Casio Men’s Solar Analogue Sports Watch $52.29 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Not a G-Shock but still quite robust and solar powered at this price point. I have the green version and it looks nice.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Lol @ 5 alarms.

    Are you telling me it'll actually wake me up from sleep?

  • I've got this watch and use it as my daily.

    It's solid, bezel protects it from being scratched nothing has broken on it, it's water tight and Time/date/calendar work as advertised. In short it's a casio.

    I'm an engineer and this watch to complicated to setup. I work FIFO in a different timezone, it took 3 lots of googling it before I memorised how to change the time zones.
    The lumination is terrible.
    The back light only lights up the digital display which is tiny.
    There is no second hand so you need to use digital for seconds.
    Ive been unable to figure out how to swap the date to day/month instead of month/day.
    The seconds are on the same display as the date.
    Something about the uneven size of the hour markers and the small fat hour hand meant I would regularly misread the hour until I got used to it.

    For $50 it's a good work watch, however unless you're really hard on watches I'd pay the extra for a better gshock. I wish the thing would die so I could replace it….

    • fifo between different time zones…
      some gps based casio or seiko should be better.
      or bluetooth connectivity from phone to sync the phone time.

      of course much more expensive.

  • NIce find OP, fyi this model has a resin lens (never trust Amazon specs) which might make the decision for some to spend the extra $14.67 and buy the -

    G-Shock Classic DW9052-1BCG $66.96 + delivery.

    Don't forget 6% cashrewards.