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[LatitudePay] Ubiquiti UDM UniFi Dream Machine $389.12, UDM Pro $477.12 Delivered @ Wireless1 (Membership Required)

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  • How does the Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien Wi-Fi 6 compare to this or the asus deals on atm?

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      Unifi and Amplifi are two different platforms by Ubiquiti. Choose only one platform. With Unifi you can go to town on setting up a dynamic DNS, IoT VLAN, DPI and so on. About the most you can change on Amplifi is IPv6, set a Static IP and port forwarding.

      The UDM has Wi-Fi 5 and the Alien has Wi-Fi 6 built-in.

      The UDM Pro requires you to purchase a Unifi AP to give you Wi-Fi and Unifi APs come in Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 variants.

      Asus are more closer to Unifi than Amplifi in terms of playing around with the settings.

  • so sick of this membership crap. i wont buy from these places when they do this. this is not big/diverse enough for individuals to justify having a membership.

  • Been using the UDM Pro, but I'm getting really tired of having to change my credentials because they fail at security. That and the abhorrent changes to the UI, buying the real settings in a convoluted way (you can use classic settings but I question for how long). I'm considering selling mine and moving to a pfsense build. I'd consider using a local login after the last breach if you care about security at all. That being said, great price ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • That's what 2fa is for.

      • I think the MFA keys were breached too, so MFA made no difference, just meant you had to reset 2 things, not one.

        • From what I've read, they got SSO but no mention of any issues with MFA. So as long as you have that set up, you should be ok.

    • I'd personally recommend caution. I am,a 30 year IT veteran. I run the ubiquity gear at work. No real issues. I got a UDM for home. Functionally I liked it. In practice garbage. Incessant 5ghz wifi issues with devices unable to connect. And even more idiotic, LAN ports would just stop working after a few days needing a reboot. And of course you can't schedule a reboot.

      But it got critical a month ago when I upgraded to a new firmware - one that broke stuff.Anyhow, rolling back firmware left it with the device busted. Working still but the network app wasn't loading and I couldn't log in and change anything. I tried loading the network app again via ssh. No dice.

      I just bought a different router.

      This device is a nightmare

      • Firmware is a MAJOR issue for Ubiquiti gear at the moment. I’ve pulled my USG and put in Opnsense, changing the firmware on my APs to OpenWRT (until I can replace). Not sure what I’m going to do on the switch front yet.

        Their schizophrenic product line, awful, awful firmware issues, ads in the management UI, constant CK UI changes and now security issues have lost me as a customer.

      • Is it even worth buying at this point? I'm starting to regret the order I placed yesterday..

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          Not really worth it because they phone home and other solutions are nicer imo. Plus once you buy one ubiquiti product you have to use a of them otherwise you get issues from forum poats ive read. I personally went the pfsense route with a dell optiplex 7050 micro and it works nicely for my needs

          • @HKS: Which other solutions do you think are nicer? I mean, PfSense is a pain in the arse to set up even if you know what you're doing, let alone someone who's a casual user. The Dell optiplex you've suggested is going to run you about $600 refurbished unless you're taking pot shots at eBay and hoping that you don't get something that's completely fried, and still won't run all the things that a dream machine will run. Actually, I just realised that you can't add a second NIC to that thing, so do you have all traffic running in and out of the same port to a switch? That's hardly an ideal situation.

            This all sounds kind of snarky, but I'm genuinely interested in what you think is a currently better solution for home users. I'm about to start building a new network and deciding for myself if I want to stay with Ubiquiti or move elsewhere. TP Link would be getting closest with Omada, but that's not quite there yet. If you have endlessly deep pockets I suppose you could run Meraki, but then you have to contend with the licensing fees until Cisco is finished with your withered corpse.

            • @justchase: I run 6 VMs on an old i5 NUC, but used to run it on a $50 i5 HP SFF (8300 or something? Maybe 8100?), one of which was a pfSense machine. Switched to UBNT as, as you’ve mentioned, it’s a bit of work, but have recently moved back (well OpnSense after the wireguard debacle)

              A base install of pfSense and adding in ntopng should really cover you just fine for router and traffic monitoring, you really don’t have to go in depth if you don’t want to.

              Obviously this doesn’t provide you the single pane of glass view of your network (eg wifi APs etc), so if that’s what you’re chasing it’s either UBNT or maybe some of the newer Engenius stuff (no personal experience with them, but they do have a lot of UBNT knockoff products now)

            • @justchase: honestly most of the time you will be fine with a consumer router, openwrt and a raspberry pi for pihole. i did pfsense to learn more about networking and shit like that and i dont think buying into the apple of networking (ubiquiti) is a great idea.

              $600 for that rig is insane, i paid $120 for mine with an i5 from a government auction. stick with openwrt unless you really want to learn about pfsense and advanced networking shit.

              • @HKS: I'm actually in industry and know more than I'm letting on. It's always better to act as if you know nothing, it helps you catch who has no idea what they're talking about.
                $600 was a refurb price from catch of the day - i7 to be fair but I wasn't going to spend too long looking into it.
                The point is that if your PfSense machine only has one nic, you've got a host of issues before you even begin. I'm fairly comfortable with feeding and watering PfSense, but it's not a nicer solution.
                No, I'm not going to be fine with a consumer router and nor should anyone else. Also, Cisco is the apple of networking. Always have been.

        • it'll be a great piece of kit, don't stress.
          Computers are no different to cars, people have their own very strong opinions.

          Ubiquiti do make great equipment. there's a very large support base via forums if you have any questions/issues.

          The big issue was a security breach they suffered and then got caught firstly hiding it, then caught lying by blaming 3rd parties. It's pretty sh+tty amd they deserve a good kicking over it, as they put stock price before customers. But that's no different to many companies.

          The other issue, like other companies, is they have changed the user interface. Which is pretty annoying ahen settings get moved to different menus. but it's not quite on the scale of Microsoft Office 2003 -> Office 2007 (i still can't find things with that bloody ribbon). Or windows XP -> Windows 7. But a quick google will get you on your way.

          I've been running the Unifi stuff for 3 years and it just works. They're update frequently, which can causes issues, but if you wait month (providing its not a critical security update), they've been fairly robust.

          TLDR: Don't regret your purchase because of a few comments. have a play, it's a good system to learn networking with at home.

          good luck!

          • @M00Cow: Thanks! Appreciate your response, I ended up telling myself the same thing tooday that it's gonna be fine etc bcz they've already shipped out the order😅. But your response gave me a little peace of mind..