Saffron Threads or Powder 0.5g $2.99 @ ALDI


I see Saffron deals posted somewhat regularly, typically priced just over $7 per gram - which is a good price and it's arguably better quality than this.

But this is Ozbargain, and this is by far the cheapest saffron I've seen at just under $6 per gram, plus it's available locally so no waiting for delivery if that's important to you.

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  • As much as I like saving a buck, let me say this: I didn’t know what Saffron was before I started buying good one. The Aldi one (or any of the supermarket ones I tried) does not fall into the good category.

    You’re better off not using Saffron in my mind than buying the cheap stuff. Or just spend the money and get good one - which is what I decided to do. The aroma and colour are worlds apart from the supermarket substitute.

    • What makes a good one good/bad one bad? Origin? Processing? Climate? Price?

      Edit just googled: "It’s important to know that some yellow should be present in the dried stigmas. If the saffron is completely red, that’s usually a good indicator that the supplier dyed the batch to cover up impurities or low quality. Additionally, avoid saffron that looks frayed, worn or has a plenty of pale streaks—these are also an indicator of poor quality. The best saffron should be a deep red with orange/yellow tips."

  • Mmmm saffron buns. They've really upped their stock checking game. Closest store with stock is nearly half an hour away though and I probably shouldn't make anything that tastes good in a large batch.

  • Thanks OP, tracked some down.