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TaoTronics BH097 TWS True Wireless AptX Earbuds $31.99, BH090 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones $74.99 - Delivered @ Amazon


Free delivery with all of tonight's products.

TaoTronics TT-BH097 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds with aptX Was $39.99 Now $31.99 with Code: 3KAFJAH2

Immersive Stereo Sound: Built-in Qualcomm aptX codec & Peek+ Pu high fidelity dynamic drivers
Crystal-Clear Calls: With Qualcomm cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation technology
Non-Stop 9 Hours Playtime: USB-C case extends playtime up to 29 hours
Fast Charging Technology: Supports 2 hours of playtime after 10-minute quick charge.
Secure-Fit: Ergonomic design locks the Bluetooth headphones in ear and distributes pressure reasonably
Sensitivity Touch Control: For adjusting volume and answering calls, etc
IPX8 Waterproof Protection: Effortlessly protects the earbuds against water & sweat,
Warranty: Standard 12 month Warranty plus free 18 month Extended warranty
Check out 3,800+ Reviews on Amazon US & 3,500+ reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-BH090 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Was $99.99 Now $74.99 with Code: Q742PU6Y

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling utilize both feedforward & feedback dual-mic ANC tech to significantly reduce background noise and contain microphones both inside and outside the cups. Hybrid ANC can suppress noise at a broader range of frequencies, adapt to and correct errors, and is not as sensitive to how the person wears the headset. This all provides better ANC performance to the listener.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology: Reduces ambient noise by up to 30dB
Crystal-Clear Stereo Sound: 40mm dynamic driver pumps out crisp stereo sound and powerful deep bass
Rapid Recharge: 2 hours of use with 5 minutes of charge. Completely recharge in just 45 minutes for up to 35 hours use.
Customizable Comfort: Super soft protein cushions, adjustable headband, 90° rotation axis for comfy all-day wear
Hassle-free Bluetooth 5.0 Connection: With the latest Bluetooth technology for a more stable connection
What you get: Carry Case, Recharge Cable, 3.5mm Cable & 12 Standard + 18 Month Free Extended Warranty
Check out 4,250+ reviews on Amazon US or the 4,000 + Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics stands behind their products with a bonus Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at www.TaoTronics.com

SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, Anjou, Sable and RAVPower brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics, and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. You can view their range of available products in SunValley's Official Australian Amazon store.

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  • +7

    good headphones

    • +14

      good ozbargainer

    • What the microphone like? Can people hear you clearly?

  • +8

    definitely worth for $75, bought one of them recently for that price but gifted it to someone so im glad it's back at this price again so i can buy them again

    • absolutely, I use them for gym, uni, and home and have had them since last year, they have held up well and have no decrease in performance, they look brand new still, great build quality. Wish noise cancelling actually worked but otherwise the sound is pretty good.

      • are you saying the noise cancelling is not working?

        • its pretty shit for me atleast, blocks maybe 30 - 40% of the noise. Sound is pretty good tho, if you have music on in train, it isolates pretty well, anc alone doesn't seem to do much in noisy environments.

  • +3

    Good headphones for the price, and warranty support is brilliant.
    I bought a pair during the last deal, and they had a low rumble when ANC was on. A few emails later and they sent me a brand new pair that worked perfectly.

    I will say as a minor flaw though, the headband adjustment is quite loose. Through normal use its easy to accidentally change the adjustment, which is a tad annoying.

  • How's the volume and Bluetooth video / phone / conference lag?

    I bought the BH55s and they arent all that loud without distorting and a few other issues. TT have offered to either send me a refund or a pair of BH90s. Not sure if I should look elsewhere (ie. at a pair of Anker Q30's), or take the 90's?

  • Can you buy 2 at $74.99 each?

    • Yes, you can!

  • The tws vs sony xm3…… as a non audiophile will i notice the differences in audio quality and noise cancellation?

    • +1

      Yes you will. It's questionable if it's worth the cost, but the Sony's are definitely better.

      • Ok thanks. Hmm the tws one is really cheap… aud31 …. sony refubh still 158…


    • +3

      Consider the Bh094 if you want an earbud with noise cancelling. I'm really impressed at the quality. Sure, you can get better for 3 or 4 times the price, but in most circumstances i can't pick the difference or it's barely noticeable.
      Perhaps Xev can let us know when we'll next see a deal on them?

      • +9

        I will ask the Rep and see what can be organised.

        • Looking to get the BH094's as well if you can organise a deal with them!

      • You have a pair of those? Are they much better than Soundpeats true air 2? Those have no noise cancellation

        • +3

          As it happens, I own both the True Air 2s and the BH094s. I've hardly touched the Soundpeats since the BH094s arrived.

          I find that the noise cancellation on the BH094s works really well on the train - I'm always surprised how much noise there is if i turn them off or take them out and its easy to listen to an audiobook or podcast with the volume turned down.

          The biggest plus for the Soundpeats is the larger form factor as the 'tails' can be reassuring if you're worried about a bud falling out, not that I've ever had this happen with either the Soundpeats or TTs. I also find the touch controls on the Soundpeats buds more intuitive. However, if you mainly just want volume up and down and are happy to mostly control tracks via your phone (which I do), then the BH094s are definitely the winner assuming that you can get either at a sale price when you need them.

    • +2

      Probably "fairer" comparison with the Sony is the BH094 as the BH097 listed here doesn't have ANC. I have the BH094 and while I've never heard the XM3 ANC, the TT's certainly cut out a lot of the low end noise (e.g. Fan, airconditioner, lawnmower, chainsaw , bus , traffic etc). MW3 looked horribly large in comparison and the BH094s fit nicely for me. I wear them mostly for my commute/ walk (2km+) to work and in the office and they do a good job of cutting out the traffic noise around me and the general hubbub of the office. You can still hear voices to some extent, but in my case that's not a bad thing as we have an open office and lots of interaction between everyone :) No audiophile here, but the BH094 suits my music requirements well (from classical to metal ) .

      Ambient mode is a bit "meh" though and basically just amplifies all the noise around you. I'll only use if I'm having a short conversation like ordering a coffee or something and if a longer conversation I'll actually take the buds out instead.

      I've actually just ordered a set of BH053 Pro hoping that the stemmed design will give good mic performance for Teams/Zoom calls in the office as well. TT pair number 4!

      I have the BH090 too but don't particularly like on/over ears as they heat my head/ears up too much . Same comments re ANC above for the BH090s. Not as good as an expensive pair but then again, for me, not 4 times worse than a pair 4 times the price. :) )

    • Just got the Sony's refurbs. Hopeless. Disconnect while sitting in front of my Macbook, or if I put my phone in my pocket.
      Sending them back.

      • omg i havent opened it but now afraid

  • +1

    How do these earbuds stack up with Airdots 3 at the $50 mark?

  • The wireless earbuds have a microphone so I can do hands free phone calls?
    Also anyone tried these for running… Do they stay in the ear?


  • Do these headphones work with Bluetooth supported TVs? Or would you recommend something else for TV use?

    • +2

      Make sure your Bluetooth [BT] devices have AptX technology,
      to minimise the lag between BT devices.

      The TaoTronics earphones have AptX, but since they're receivers,
      you need to figure out if the 'transmitter' has AptX too.

    • I have a soundpeats earbuds and it works with Samsung qled tv

    • It sure does!

  • -2

    Great headphones but I bought the headphones a week ago for $85 any chance to get credit?

    • The shame.

      • I mean we've heard worse here in ozbargain land.

        Like "Ops, i bought this one month ago for $2 more" etc

        • Your not a true ozbargainer if you don't ask 😂

  • +6

    Is TaoTronics TT-BH097 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds with aptX better than than Soundpeats true air 2 the previous deal? Please advise….

  • +3

    Been in the market a while for some but physical buttons & ability to turn on/off without case are a must!

    I wish manufacturers would go back to that…

    • I have also learnt this the hard way and looking at returning the BH097 bought in this deal, due to these & other issues.

      I highly recommend you look at the Soundpeats Sonic, they have both features you mentioned and also have great sound quality with Aptx Adaptive, which is the newer version replacing Aptx HD and LL.

      The BH097 are super slippery to hold and very small, I honestly think I will lose them as I often put them on commuting / waiting for the train, I'm sure they are going to end up on the tracks one day (accidentally dropping them).

      There is 1 guy on here who bags the Sonics, though I don't know why, he is the only person I've come across to do this, which makes me think he had a bad experience, faulty unit, or they didn't fit him properly etc. Check Amazon AU reviews.

      Do yourself a favour and try the Sonics, Amazon are great with returns, so it's risk free. But I doubt you will be returning them.

  • +2

    are the 97 comfortable in the ears say at the gym do they stick out like a lump like those huge Bose or Sny large like some stupid thing in the ear.

    ——bought 1 after watching Youtube— thanks Op

  • Hey OP
    Any deals on BH088?
    I have a pair and am looking to get another as a gift for a friend.

  • +1

    how is the TT-BH097 with regards to microphone quality,
    eg. hands-free calls with Android phones, etc. ?

    the specifications seem to show decent battery life too.

    also, are the earbuds independent of each other,
    ie. can i only pair one earbud at a time ??

    i think it's a "YES", according to the Amazon product page

    Freely Use Either Earbud
    With role switching technology, either earbud supports a strong connection independently to your Bluetooth device for convenient pick-up and listen.

  • +2

    How does ttbh97 compared to ttbh079 ? It is last year model and currently $42. Normally on 65.. so is it better?

  • With these true wireless earbuds, can 2 people hear same audio by using one earbud each?

    • As long as they're not sitting too far apart
      You could turn only one On and leave the other off even (at least with my old ones)

      • Thanks.
        Considering for running along with my son. To connect to one mobile phone and use one bud each to listen to the same music via bluetooth. 3-4 meters apart is ok, if it works that way.
        My Jabra 75T elite fails because those buds cannot be more than 1foot apart fr each other.

        • I honestly don't know the exact distance. Especially if you tried with another set and didn't work.
          Didn't want to give you a bump steer my friend.

          I have a quite old true wireless set so I bought this new one. If you want I can try and let you know how far they could be when I receive them.

          • @Mehrad: That will be great, it will save me those 30 odd bucks. Or those will become worthy. Cheers mate !

            • +1

              @hellodealhunter: @hellodealhunter
              Got my buds now and tested them with my partner just then. We moved to two ends of the house (15m apart) with phone in the middle and in a short test we did there was no breaking or pixelating as such.
              The buds are very clever and quite well made. Not as loud and basey as I would like them to but all in all well worth the price tag they come at.
              Using the touch to pause, next and change the volume is a pain during an exercise. I have tried to triple click in the middle of a WOD many times and gave up eventually. Haha
              I'll definitely keep using them since they are very convenient to use and quite nice looking and feeling.
              Tyr manual of course doesn't suggest two people using them at once. :)

  • +1

    We do expect quite a bit for $32
    A bit too tight flossing the arse slit

    • Much rather be a tight arse & ask questions than buy the $200+ ones and blindly presume everything will be great because it's got a pretty brand name.

  • Would these be a suitable alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Buds?

    Mainly for taking calls and music.

    • The recording mic quality is fairly bad, these are only better value if your usecase is just listening.

  • Which Taotronics support multipoint (or at least independent earbuds) and wireless charging case via Qi? Noticed these features are coming to lower price points (e.g. Tozo T12).

  • These touch control ones are usually not great, I have the previous model and it keeps randomly turning on and draining battery even when in the case, I guess when battery is low in the case.

    Prefer models with physical on/off switch.

    • wait till you get with button you will want touch

  • +1

    which one does the 62 positive votes represent?

    • The votes are for the deal.

      These are two completely different styles. Do you want:
      * Over ear, ANC, can used wired
      * In ear TWS, no ANC , no wired option

      • +1

        yes, but for which deal are the votes for? 2 separate options, right?

  • Going to give these a try…

    • Ordered on Mon, delivered Wed very impressive delivery times…

  • +1

    can we get a deal on BH094?

  • Hey OP,
    I purchased one of the older model (BH040 was the model I believe) about 2 years ago, after using it for a couple months the plastic shell at the extension where you extend or retract cracked open (both sides) and the whole thing became loose, came off and unusable. I like the comfort and sound quality of Taotronics BH040 and wanted to buy a different model to replace it but I'm worried that I will run into the same problem again, I think the size of my head is slightly larger than average. Question here is do you know whether this BH090 headphone is suitable for those with a large head size? and do you know whether BH090 has an improved design /stronger at the extend/retract area?

  • Do the BH090 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones fold and rotate (to be flatter)? The older model (085) folds and rotates, but information on the 090 is inconsistent - it's clear it folds, but not clear if the earpieces rotate to be flat.

    • +1

      Yes the earpieces rotate (handy when you've got them off around your neck) and it folds to fit into the "hardshell" provided.

      • Thanks!

  • Thinking of getting these until I read this in an amazon review

    "These are more like ON EAR headphones and not over ear. Anyone with a head on the larger side such as myself approx 62cm head these for me are not comfortable for more than half hour"

    That counts me out.

    • Oh, yeah - not good for me either. I have a huge head. I need something for use on flights, that I can watch videos, listen to music and sleep in. hmmm. back to the search, maybe…

      • +1

        The struggle is real, isn't it. If only the Chinese had the genetics for big heads… oh well. Can't have everything.

        I also have dumbo ears so it's a double whammy for me. I might have to DIY something up to really be happy, maybe cut the middle of the band and extend it a little. If you find any good value head related products, let me know okay?

        • Will do. Solidarity!

  • How would the audio quality of the TaoTronics TT-BH090 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones compare to Sennheiser HD 380 pro?

  • Great deal 👍

    Finally bought my first pair of TT's (BH097) after months of eyeing off various models…

    Now wondering if there will be a deal on the BH085's any time soon?

    Eg. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/610347

    Edit: I am assuming the 85's are proper Over Ear size? Not on-ear.

    • These are over the ear size for many people, including me. I don't even have to adjust the length of the headphones though, so my head might just be small XD

      • Thanks for the info, I'm happy with that.

  • +2

    Currently RMA my TT-BH085 - Still works (via 3.5mm), but Bluetooth no longer turns on (power button). Used since August 2020, been happy with it - hopefully their support is a smooth process.

    • +1

      update: After sales support team has sent out a replacement free of charge. Definitely great response, and value.

  • This is much better reviewed and ranked

    Mpow Flame Solo Bluetooth Earbuds

    • +1

      do Hybrid Noise Cancelling and bluetooth features have any health effects (esp. BH090 )?

  • Really good headphones. Bought these for around $80 a month ago and am not disappointed.

  • do Hybrid Noise Cancelling and bluetooth features have any health effects (esp. BH090 )?

  • brought the "TaoTronics TT-BH079 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds" decent little buds, i don't have the Samsung ones that came with my galaxy to compare overall quality however for this price, they are great. comfy, easy to use, sound good (using for audiobooks while running) music sounds good also. can't complain

    cheers op

  • +1

    Just tried to check out the headphones and it says the promotional code is not valid. Is this still valid?

    • +1

      I tried the same. Didn’t work for me either. They’re currently $15 off, but still $10 more expensive than this deal.

    • Same. Using coupon doesn't work - says is not valid. There is a 15% off coupon available on Amazon brings the price to $84.99.

  • I tried the check out for this headphone (TT-BH079) and the price goes to $33.99! Why you changed the price?

  • My TaoTronics TT-BH097's just arrived today.
    After the first play, very impressed with every aspect (build quality, fit, sound, connectivity, responsiveness), blown away for $31!

  • I know it's a bit late, but wondering if anyone else is experiencing audio delay with these in Windows 10? I have tried 2 different bluetooth adapters, and the problem remains. At the moment, I get about 250ms delay, which doesn't effect music playback, but is very noticeable when watching video. I have had Sony WI-C200's and Anker Soundbuds Curve A3263, and neither have had this sort of delay. The only thing I can think of is that fact those 2 sets are wired between the ears, and these BH097 are not - maybe the fact these have that wireless connection with the ear pieces can cause this sort of delay issue?

  • Hi rep @xev, wondeirng if still possible to order the BH097 for 31.99? I am interested but seems like the deal is over.

  • Are people getting Bluetooth dropouts with BH097?

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