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Free Spotify Premium + 2% Cashback with $500 Stake via Crypto.com Prepaid Visa Card (Ruby Steel)


Its been a while since someone reposted this deal

There are 5 tiers of the credit card but found best value as follows

  • with Ruby $500 AUD stake, you get 2% CB on purchaces and free spotify up to $12.99 US per month so your already getting $156 USD value if your a spotify subscriber

with Obsidian (No stake required), you get free airport lounge access for you and a guest which will be useful since travel will soon be allowed plus 2% Cashback on purchaces

Referral Links

Referral: random (397)

Both referrer and referee receive $50 USD on sign up (NOTE: must stake at least 50 MCO for 6 months).

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  • Any comments on how trading with this is vs swyftx or coinspot?

  • How much did you lose with the Bitcoin crash EC?

    • About 5% of holdings, however its picking up now

      • That's not a bad loss at all. It'll be back to normal in no time.

        which will be useful since travel will soon be allowed

        Can already travel. I was in the Qantas lounges last week 😉

        • Did you use crypto.com lounge access

          Not complaining about losses since my initial investment was 20% of my holdings

          • @easternculture: Nah travel perks. Looking at the crypto lounge pass it seems a lot of them aren't really lounges? Take Melbourne for example, they're all food places the general public can access, but it seems you get a discount? The actual lounge there is closed.

  • Obsedian most certainly requires a stake (a very expensive one I might add). It’s only after you are past the initial 6 month staking period that you can then unstake and still retain “some” benefits.

  • with Obsidian (No stake required)

    I feel this might confuse a lot of new people. Those obsidian card benefits are only if you stake a whooping 400k worth of cro for 6 months (god knows how much it'll be worth after) and unstake it.

    Perhaps you should mention the midnight blue card instead since that requires nothing upfront.

  • I can't seem to get the referral working? it asks for a referral code which isn't pre-filled.

    EC any idea if you can stake $500 on the obsidian and still get the free spotify?

  • Things to note:
    * The base currency for the debit card is SGD, which means you cop a international transaction fee and currency conversion fee when you top up
    * The referral on OzBargain says you get $50 each and you need to stake 50 MCO – this is outdated information. I believe the referral program has been reduced to $25 each, and the CRO (not MCO) requirements are pegged at $400

    That said, I've been using Crypto.com's debit card and interest earning services for a couple years now and have had a very positive experience. You can get around the international transaction fee by topping up with ING, and the currency conversion averages around 0.5%.

    • My partner got one in AUD though, weird.

      • Oh can you share more information? I heard about the AUD based cards coming after they partnered with Visa, but when I spoke to customer service they couldn't confirm. So you can top up directly via AUD?

        • Topped up today with AUD via payid

          • @easternculture: See my other reply about topping up the Visa card, if you transfer AUD into app, then convert to crypto, then top up the card you will lose all the cashback benefit to fees and spread from conversion.
            Local AU cards will avoid this

        • You can PayID your AUD into crypto.com app to buy crypto but this is not the same as topping up the Visa card. That still has to go via the base SGD. Most people banks such as UP to do this with best rates

      • Not possible, although in the card section there is AUD. But top up always goes to the base currency first (SGD) and the it’s up to you to convert to AUD or other currencies at perfect interbank rates (or let it automatically convert at transaction time. Perfect interbank rate limits apply and depends on card tier.

    • As far as im aware they are officially launching a australian service after securing a AFL if they havent already

      • I've read about this too but their customer service don't seem to know anything about it. As you can imagine I was very keen to get rid of the fees

        • CDC do not normally announce ahead of time product launches from past experience. They said AU cards sometime this year, it has not launched yet, and we do not know exactly when except “sometime this year”.

      • Pretty sure they have secured the AFL already. Kris says AU cards coming 'soon'

    • To add to this. Best banks to top up the card due to forex involved is Up bank or Macquarie, as most of the time mastercard gives a more favourable forex rate (and both Up and MQ do not have forex fees).

      The top up limit per year is $20k SGD, after which you will need to top up using crypto (LTC, BTC, XRP, ETH), which can be a tax nightmare.

      We should be getting Aussie cards sometime this year which should rectify the top up limit and the forex problems.

    • hi, can you elaborate "interest earning services", would love to know more.
      So, other than 2% cashback, there is free spotify, also this "interest earning" thing ?

      Thanks mate :)

      • JADE green which requires $5000 stake, you get free spotify and netflix, airport lounge and 10% stake rewards so from what i understand you would get $500 CRO token per year based on a 10% interest rate

      • On the crypto.com app, you can lock various cryptos (LTC, BTC, etc) for 1-3 months and receive up to 12% interest.

        Locking up stablecoins (digital coins pegged to fiat currencies like USD or AUD) will get you 12% interest. Most of the other coins and tokens seem to sit between 2-6%

        • can you kindly advise which one is better ? Binance or crypto.com (assuming we dont take into account the 2% cashback and free spotify)?

          I am currently using Binance, and some of the staking can earn around 30+% interest.

          weeks ago, i locked staking on my BNB and earn around 16%, ADA around 15%

        • Hi, just reading this post and have no idea what any of you are talking about (staking, locking crypto, fiat currency etc). Can anyone point me to a good website to understand it all? Im in my 40s and none of this stuff makes sense to me. The whole thing seems to me like a trillion dollar pyramid piss take scheme for money launderers… but I guess if people arent cashing out, it will keep going up. Since I have no idea how to make a crypto, id like to know how to convert government money into funny money? Apparently there is a dog one created purely as a joke… I'm in…just need to know how without losing my house.

          • @tunzafun001: I guess if you are feeling there is a huge uncertainty of a product(in this case, crypto), just don't invest
            Only invest in something you believe in, otherwise, you will regret it.
            Unless you have some spare money just want to play around :p

            • @ty99234: When it comes to financial markets, I've learnt that no one knows anything. Especially in a modern connected world where 'being part of the action' is more important than the action itself. Currently Psyche trumps fundamentals.

              I put $12k into shares at $22 per share that I researched the legs out of and were rated as a universal 'strong buy' by the like of BT / Fat prophets at $48 per share. In 2008 they collapsed to $0 and I lost the lot.
              In 2015 (after too many beers) I put $2k into a stock tip from a stranger at a bar. That has increased 15 fold over and still growing.

              So with that logic, a fool and his money are soon multiplied.

              So I'm in… Just want to know how a Ozbargainer would buy crypto (ie. the cheapest/ best value way)…and then learn whatever staking my Fiat is (hopefully more of a rose gold Spider than a icy white Punto).

              • @tunzafun001: Buy though btcmarkets. Buy ETH.

                Good luck! I’m ‘all in’

              • @tunzafun001: Hey mate, try Coinspot. It is by far the simplest exchange I've used personally to get money in and out and to buy and swap crypto on the spot. It's not the cheapest rates but if you're making a good profit it's not really gonna matter… I'm happy for them to chop an extra 2-3% if it means I can play with my assets easily.

                Then from there if you want you can transfer the crypto you bought out to other exchanges or "wallet addresses" ie if you make an account on crypto.com (CDC) or others. Or you can drop your money straight into crypto.com as I understand from these posts (I've yet to use this exchange myself- I'm here for the reviews). Difference with Coinspot and CDC is you can't stake on Coinspot.

                Its easier than ever now to get into crypto. Just don't go trusting every exchange out there. Two parts to why I say that: 1. the KYC on exchanges is pretty intrusive (easy way to get your identity stolen), 2. lots of exchanges in the past have shutdown and disappeared with millions in assets overnight.

                Some terms:
                Staking - just like a term deposit. Locks the coin for x months and you can't sell it or move it.
                Fiat - refers to government dollars ie AUD, USD etc
                KYC - "know your customer" government regulated identification and compliance checks, all exchanges operating in AU with banking facilities to get your fiat in must comply. As popularity for KYC picked up in countries internationally, they all pretty much force a KYC check and you have to hand over your personal information to be able go play. No way around it.

      • If you stake for icy / rose gold tier, you also get 2% extra earn interest (paid in Cro) on variety of cryptos including stable coins, which bumps up the interest to 14% or thereabouts max which is a sweet deal.

        Icy / Rose gold tier does not come cheap however, so may only be worth it if you are looking to invest a larger amount into stable coins or other cryptos.

  • So what happens after staking for 180 days? Can you unstake and get your money back but still continue to get the benefits as long as your account is active?

  • So staking is like getting share dividends for simply holding shares with a share registry?

    But your shares may be lost to software bugs/ hackers? (How do you stake securely)?

    And staking is the new mining, favouring security over wasting energy and money with computational BS?

    • In this specific case, they are simply using the word 'stake' as 'lock up'. So staking for the card just means you are locking up your money with a large company. Like a term deposit

      • OK, and they then make money by trading your crypto and making some more blockchains?

        As for this card. If I buy say $2k of any random crypto, then transfer it to these guys I will get 2% cash back on all my usual shopping / bill payments with normal money AUD etc?

  • I've had my crypto.com card for over a year now, the discounts on woolies cards were awesome during the covid rebate promo thing (10% discount + 5% discount stacked). Spotify rebates are paid out as CRO which I convert every so often to BTC, and you can use BTC to top up the card if you want. Their exchange isn't the best nor the worst, but their app and card offering is superior to any other company I've seen in the crypto space. FYI I think they don't do rebates on insurance payments so don't switch it over, I do however use it for other payments like internet, mobile, etc.

    • Im still confused about this crypto.com, how to get free spotify and cash vacjs.

      You deposit your aud which you have to pay conversion fee to buy Cro so that you can use it to pay for other goods and services and also pay for spotify subscription then they return the spotify sub fee in Cro so it becomes free?

      you also use it also to pay other goods and services in cro or eth or btc.

      Was it like you exchnage your AUD to USD to top up your international credit card to pay while you are overseas?

      During those conversion, you may loose money due to pair since the crypto price can move up and down.

  • From how i understand in the post, i just deposit $500 to get the ruby card and do nothing and they give me free spotify subs monthly?

    Or i need to use that $500 i deposited to pay for spotify subs then they refund it in the form of Cro?

    If i have to top up snd convert this to fiffrrrnt crypto like eth btc etc… There might be some CGT involve when switching to fiat snd crypto ? How to manage on tax filing?

    • You deposit ~$488 ($500 SGD), you then trade that for CRO and stake the CRO to qualify for the Ruby Card. This stake is locked for 6 months, you cannot withdraw from it. When you get your card you have to make sure it's topped up enough for Spotify. Spotify will charge your card in SGD and then you will get a full cashback/rebate in the form of CRO at the current market value. What you do with the CRO cashback will determine if it's a CGT event. (ie. selling it will mean CGT).

      Do note a workaround is required to add the card to your Spotify account since it is a Singapore issued card. (Until they bring out Aussie issued cards)

      • THe best time to open an accont is when CRO is down?

        If I open when CRO is up and then suddenly DRO came down crashing - i loose moeny?

        While also paying for Spotify subscription, i get rebate back in CRO so all is relying in CRO price if it goes up or down?

        Investment factors:
        - AUD to SGD conversion rate and fees
        - Price of CRO when you stake and price of CRO every month/rebate in spotify
        - i also need to "continously" top up my account monthly in AUD -> SGD to cover for the monthly spotify subscription which will eventually be converted to CRO as rebate. In effect, i keep adding more money in crypto account to cover for the spotify monthly fee which will in turn keep on adding to the number of CRO as a rabate.

        I was thinking like i just put in my $500 bucks and stake it then I get monthly spotify sub for free as long as I leave my $500 bucks staking

        i dont want to keep on accumulating CRO - so maybe this isn't for me.

        • Nobody knows when is the best time, plus a lot can happen in 6 months so it doesn't matter if it goes up or down right after you buy it. You don't have to keep the CRO cashback you get, you can sell it right away to top back up your card (via BTC).

          • @wangasm: Once i get the CRO rebate. USe CRO to buy BTC to use for next month spotify monthly sub fee? Assuming the CRO/BTC and BTC to USD to pay for the monthly spotify sub fee but if the exhcnages goes down then obviouslyi have to top up my crypto acount to cover for the spotify monthly bill.

            • IF i convert my CRO to BTC , it will be subject for CGT? and i haveto record the rtansaction so i can file for tax? - this is going to be a lot of work tracking records.? or there is a best way to do it ?
            • @atlinus: You would sell your CRO to BTC then you can use the BTC to directly top up the card. There will be some spread after the conversion so it won't end up being 100% of the value (~0.5-1% loss)

              And yes it will be subject to CGT. But this is easy to calculate since the app lets you export all of your transactions. You can then input that into a free crypto tax service such as https://koinly.io

  • Can someone who has a Crypto.com Visa Debit confirm what I've read is correct.

    To get AUD into the Crypto.com Visa Debit, I would need to transfer money (preferably a o/s transaction fee free card) to Crypto.com Visa Debit. This is automatically converted to CRO. I will then need to convert the CRO to AUD?

  • It's also worth noting that you currently cannot link the card to an Aussie Paypal account until they bring out Aussie issued cards, which is "soon".

  • I thought you couldn’t get cards in AU yet I tried to do this a few months back. Seems like people have..?

    • You always can get cards in AU and NZ. They are apac cards issued from Singapore. We will be getting AU issued cards sometime this year.

  • After reading all the comments I cant figure out if this deal actually exists or not?

    Can anyone confirm?

  • Do you have to buy new CRO, or you can stake existing CRO from your wallet?

    • You can stake existing as long as its $500+

      Bought some CRO yesterday at its lowest ever with the market crash and already 20% profit lol

      • Lowest in a month maybe, not ever. It doesn't show my CRO in the wallet as an option

        • Thats what i meant lol … lowest its been for a while since the crypto markets picked up in jan/feb

          What options does it give you

          Edit: Just had a look and it allows you to use your cro wallet. Will detect automatically the value of cro and you have to confirm to stake the cro

  • I've looked at NFT and just started mining ETH and am confused about this stuff.

    So crypto.com is a crypto exchange, and wallet
    It has an imaginary token CRO which you accrue. I couldn't find out where CRO comes from, is it mined, is there a limit, is it like online game money they can infinitely create?

    So they have a card that lets you use visa and pay from your crypto in your wallet(?)
    But for some reason you still have to deposit AUD into it, which converts to SGD. Why do you need cash if you have crypto to spend?

    They want you to stake coins for rewards. Why? Is it just swapping volatile huge gains with stable long smaller gains? Are they just betting it'll go up more? I don't get it. What do they get from it?

    I have a metamask wallet from loking at nft.
    Do I want any of this stuff? Maybe the visa to spend mined ETH? I don't get the rest.

  • Was anyone able to pay for Spotify using their Crypto card? Spotify does not seem to let me for some reason.