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Telstra $99/Month 150GB Plan + Bonus $700 Gift Card - New & Port-in Customers, in-Store Only @ The Good Guys


Just received TGG weekend spam, ahem weekend deals.. saw this.

I've been waiting for a new sign up deal since I came off a JB plan early last month..

Not sure if they're still doing the $10/month credit.

Will try price match at JB.

INSTORE ONLY Bonus $700 The Good Guys eGift Card when you sign up to the $99 per month over 12 months Telstra plan. (Min Cost $1188) New and Port in Customers only – Offer ends 18/04/2021

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The Good Guys


  • JB has had this exact same offer for a few weeks now and ends 18/4

    Edit: I also think price matching gift card deals isn't possible as the deals rotate between JB and good guys

    • I don’t see it on their website

    • Geez what rock was I living under? good to know.

      I was holding out for the $69/m + $500

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      Serious question, who the hell pays $99/month for a SIM plan? I couldn't imagine paying more than a third of this nowadays. It must be a very small market at this price point in 2021.

      • corporate BYOD?

      • I was thinking of this for a 4G home broadband. The voucher can be used for anything, we have a lot of old stuff that needs renewed.

      • I have two of them that I rotate between a 5g modem to get 300gb. I got a $10 discount on both (I assume you'd get the same on this deal) and got got the $600 5g netgear modem for free with one and $500 gift card with the other. Works out cheaper than NBN plus I'm on 150mbps+ instead of 40mbps max.

        • So you pay $178/month this way (with a one off gift card for $500 and a free 5G modem) and that’s cheaper than what you could get via NBN in Sydney?

          • @bozbargain: Sorry for the delay. I forgot to mention that my above two services are $69 plans so $59 after the discount. So I'm paying $118 per month but I'm deducting the $500 voucher ($41.67 pm) to take it down to $76 pm. That's actually near enough the same as my NBN was but I get a free $800 5g modem, faster speeds and a far more stable connection (the main reason I got rid of nbn)

            • @C0mbat: That’s a shame that your Nbn is so bad. Mine is as good as cable ever was, but faster upload speeds. Don’t like the idea of messing around with sims every month and prefer to extract my speeds out of a cable (where possible) instead of through the air, but that’s just my personal preference. Still think $76 is a lot of money (I pay less) and it depends on what JB and the likes offer you in terms of sign up bonus next year.

        • what modem do you use? i was thinking doing the same thing.

      • I mean, you get the gift card so you're paying 1188-700=$488 for the year (~$40 per month) and you still got the 150gb
        Not the best deal ever but still good

        • Wouldn't Voda $45 month to month better for that purpose for those have no access to Telstra 5G yet?

      • 🤖 i know.

    • Vodafone Month to month contract can get you 100GB for $45.
      Thats $660 saving. But its month to month.

  • Good one if 10$ credit applicable.

    I saw this offer last few days under telstra promotion section in TGG website. Not sure 10$ credit is additional offer now? There was $800 giftcard or phone offer few days before

  • Tey call telstra they may give you the $10 credit

  • Can anyone confirm if you can still switch to the Telstra M2M plans without ETC? :)

  • Would anyone know how long do I need to wait after porting out from boost to sign up to this plan?

    • I've been following these deals as I'm going to do it. The general consensus from previous deals was 1 month minimum. It never use to be enforced - but apparently it is now (from comments in previous deals). YMMV though.

      I was with Boost and moved to Vodafone Sim only plan about a month ago for this exact reason. With Vodafone I pay $35 a month for 50gb. I use to pay $30 for 20gb with Boost.

      Surprisingly, the reception with Vodafone isn't too bad. I expected way worse.

      So, if you are planning on doing one of these deals - maybe move to a competitor now - so that way you're prepared for when one of these deals come up in the future. Otherwise, you could try to just sign up and see if they allow the port from Boost.

      • 4months ago I signed up to Telstra through JB deal. The reception was bad so I cancelled and now happily with optus.

        I fought tooth and nail to get my free termination $0. Telstra are hard to deal with i found.

    • No need to port. Sign up to a new plan with Telstra at JB.

      once you’ve signed up, walk into Telstra and ask to port your boost number over to the Telstra plan.

  • Any idea what's the expiry for the giftcard?

  • Telstra own deal is only $65 for 180G.


    It also comes with data share and no contract.

    Don't see any deal here…..

    • That deal doesn't come with a $700 gift card ?

      • Over 12 months Telstra deal cost $780 while this deal cost $1188

        So you are paying $408 extra to score a $700 gift card. Also getting 30G less full speed data and locked in for 12 months.

        Some people will think this is still s deal….. not me!!

  • What options are available for this phone (S21+) on the Optus network with data sharing for low/zero upfront cost?

    Harvey Norman was running a deal in March but my local store (Melb CBD) says it has finished.

  • Anyone able to get $10 port in credit?

  • Beve done this before so what phone are you getting?

  • Its not a good deal unless you need the data. If you work it out this deal at 99/m vs the other recent ones 59/m and 69/m with 60 or 80gb data and $500 and $600 gift card.
    99-69 = 30 *12 = $360

    700 gift card - 360 leaves with you getting $340 worth of gift card. Not that great unfortunately unless you need 150gb.

    Wife got the $500 a few months ago and pays 59 a month getting 80gb data

    Im also waiting to port back in