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Trimly Cedar Boot Trees $44.25 (Was $59.00) + $10 Delivery @ Trimly


Hi folks, I'm James from Trimly. Our popular Cedar Boot Trees are currently on sale for 25% off via our online store Trimly.com.au.

What are boot trees?

I thought we should start here. It's a question I'm asked by everyone when I tell them what I sell. A boot tree is a form of shoe tree but for boots. A shoe tree is shaped in the approximate shape of the foot to allow leather shoes to reform back to their natural shape after you've worn them. They also prevent the onset of creases, and because we use Cedar, they also wick away damaging moisture caused by sweat (which rots the lining within the shoe). A great tool if you value your leather footwear, especially if you want them to last and look new for longer.

  • 100% European Red Cedarwood.
  • Spring-Pressure System, which pushes the fore part of the boot trees into the boot.
  • Fully adjustable width
  • High back collar to give support to the heel counter in boots.
  • We back all of our shoe and boot trees with a life-time warranty.

Our boot trees are available in European sizes 35 to 48. We provide a size chart on page that allows you to easily convert to UK or US. We recommend selecting your standard UK (D Brannock or G fit RM Williams) size. For wide (E Brannock or H fit RM Williams) feet, we recommend selecting a half size up. For narrow (B Brannock or F fit RM Williams) fit, we suggest selecting a half size down.

  • Our boot trees are made from a generic last to fit in most ankle-high boots.
  • They are designed with a low vamp to allow them to be easily inserted and removed in open-laced or closed fitting boots (e.g. Chelsea boots).
  • For women boot wearers, they are not suitable for boots with a heel over 4.5cm.

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    Good deal for Pinocchio…

  • OP, would these work for thigh high leather motorcycle boots?

    • +3 votes

      Hi there, They won't give must support beyond the ankle area, if that's what you're looking for then boot shapers would be the ticket. Also, with motorbike boots, there isn't much they can do for creasing, giving the position of your boots and the flex point pressure required to change gears or accelerate etc. For shape and moisture, they would work well.

    • +1 vote

      thigh high leather motorcycle boots?

      Is this you?

  • Much cheaper on aliexpress

    • +8 votes

      To be fair, everything is cheaper on aliexpress. You can find cheap shoes there as well. My point is, you get what you pay for and I would not offer a lifetime guarantee if I wasn't using the best materials and maker I can find.

      • +5 votes

        My point is, you get what you pay for

        Not always. Sometimes the send the wrong item.

    • any recommendations?

  • Anyone from OzB use and can vouch for these?

    • I use these in all my boots - definitely a quality product. Keeps your boots/shoes smelling great also.

      Trimly - any deals on the shoe trees also? :)

    • Echo millso’s comments. I have 7 pairs of Trimly shoe trees. 4 Chelsea boot trees and 3 standard American cedar trees. Great quality product and good to support a local business.

    • Can also vouch for this company. I bought some for my RM williams last year and they have helped them keep their form and reduce smell.

      Also used them to help bring back a pair of boots that started to curl up at the toe.

      Trimly would you recommend the boot or shoe tree for a set of sneakers? looking to get some more


        Hey there, thanks for vouching for us! I suggest hanging out for the new model boot tree (May). Sneakers tend to have more padding so the lower shaft on the boot trees is not optimal.

    • Yep, another happy customer here as well. I have two pairs of the boot trees for my RM Williams and two pairs of the shoe trees for my sneakers.

      Good quality construction and the cedar smells great.

    • I wrote down some pros and cons of the Trimly boot trees here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMjCFuGr8hN/

      Also compared it with the ones sold at RM Williams and a generic shoe tree too.

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    Hi Millso, thanks for vouching for us and for shopping with us! If you email Jeddan via [email protected] email I'll have him respond with a code for you.

    Edit: Could you quote your user name in the email.

  • Not a fan of these, quite annoying to take in and out of my RMs ironically. I always feel like I’m going to rip the boots or maybe I’m doing it wrong?

    They’re good for lace up boots. I’ve switched back to regular shoe trees for Chelseas.

    • maybe I’m doing it wrong

      There is a bit of a trick to it, due to the shape of the boot. You have to put the boot tree in sideways to get past the ankle of the boot, and then you twist the boot tree inwards and push downwards. Taking it out is simply the reverse i.e. pull upwards using the hole in the ankle of the boot tree for leverage, then twist the boot tree outwards.

  • @Trimlyau, any info on availability for 45-46 size?

  • What's the difference between a shoe and a boot? I thought they were the same thing.

    • The height of the shaft. A boot will cover the ankle and go higher up.

      A shoe usually ends at the ankle.

      So boot trees will have a bigger/larger heel block to fill out the heel/ankle area.

  • Does the 4.5cm heel height rule out the women’s RM Williams Adelaide Cuban?

  • Is there anything wrong with using these boot trees for shoes?
    Also, is there a difference between Chelsea Boot Trees and the Premium Boot Trees included in your bundles?


    Hi Poseidon, you can use the boot trees with shoes no issue. Sneakers are a bit more tricky due to the high volume of padding used. Sizing can be tricky and it would be better to use one with a higher vamp, which we will have in May.

    No difference in style. We are transitioning the name is all.

  • Keen for a deal on the application brushes.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for the feedback. We're running a bit low on them at the moment. We get restocked in May, so I'll see what I can do.

  • Great deal James. Looking forward to the new style boot tree that you guys are releasing. I follow you closely on all the shoe groups on Fb =D

    P.S. Loving the special you guys have been putting out on the Brooke Service boots but when are the Turons going to go on special? Been holding out for months now! All the best with TGC!


      Hey idonteven, thanks so much for your kind words.

      Ship is about to dock and we're looking forward to receiving the new boot trees.

      Sorry for this longwinded explanation about The Thomas George Collection. The Turon has been by far our most popular boot. Unfortunately, the Brooke has been a bit under its shadow, hence the sale to get them moving and onto people's feet. Our initial plan was not to run sales at all, as we run on pretty slim margins. We've been able to keep costs down by "borrowing" many of Trimly's resources, including warehousing, fulfilment, even customer service - literally every cent earnt has been pumped back into TGC. So for us to grow and broaden our collection, we just don't have the room to offer much in the way of sales at this time.

  • I've got a couple fo RM Williams in size 8 (RM size) would that be 41 to 42 in the Trimly Chelsea boot?

  • Hi Trimly AU

    I have some RM 8.5Fs and i noticed you were sold out of the 41-42; would the trimly 43-44 be suitable or too wide for them?