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[Kogan First] Reolink 5MP 8 Channel Survillance System with 4 Dome Cameras $329 Delivered @ Kogan


By far the cheapest it has been I think, great system with reliable software and easy plug and play.


Power over Ethernet
8-channel NVR
2TB HDD built-in
Audio recording
Night vision up to 30m
80° viewing angle
IP66 waterproof design

System Review
Camera review

Great package for the price.if not a Kogan first customer, try their 14 days free trial.

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  • This is a brilliant setup for the money

  • Could someone advise on how much it costs to get them all wired and setup?

    • Since i work with a wired property, it's all plug and play :D

    • It is simple to set up yourself if you don't mind climbing into your roof. Otherwise a tradie will probably do it for $300 or so.

    • Approx $100 per camera so total of $400. And approx an additional $100 if you want to extend your LAN port to a specific location in the house to hide your NVR.

      • -3 votes

        Approx $100 per camera

        To plug it in ?????

        • To climb inside your roof and run networks cable to the 4 corners of your house, and back to a central point where you have the NVR, and neatly terminate them to a wall plate. To be honest, I’d expect quotes to be closer to $160 per run.

          • -4 votes


            and neatly terminate them to a wall plate.

            The cables are included. They don't need termination. They plug in directly to the camera and the NVR.

            in the box
            1 × 1m Network Cable (Cat5)
            4 × 18m Network Cables (Cat5)

            • @jv: Ah didn’t see that. Still would cost a bit to run them though. So the original $100/run might be more accurate.

        • lol everyone an expert here i see, sure do everything yourself, dont get a tradie for anything

          • @alwayspoor: As soon as your ruining cables through walls etc, legally you need a licenced electrician. Please don't encourage people to break the laws

            • @wisc: Actually a lot of electricians don't have the open cabler licence either. You need someone licenced to run telecommunications cable which an electrician may be, but it's not guaranteed.

            • @wisc: dont need to encourage anyone, they all into doing everything themselves anyhow, who needs licences and experience lol

      • I have the 4k camera setup and this is what I got quoted by a licensed cabler. Hence I'm passing on the estimate.

  • Does this come with spotlight?

    • Not with the camera that came in the package, but you can add some to the system if needed.

  • Is this good? and how does this compare with many other surveillance camera deals on this site?

    • They normally are in $500ish range and reolink's system is well reviewed, on bar with other big names in the game.

  • Great deal… the camera are RLC-520 Cameras, which retail for anywhere between $60-90.

  • Signed up yesterday for Kogan First via 14-day trial and cancelled. Apparently if you cancel you can't use for the remainder of the 14-days. Cancelled to avoid paying once trial finished.

    • I think every trial service on Earth lets you cancel immediately without ending the free trial - must be a Kogan thing!

      • Nope. To get deal have to pay fee for Kogan First and gives discount but not free freight. So $30 or so extra. Still cheap but no buy as a result.

  • damn these kogan first deals are decent!

  • Is Power over Ethernet setup DIY approved or is there a chance of insurance issues if not done by professionals?

    • +1 vote

      is there a chance of insurance issues

      ask your insurance company.

    • Network cable must be run by a licensed person. Doesn’t matter what they are plugged in to. Total bullshit, but that’s the law unfortunately.

      • Which law mind to point out? So every time I need to plug and unplug my network cable from my pc to modem I need a professional IT guy?

        • https://www.acma.gov.au/cabling-standards-and-regulations

          If it goes through a wall, ceiling, floor, etc and is able to connect to a telecumications network (I.e. network cabling, fibre, phone cable, etc) you need a license. Patch cables that plug 8nto a call plate, patch panel, etc are fine BUT must be completely outside walls (I.e. there isn’t a loophole by using premade cables to run to IP cables)

          • @mattkenny: Are you taking about having someone to install phone lines and NBN FTTP? I have never heard that I need a licence to run my network cables from my modem router to my bedrooms through the conduits my builder placed them for my house when it was built.

          • @mattkenny: Your link is for anyone wants to work as a registered cabler in cabling industry. Not that I want to DIY my home security cameras installation I need a licence but only if say I want to install security cameras for someone and charge a fee then I need a licence.

      • Network cable must be run by a licensed person.

        Only for fixed cabling.

    • Lol it is like if you plug a network cable to your modem needs insurance approval?

  • But there's no motion detection for these camera, right?

    • The 510A has Vehicle/Person Detection but believe the 510 will sense motion detection in the specified area.

  • +5 votes

    I am using Reolink 8mp 4K system and it works flawlessly. Great value for money. I bought it 635 from Amazon and got 4 cameras installed for 300 bucks. A 4K system for under 1000 dollars. Nice

  • How are the cameras secured to the wall? I'm looking to get the 4k reo setup but aren't sure whether to go bullet or these.

    Can't someone just twist them out, remove cat 5 cable and be gone with your camera?

  • Literally tempted to buy two as the cameras or cheap!

  • in the box
    1 x USB Mouse

    What brand is the mouse?

    • Its a generic wired mouse. I am using my logitech wireless mouse which works fine. They recommend using a wired mouse because not every wireless mouse will be compatible

      • what do you need a mouse for?

        • If you want to search the Footage and to view it on the screen attached to NVR. I usually check footage on the app which is handy. So there is no real need of mouse. Apart from setting up the system initially

          • +1 vote

            @sedi: Isn't there a way to interface to the NVR from a home computer?

            • @jv: Yes very easy. Install reolink app on the PC, connect PC to same wifi for easy set-up. Or if you are using a PC at a different location, login with the Reolink user name password.

            • @jv: Important thing is, you need to have a data port next to your NVR if you want to access the footage online. If you do not have a data port, no problem.
              I did some research and found that you can use an old router to work as a wifi bridge connection. Youtube has detailed tutorials, its easy. And its working for me. I don't have data ports next to my dvr

  • Be aware that these cameras have no set screw or anything holding it in place. It's a simple 1/4 turn to unlock it from the mounting plate and the camera is free.

  • The Power by Ethernet, can someone advise a decent priced unit that does that? My router doesn't do this and when I researched it was a maze of options and prices.

    I presume it's an Ethernet switch and that plugs in to my router? And then all the camera wires plug in to the Switch?

    • I thought all the cameras plug into the NVR (power over ethernet) and then 1 ethernet cable from the NVR to your router which doesnt need POE.

    • +1 vote

      The NVR is your POE switch.
      It plugs into your router.

      You only need a POE router if you are going to use a dedicated PC or NAS with software to act as your NVR.

  • Anyone know how the NVR compares to Blueiris?

  • Cameras are $58 each with AU shipping from here


    I'll skip the NVR, apparently it doesn't support other camera brands. I'll just go BYO with Blueiris.

    • So $232 for 4 x Camera which leaves $107 for 2TB HD + DVR (not a bad deal for $107 for DVR). Wonder what HD they are using…
      Ended up purchasing two. Thanks for link will probably buy extra 4 cameras…

  • Is Reolink comparable to Hikvision and Dahua?

    • Of course you can compare them. They are not in a totally different class, though they have a different sales model, and are more budget-oriented.


    • I have a 16 camera hikvision set up for my own home and have purchased these two reolinks. The reolinks in comparison don't have line crossing detection but I think there higher model cameras may have including the 520A which has vehicle and person detection. About $70 delivered from AliExpress. I've had issues with firmware from hikvision and their android/Apple app causing the resolution to drop to 720p. Fingers crossed no issues with reolink. Will report back.

  • Biggest downside with these camera (which i own) is they can only rotate about 30 degrees, so you mount them to a pillar for example outside but you can't point them where you want, due to the poor design they can only turn left or right slightly, and only up or down slightly. The other reolink cam with ball joint is much better for this.

    • Just wondering if you could clarify your comment…

      The Reolink website suggests that this camera can rotate 360 degrees around its base, and the camera can be rotated up or down by 70 degrees. Is that not correct in your experience?

      Genuinely curious, as I'm interested in buying this product. Although it looks like Kogan is now out of stock, I'm still on the lookout for a CCTV system.

      • The website is correct. I think try have only tried to move the eyeball but the entire cam can rotate just below the mounting bracket it spins 360

      • That only works if you have it mounted to the ceiling so when you rotate it left or right, the image can be pointed in the exact spot you want it. If mounted on a pole or upright, there is no way to achieve this as the plastic holding the camera blocks it from turning left or right very far. If you rotate it onto a weird angle, the image in the software would also be on a weird angle, there is no way to adjust the image in the app other than to flip the image vertically 180 degrees.

      • For the money i am really happy with them though. Just find these cams tricky to point where you want them. I ended up buying one of the ball joint ones for my driveway so i could mount it onto the balcony upright and have it pointing at 45 degrees up the angle of the driveway.

        • Hi rival81, I think I understand what you mean, regarding mounting these cameras on a wall rather than to a ceiling/eaves.

          However, I came across this youtube video, where the guy seems to be able to rotate the 'ball' with lens, such that in your scenario you can still point the camera wherever you want and avoid the "weird angle" that you referred to.

          See this video at around the 6:30 mark.

          Or am I misunderstanding you?

  • How is it compared to annke camera for which the deal was posted a few days ago?