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Free $20 Anniversary Voucher + $20 Birthday Voucher for Summit Club Members @ Kathmandu


Following up from this deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551856
For those who signed up for the Free Kathmandu Summit club Last year will receive a Free $20 anniversary voucher as well as a $20 birthday voucher if your birthday is coming up that can be stacked in one transaction when you shop online or instore totaling up to $40 worth of free stuff!

Anniversary vouchers are not targeted and are given to everyone who have been a summit club member for around a year

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  • Just to let you guys know that your Kathmandu vouchers can be Stacked Maximum 2 in one transaction ($40 worth of credit)

  • Birthday today and received neither of the vouchers, preferences allow marketing and I have bought within the last 6 months.

  • Didn't got the anniversary voucher neither the birthday ones.

    I feel this is just a fake marketing to drive traffic towards Kathmandu, get ppl subscribe to summit membership and achieve Marketings year end goals.

    I wouldn't downvote this, would wait and see if the Kathmandu marketing team reads this and sends the coupons to already subscribed members 😬

  • Nothing on my account.

  • +2 votes

    I received both a "thanks for being a summit club member" $20 voucher last month, exactly 1 year on from signing up, and a $20 birthday voucher this month.

  • +1 vote

    i've been getting these vouchers since last year. stacked them in-store, initially the cashier said there was a problem with one of the vouchers but it went through after a while. i just happened to check the balance on the one that had problems and found i still had credit. $20 of more stuff!

  • Just found out that I got $20 voucher on 11 March but it expired on 24 March :((
    Why do they make it valid for only 13 days???

    • To make you spend money, checks engagement, drives need.
      if you don’t spend the money when the voucher comes in then you are very unlikely to buy unless you have a need and then its just a discount.
      If you buy via a discount mentally you have a good experience then when you have a need you are more likely to think of Kathmandu.

      It’s all just Marketing

  • I got a $20 voucher in August last year and Feb, spent both, i like their stuff but it tends to be little expensive, vouchers make it okay.

  • I've been a summit club member since 2013… haven't received any of these vouchers you are all talking about.

  • Received $60 worth of vouchers since joining in March last year.

  • Add another voice to the "haven't received any vouchers since signing up" chorus…

  • Do they send you a message about if you receive a voucher?

  • I made a complaint to Katmandu about the welcome voucher and I got this reply
    "After looking into your account I can see that there are no purchases against your membership.
    The vouchers are only generated if you made a purchase at the time."

    But from the previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551856 , there was no need of purchase for welcome voucher.

    You can judge this company by this.

  • I emailed customer service about the anniversary voucher and was given this response:

    Thanks for your message.
    There has not been any anniversary voucher issued this year on your account as these are not a guaranteed benefit every year.
    You will see on our summit voucher terms and conditions that we do not specify any entitlement or conditions for these.

    I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Recieved $20 welcome voucher 2 days ago. Signed up when OP posted the deal. Birthday voucher coming in a few days