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Liquorland: 30% Shopback Cashback (Cap $30) + $10 off $100 Spend


Another grog deal to destroy your kidneys.

30% Shopback Cashback (Cap $30)

$10 off $100 spend @ Liquorland - promo code TENOFF.

  • Liquorland online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.

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  • +16

    Too. Much. Booze. Cashback

    Drowning in grog. To be fair the piss poor range at LL makes it easy to miss. But I will have a quick look. Just a quick one

    • +1

      Wait up, me too.. just a quick look see.

    • I organised a group of eight friends to share with. I get the thrill of chasing eight bargains (cartons) but I only need to drink one of them and it ends up being a mixed carton with eight different beers to try!

  • +2

    I wish my kidneys would grow into adultneys already, they are struggling to process the amount of beer and vodka they need to.

    • +1

      As far as it doesn't become a deadneys … It should be fine .. ;) ..

  • +2

    Last bottle to "clean" my kidneys

  • +14

    Got 100% cashback the last time due to the fact that the staff didn't register my pick up, even after I asked if I needed to sign anything to acknowledge the pick up. 4 days later, they refunded me for "not picking up".

    • +1

      Same here. I hadn't picked up till a week later. I did sign but noticed the refund to my visa. Haha

    • On the LL website under my orders does your order show as cancelled?

      • Never created an account, so not too sure on that

    • I just received a message stating that my order is ready for pickup even though I picked it up yesterday🤔

      • +1

        haha, hopefully you'll get a refund as well

  • +4

    kidney or liver?

    • Liver.
      Drinking (especially beer, where you can take on a really good volume of water content before falling over) is good for your kidneys.
      It's just bad for your liver

  • +7
  • bonus 2000 deal ends last night

  • Thanks OP, got Aussie Shiraz Bundle $110 less $10 off code then $30 shopback = $70, not bad

    • I am still loaded with beers from 2 previous shopbacks.

      Your post made me get the same Oz Shiraz bundle :-)

      With the weather cooling down as we head into winter, I think some reds will be the ticket to the cold evenings when I am settling down…

  • Doesn't seem to accept my Amex, anyone else haven't issues with payment?

    • Took two attempts to recognize my Amex

      • 2x for me 2

    • +1

      Must have tried like 5 times using my Amex and always comes back "payment attempt was unsuccessful".

  • wow just too many of these lately…. crazy!

  • +1

    Sauce Extra Hop IPA slab of 24 is $65 after cashback if you can stack with Amex, and free delivery in Sydney

  • +7

    Check your flybuys offers too. Just got an email, spend 40 get $10 or 2000 points at liquorland

    • no offer for me

    • No offer for me damm

    • Mine just appeared. D’oh!

      • Damn!

      • Coles 1,000pts came up just now, not Liquorland tho 😬

    • +1

      Came here to post this. Great stacking!

  • Does this work if you used the last one from a week ago? Mine doesn't seem to have tracked.

  • +1

    Initiating Payment Gateway…
    Please wait…

    There was an error initiating the payment gateway.

    Website running out of juice?

    • +1

      Now it says…

      Verifying your card details
      Please wait…

      There was an error verifying your card details.

      Enter Card details again
      (You will not be re-charged)

      • after 10 minutes… it's worked

      • same, now used paypal…….got Furphy and JW Double black

  • +4

    $110 is the sweet spot

    $30 shopback
    $10 off
    $10 worth of Flybuys pts
    $10 Amex CB

    Total $50 outlay

    • theres a bundle of nz sav blanc for $110

    • Free delivery

  • Verifying your card details
    Please wait…

  • I had trouble when paying through PayPal but received an order confirmation email and shortly after a sms letting me know I could pickup.

  • Don't need anything but to use it with Amex deal is tempting but what to buy…

    • Drowning in rum now lol

  • Anyone been tracked yet?

    • No. 4.5 hours now. Shopback do have a history of slow tracking.

      • Only 1.5hrs ago but no tracking yet.

      • Finally tracked. About 8 hrs.

    • Mine from this morning has tracked

    • Just tracked now also

  • Is there a minimum spending?

  • +1

    Glen Scotia 15 and Balvenie 12 are both cracking deals stacking these offers

  • Why do I keep missing the booze deals ugh

  • I bought exactly 12 AM 22nd April. Do you guys think I will get 30% cashback? I got $10 coupon discounted though. Clicked on shopback link at 11:50 pm 21st. Any thoughts? Otherwise I will cancel my order.

    • Cancelled my order..didn't get 30% because of date changed.

  • Got shopback tracking confirmation 6-8 hours after my purchase.

    Worked out to be $114 - $10 (TENOFF) - $10 (AMEX) -$30 (Shopback) = $64 for 1l Jim Beam, Jack and some wine, delivered.
    Not bad cheaper than duty free :)

    • I spent $112 and after discounts it's $62 for a almost $100 worth of rum + port + bottle of wine

      Very happy indeed! Though my liver struggling to keep up I'm essentially hoarding alcohol LOL

  • never tracked for me (just like the last ll offer).

  • got my tracking confirmation of $27 today at 1.35 am

  • I still haven't received my cashback notification from shopback so just filled out the missing cashback form. The invoice I finally received from liquirland is dated the 24th so I hope that doesn't stuff anything up.

  • Rejected.

    • Mine has been sitting as pending since the 21st not looking good. If it gets rejected after I did everything correctly bye bye shopback.

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