessing its targeted.

      • -3

        They only sent them to people who are unlikely to use them…

        • Makes sense

    • +4

      I had one, was an anniversary voucher

      • +1 Pretty sure this is some anniversary linked credit.
        So yes, targeted to those who signed up X years ago.
        I was able to go instore and find something in the clearance range - got a decent discount too.
        Believe you can also click and collect these days with no surcharge.

        • Pretty sure this is some anniversary linked credit.

          I got mine and it's not my anniversary…. If it was, my wife would have given me a hint…

      • +1

        Yep, the anniversary of this:

      • I got one on my birthday. No anniversary one.

    • +2

      Just received a 'Spend $250 to get a $10 voucher' email.
      That's 4%. How exciting.

    • Yes, I also got it days ago and place an order to get 3 shirts for Buy 3 pay one and no shipping cost . Happy with that .

    • Can do of these vouchers be used in one transaction?

    • What is subject line of this email?

      • +1

        "Congratulations, kasakaybarahayna! Here's your exclusive $20 anniversary voucher."

        • cheers

    • I signed up 20/7/20 so I have to wait a couple of days for this?

      • Did you get it? When?

  • Thanks Picked up a water bottle for free.

  • Received several $20 vouchers per membership in 21 & received anniversary $20 now in 22 👍

    Spent on Clearance items with additional 30% discount in Nov 21.
    After $20 voucher: $8 100% merino t-shirt (originally $120)
    $1 Batu draw string shorts (originally $80)

    • I got 0 vouchers still. Was there anything you did on signup other than singup?

      • Pity.
        Got free memberships from Deal & have spent slightly more than $20 each use.

        Just received $20 anniversary voucher on 2 memberships. Now hoping for a good sale on clearance items to spend it on!

        Before they changed their computer system, found same voucher could be used multiple times instore - if already reduced clearance price was further reduced!!

        Got so much for so little, but still to use it (mainly cold weather merino & thermals)

    • I got a $99 bag for free with a $20 a voucher.

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