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Gomo Free $2 SIM Card Delivered @ Free SIM Cards


Grab Your Gomo $2 SIM Card for FREE! At Free SIMCards, you can get Free Gomo SIM Card. Best mobile deals, Best mobile plans, Best mobile offers, and Cheap SIM Plans from Australia's top mobile providers.
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  • wat network

  • activation requires subscription?

  • This requires a subscription so it's at least $15 to activate. Likewise, the business is as clear as mud when it comes to what they do with the data they collect from people signing up to receive these free sim cards.

    In fact, they seemed to have an address somewhere in the past however this has since changed to a serviced office address in Sydney. If you care about your information being sold on to others then I'd avoid!

    • Yep, infact gomo themselves offer the SIM for free when you sign up for a plan. So this is no deal at all.

      I got the free gomo SIM that did come with a month's free usage, that was a deal. Having said that, SIM was open and when I went to use it for UberEats the number had already been registered with someone else's name. Now that is dodge.

  • I wonder if the OP will say "Issue fixed now. Please try now. Thank you guys for being patient" again? 🤔😅

  • Time to start up my phone scam operation MUAHAHAHAHA!!

    Jokes aside, this isn't much of a deal, esp. not with gomo's rep

  • Also, my SIM card never arrived from the previous deal.

  • I received sim from last deal.

  • They're getting your VERIFIED details for $2. it can sell for 10 to 100 times

  • Be careful guys, I have registered and keep getting spam/scam calls and messages. I'm guessing they are selling the data to 3rd party.