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Sony WH-1000XM4 $313.65 - Free C&C /+ Delivery @ The Good Guys


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  • Also available in Silver with the same price

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • This or the refurbished from Sony eBay for ~$270 :(

    • The Good Guys deal. Dealing with Sony is a pain, not worth it for $43 saving.

      • Can confirm, dealt with them twice for TV issues. Got the problem sorted eventually, but also got pretty good at jumping through hoops

  • How good are these headphones? I’m curious on the bass performance because I’m looking to upgrade from Beats Tour2 Earphones

    • There's a reason they're the most consistently posted headphones on OzB by a mile.

      • @clokeyyy Personally I think they are only slightly above average on sound quality with really bad microphone performance. I have cheaper wired cans that sound better to my ears. But they are amazingly comfortable with the best bluetooth pairing for multiple devices I've experienced and noise cancelling is great, on par with my Bose QC25s. But many would disagree with all of that, best to read a bunch of reviews.

    • As far as noise cancelling goes these are by far the best I've experienced and were a life saver with distractions working from home. Sound quality is pretty good and bass decent with the included bass boost mode (though I've heard better from other wired headphones). Mic is meh, and I usually have trouble with people hearing me on calls.
      I know several JB-HiFis have these on display to try out, not sure about good guys.

  • Does CASH REWARDS (4%) apply?

    • It's worth trying but don't expect it to work because the coupon is not listed on Cashrewards. My experience with unlisted coupons is sometimes they pay and sometimes they don't. Even Cashrewards won't say what will happen, they just say you may not be eligible for cashback if you use an unlisted coupon.

  • That's a good price!

  • This or the Sennheiser M3?
    I travel to Uni by bus and gym quite a bit, I'd like some kind sirs to show me the way.

    • Ordered the M3s yesterday but I will get them too late to give you the heads up. 50% off is a very good buy, in fact, it's an Ozbargain!

  • Bought surface headphones 2 last month… Not really impressed with NC…. Trying to sell them, should I buy this before I get rid of them? Price is tempting tho