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Free Burrito for New App Users (50,000 Available) @ Mad Mex


Just saw this on Facebook. Available to new Mad Mex app users.

How to redeem.

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Mad Mex

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    When does voucher expiry ?

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    The opening hours and locations listed on their website are pretty confusing. Some locations have "Monday-Sunday: Closed" or simply "-" as their opening hours. Does it mean the store doesn't exist, or is temporarily closed, or has random opening hours, or what? :S

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        This was more of a criticism of the fact heaps of customers would have to call when the company could just update the website…

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    Thanks OP, but what a horrible app.

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      Still better than the Maccas app 😄

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        That app works flawlessly for me!… but not on days that end with the letter "y" :(

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          For a good few months, I've had to clear the app data just to get past the splash screen. It's crazy because they probably spend the most on software development 😂

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    Any Good compared to Guzman Y Gomez ?

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      GyG food is better however I prefer the Mad Mex sauces

      • Which sauce good with mex
        Verde is good with zambrareos

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      Mad Mex has more of an authentic Mexican flavour going on compared to GYG which is much more westernised. I personally prefer Mad Mex over GYG but both are great.

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      I think Zambrero burritos are better than them both.

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        Zambrero is like white folk mexican food

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          All of them are 'white folk Mexican food'…Zambrero is the least bland, however.

      • It's the best - fresher.. double beans & double rice for the vego one :)

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      Mad Mex is better imo, portions are better too( changes based on the shop or course )

    • The burritos are pretty comparable, I think I prefer GYG just a little bit more but it's not really a huge leap between the two.

    • In case anyone's wondering about vego stuff - I generally prefer Guzman although the fake chicken they use at Mad Mex is pretty good

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    App cant connect to servers
    bargainers pls

  • Put bday in april for free bday meal

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      Don't they check you Id?

      • +2

        Some places do depends on staff.

  • thanks, downloaded app and registered for my free burrito. hint, you can leave the date of birth blank, if you dont want to share it

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      Although no free burrito on your birthday

    • if you don't want a free burrito then do that

  • WTF? I sign up and it gets me to confirm my number which I do and then it says "automatic login failed, you'll have to login". I go to log in, it says password incorrect. Okay, I reset password and it gives me a temporary password to which I log in. As soon as I go to the order or home page it's logged me out due to inactivity. I try to log in only to be told my password is wrong again???

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      Well they want you to work for your Burrito.

      • -3

        I value my time and sanity higher than going around in circles. My email address is "registered" but there's no email saying I am…

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          Username does not match

          • -1

            @jsb: Lol with the time I spend trying to navigate this horrendous app I could do enough surveys to buy a burrito

  • Cool, looks like I get a free one for my bday too

    • +1

      What a coincidence, my birthday happens to be tomorrow!

      edit: do they check ID or does it just go on whatever you put in the app? :)

      • Let me know, but mine is in April as well ha

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    Wonder if the 50,000 limit is redeemed burritos or vouchers issued out. Wouldnt mind saving mine for later in the week

  • +1

    Horrible app

  • says voucher expires 30th June. Would assume plenty of time to use it?

  • What an awesome new app; constantly crashing upon opening lol

    • Might need to turn on location

      • Location was on.

  • Went to claim it and said my voucher is not there even though it is in the app

  • Thanks, signed up!

  • Won't send me an sms for my account registration…

  • Thanks daddy dealbot

  • Got one just gotta motivate myself to drive to the other side of town for some free dinner

  • Thanks OP and signed up (5min) and the voucher showing up within the app next 5 min. Smooth registration process. Overall the app looks fine, haven't used the app to order. But doesn't look horrible imo. (iOS 14.4.2 with iPhone XS Max)

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    The app is so crap that even has trouble in signing up!

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    'it appears your device is not connected to the internet' after downloading the app, restarting it and every other app working fine :/

    • +1

      Yes same issue every time

      • Worked this morning now when I opened it.

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    Frozen, crashes

  • Damn they've closed their stores in Adelaide…

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    Is there a way to redeem this via app order? Seems the only option is to redeem it in store?

    • On the promo page it says order in app for online ordering so I assume you can

    • When you click on the voucher it asks you to show it in store to redeem. Couldn't find a way to use it with an online order.

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    All downloaded and voucher in the app. Love me some Mad Mex after going vego so cheers!

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      Do you usually get the plant based chicken or the veggie rancheros? I have wanted to try the rancheros option every time but I worry that it might not be as good and Mad Mex is too far away from me to take risks like that whenever I finally cross paths with one.

      • +1

        Most of the times I get the veges (because it's cheaper than the vegan chicken) and it's almost always great

        • Good to know! I always think about the fact that it would be a much cheaper option. I will definitely give it a try next time I am fortunate enough to be at a Mad Mex.

        • +1

          I love that vegan chicken tho 🤤

    • Nice, Mexican is a no brainer for vegetarian

  • Just signed up and no vouchers in the app. The experience is really bad, it errored out when I tried to sign up, then said it I was already registered. Password didn't work so did a reset. All for a free burrito that isn't even there 🙄

    • +1

      And some company has their name on it SHIFT8… whatever that is

  • Thanks op.

  • How's everyone signing up. When I register for new account. It says there's an account already with my number

    • You probably made an account in the past then. I signed up for a few new accounts as I had spare numbers.

    • Yeah same issue there was a deal 2 years ago I believe.

  • only Claremont and Baldivis stores for WA?

    • instore only.

    • +1

      According to the website - Hay Street, Brookfield Place, Subiaco, Claremont, DFO Perth, Midland Gate & Joondalup

  • +2

    App keeps crashing……

    might buy a new phone just for a burrito

  • To download this app, your iOS must 13.0 or later.

  • FYI: Instore only.

  • +1

    hope the deal doesn't get abused by $2 free sims

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    Not valid at airports !!

    • +2

      Username checks out

      • +1

        :( got slapped with 1.1% surcharge as well

    • +1

      Really.? Thanks for experiencing that awkward moment for me.

    • +1

      yeah typical

  • Why when i click on the voucher, it says redeeming your rewards and then nothing happens. There is no bar code. Does it come when we go to a store? Check screenshot below


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      Go to home page (bottom-left) and then click the barcode symbol (top-right).

      • +1

        Ok thanks for that. It says 2 rewards but when i click it shows the reward which has 1 free after 10. Not sure if it will give me the option to choose the free burrito reward.

        • +1

          For me it said 1 reward and that was the free burrito one. I just signed up to my account and it says that I need 5 more (out of 10) to get another free burrito.

  • App won't install for me. Ozbargained?

  • Anyone redeemed one in store yet?

    • +3

      Yep, just ask for regular burrito and get standard fillings and scan the barcode at the register, completely free. Some fillings cost extra so just go for the standard stuff

  • thanks

  • You get a free birthday burrito in app as well

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