[NSW, QLD] Philips Hue Motion Sensor $39 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Bunnings are selling the Hue indoor motion sensor for $39 at the moment. It's usually $49 and $39 is the cheapest I've ever seen it.

Note: Seems to be $39 in select NSW and QLD stores only. $53.95 elsewhere.

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  • Looks like it might be atate specific. $53.95 at my local

  • $53.95 at my local at Sutherland, NSW

  • Historical low is $29 on Amazon.

    If you need a few of these plus other Hue stuff, remember that Kogan have these for $45 (with Kogan First) and are part of the Lattitude Pay Promo in a couple of days $50 off $150 spend.


  • This requires a hub, right?

  • There was a time when $39 was a pretty common price for this. Grabbed a whole bunch back on Black Friday 2019 (from Amazon) $29 each plus 20% off (smart home products with echo). Still one of the better zigbee motion sensors I’ve had. Sadly no repeat in 2020. Love that it uses AAA and not those button batteries. I put these on Hubitat rather than hue hub.

    • Re the batteries, sure it uses AAA but it's fussy and pretty much only works with Alkalines running at 1.5V. It won't work with OzBargain's favourite Eneloops and NiMH/NiCd that tend to output at 1.2V over time.

      • Batteries last so long that you'd probably not want to burn a rechargeable on it…

        Though if you need 1.5v, you could get a Lithium rechargeable.

      • yea they last so long its not worth putting rechargeable in it. I haven't changed any since 2019 and they get used daily in high traffic areas.

  • any usage recommendations?

    • I have one of these in both my bathrooms. You can set it to be different levels of brightness depending on time of day, or not at all if full daylight. Particularly good for the 3am pee and not getting blinded by light.

      Another is inside the hall cupboard and will activate hall lights when I open the cupboard door. It’s a dark area but the wall switch is other end of hall so good for the lazy.

    • Areas that you want to traverse which need light but only temporary, like a hallway, as it only activates if there's a lack of light.

      Also good for a kitchen area if you are often walking in for soemthing quickly at night (grab a drink, etc)

  • Will this work without the hub using zigbee2mqtt in Home Assistant using a ConBee2?
    I Ducked it, :) (duckduckgo) and could only find a different model https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/9290012607.html vs on offer 929001260763

  • D'oh! Thou shalt not wait! Been waiting for a price drop on these for aaaages, it finally comes and I tell myself I'll do that when I get home… Well that was days ago, and of course they're back to $59 now!

    Anyone still watching this thread, is there a decent cheaper alternative for use with SmartThings & HA?