Chitato Indo Mie Mi Goreng Chips 55g $1.44 + Delivery @ Oz Grocer


Good evening guys,
we are back again.
OZ Grocer is an affordable groceries delivered to your door and yes we do deliver nationally.
Our delivery rate for our Melbourne customer start from $5.99*, for more details please check our FAQ

This time we would like to bring you one of the recently stock item in our E shop. Which is the chitato indomie flavour chips.

It's in 55g package and pack a flavour.

Let us know if you have any queries as we also have other products in our shop which we priced competitively.
Follow us in our instagram and facebook for latest update.

Thanks guys.

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  • How much is postage?

  • 22 dollars shipping no ty

  • +14 votes

    Has been $1.00 - $1.30 at Woolworths. Where's the bargain? This isn't OzAdvertising


      Hi julz,
      are you refering to this deal.
      If so I believe this was back in 2019.

      I did checked coles website currently it's at $1.85.

      But thats okay we will definately check again with our supplier to see if we can do better.

      You are right though, this is not ozadvertising.
      We honestly have no intention to just post this to advertise as we thought at the time we post this we could not find any simillar product price lower than our item. :)

      Thanks for the feedback :)

  • If the element of indomie they're going for is msg, they've got it perfect.

  • As mentioned by julz, its not a bargain - and look at the postage too… i normally don't give negative, but i think i have to as it is not a deal but advertisement !


      Hi DEALS1984,
      thanks for the feedback.

      If you are in Victoria we do have delivery rate starting just from $5.99* or free if you spend more than $49.99 at our store.

      As mentioned we have no intention to advertise for the store only.
      At the time we posted this deal we could not find any other shop which list the item similar or lower than our price.

      • So, about $7.50 for a 55g packet of chips? These are less than $2 at any supermarket, no delivery required.

    • You have voted 2 negatives in your last 4 votes. That's 50% negative lol.

  • Coles had it last week $1.45

    Bought six packs, gone in one night. Should come in bigger size



      agreed, should have comes in bigger pack.

      Some of the chips that we like only come in smaller pack. :(

  • Shipping kills it

    • -1 vote

      Hi deal junkie,
      we try our best to have a competitive shipping rate, feel free to check out our other items and let us know if you are after a product we have not list yet.

      Thanks for the feedback tho :)

      • Be warned, you are posting to OzBargain site where tightasses and cheapos like me are eyeing of the best bang of the buck ever. Posting a deal where shipping cost are 10x more than the item you advertised would pretty much pissed off a lot of people here.


          Hi elcheapo,
          thanks for the feedback.

          Feel free to check our other item as normally our customer also buy other items in their grocery to compensate the delivery fee.
          We do have some customers who also only buy one or two types of item but in bulk as well.

          Let us know if you have further query tho.

          • +7 votes

            @OZ Grocer: maybe you offer or suggest a bulk deal so we dont all get offended.

            of course i wouldnt buy one pack of chips, but the way this is presented, i wont even click on the link and i dont care about other possible delicious products.

            do a box of indomie chips and free shipping or something along those lines.

            in 2021 for smaller everyday products i dont expect to (visibly) pay for shipping, i'm probably not the only old grump thinking that way.

            (also though not tho please)


              @juki: Thank you for the feedback :)

              We will definately do this for next deal post in OZb

              Noted about the shipping rate, hence that's why we actually do offer free shipping depending on the total cart value.
              For example if you reside in VIC (melbourne cbd and metro), we offer free shipping for any order above $50*

              We actually have a tiered discount on offer for all products except one thats already on special.

              Also no more "tho" :D

  • I think the price of the item is pretty allright, not the best, but still cheaper than coles.

    i agree the shipping fee is over way too much for a pack of chips. When people say shipping kills the deal, and place a negative feedback, can you kindly advise a reasonable shipping deals to OP so they can adjust the pricing instead of giving a negative feedback? this help them to reduce the shipping cost, also help you to get it deliver to you on a competitive price.

    Maybe OP should try to do a shipping of $5 on monday by using 7-11 monday deals ?


      Hey langitbiru,
      thanks for the feedback :)

      Our delivery fee currently starting from $5.99* for Victoria (Melbourne CBD and metro).

      For more details on our delivery rate please refer to this link

  • Trying to market potato chips with exorbitant shipping costs… no deal!

      • To get a bag of these chips from you it would cost me $7.43 including shipping. I can go to Woolies and get them for $1.85. Are you high?

        • +1 vote

          Hey apey2000,
          it's illegal for any of our staff to be intoxicated when they are working (including posting an online deal).
          Hence no I'm definitely in sober condition thanks for asking tho :)

          Agreed you can get this item alone in woolies for $1.85, however as I have mentioned above most of our customers normally also buy other item as part of their grocery to compensate the delivery rate.

          But again if some people want to just buy one or two types of item only they can also do that and usually they buy them in bulk to compensate the delivery rate.

          • @OZ Grocer: You're advertising a bag of chips for $7.43. I am not interested in buying anything else from you, but this bag of chips. I repeat again, are you high?


              @apey2000: @apey2000
              we cannot force you to buy more than what you want to in our eshop hence it's totally up to you on how much you want to spend (if you do still want to buy anything from our eshop that is).

              and also no I'm still not high :)

              • @OZ Grocer: High or not, your bag of chips is not a deal! $1.85 at Coles or Woolies. $7.43 is not a deal for a bag of chips. Ship it for free and then you have a deal!


                  @apey2000: @apey2000
                  we do have free shipping on offer depending on how much they spent in our e shop which you can view here

                  For instance if you are in Melbourne CBD area (Vic), if you spend more than $50* you can score a free shipping.

                  But if you only want to buy 1 or 2 items that's also fine as well, we cannot force you to buy more or less as I'm not sure if any business can do that.

                  Thanks for the feedback though we appreciate your honesty.

                  • @OZ Grocer: You are missing the point - you are posting a deal for a bag of chips, which is far from a deal on its own. You are alluding that buying other stuff from your store would justify the shipping price, but you are not detailing any other bargain. ie. you are breaking the rules of OzBargain and simply using the site to advertise your shop! Most people on this site do not support unscrupulous practice. I've reported this post as this is pure advertising and not a deal at all!


                      @apey2000: @apey2000
                      thanks for the clarification.

                      If this deal is breaking any of the ozb rules, then yes admin can remove it we have no issue in that.

                      However we did not hide any details plus the fact that there's a delivery fee to get this particular product from our e shop.

                      But again if any admin has any issue with this deal, please feel free to take it down :)

                    • @apey2000: You're getting very upset over not being able to get free shipping on a bag of chips. There are countless other products on OzBargain that can be obtained at the cheapest price only by spending above $x or picking up in store rather than paying for delivery.

                      Just let it go…

                      • @UncleRico: Thanks UncleRico. I've retracted my negs and have upvoted this post.

                        Edit: Actually I can't seem to work out how to do that. How can I retract my neg on this post and upvote instead? This is a great deal!

                        • +1 vote

                          @apey2000: Are you high?

                        • @apey2000: You can only retract your negative vote by clicking on the "votes" tab above. You can't upvote deals that you had downvoted before.

                          OP, probably you need to find another shipping company that can deliver to interstate with reasonable price. I might buy a few things from your shop if shipping cost to Sydney wasn't excessively high.


                            @tukanglistrik: Thank you for the feedback.

                            Interstate shipping is always a challenging issue especially since we do not want to risk our customers to lose their groceries on their way.
                            We are actively looking for a cheaper alternative for delivery service for our interstate customer and definately pass the savings to our customer once we found a better one.

  • That shipping rate outside Vic is just a scam, $20 for a 55 gram bag, you can post a 500g parcel with aus post for $9.15 anywhere in Australia, couriers even cheaper.

    • -1 vote

      Hi @Postal Dude
      thanks for the feedback.

      We try to be as competitive as possible with our shipping rate and most of our customers bought groceries of variety items to make up for the shipping.
      Feel free to check our other item and let us know if you are after an item that's not listed in our store yet.

  • You should post ozgrocer is not affordable grocery. Kere oi


      Thanks for the feedback.
      We always welcome input from others about products including our pricing in store.

      Let us know if you have any query about any of our products.

  • ignoring the shipping cost part, these chips are nice. I recall them being (too) spicy though, but I may have remembered that wrong.