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[WA] Carrots $0.10/kg @ Spudshed


Carrot cake for the weekend!

Or dip and veggies?

While stocks last…

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Spudshed Fresh Food Market
Spudshed Fresh Food Market


  • There will always be that jerk that will only want 200g and want to pay cash.

    • And post up on OzBargain asking why the operator frowned at them.

      Though really, if someone just wanted a couple of carrots for a dish or whatever, I guess you'd hope they didn't just buy a couple of carrots that day

    • It's 1kg bags isn't it? Loose will cost you more.

  • Was just there are they were 99 cents

  • Is there a place like this in Melbourne

  • Thanks Tone.

  • cheap compost

  • I miss Spudshed :(

  • That's a good deal on carrots.

  • suddenly, carrots

  • We shop quite a bit at spud shed, and go through 3 bags of carrots per week.

    Honestly SS carrots aren't great - they're often quite bitter.

    We end up getting ours from Farmer Jack's or one of the mainstream supermarkets.

  • I feel for the farmer - this is at a loss. It would have cost them more than that to harvest them :( As a kid, I sometimes saw farmers ploughing carrots back into the ground because it was not viable to harvest them

    • In this case the farmer "is" the seller.

    • +3 votes

      "We grow it, we sell it, you save" - Spudshed.

      Tony Galati, who runs Spudshed is a WA Hero (from Wikipedia):

      In 1998, Tony Galati opened the first Spudshed as a farmers market from a shed on his Baldivis property … He became a household name in Western Australia for his protracted legal battles against the Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia.

      In 2015, the PMC launched legal action against Galati, alleging that he had planted more than his allocated quota of potatoes. Prohibited from selling excess potatoes due to legal quotas, Galati used free potato giveaways at his Spudshed stores to protest against what he considered to be unfair and excessive control by the board. Galati ultimately prevailed when the state government deregulated the industry, with the PMC becoming defunct in December 2016.

      The battle between Galati and the PMC was celebrated in a Fringe World musical in 2019, returning again in 2020

      One of the only grocery stores open 24h in Perth, they've added like 3-4 new stores in the last two years. You often find B-grade or "ugly" produce there, as well as heavily discounted discontinued products there (like when Magnum Ice Cream does a limited run of a fudge bar that nobody buys, Spudshed buys the leftovers and sell them for $0.20 or something).

      It can be a bit hit and miss in terms of quality, and a mystery bag of what's on special, but it's great for cooking on a budget. No self-checkout, either.

      • I still think it's funny af that we had a potato board here for so long. Good on him for pushing so hard to get to make it vanish.