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10% of Sale Price Back as a Voucher (up to $50 Per Voucher, $2500 Account Cap) @ eBay (Seller) Earnings Rewards


Simply list and sell any item during the Promotion Period for $1 or more to receive a Voucher worth 10% of the final sale. Keep selling until you've earned a total of $2500 in vouchers!

*Max $50 per voucher. Maximum $2500 worth of vouchers per user. By clicking Accept Offer you agree to the terms and conditions and to receive further communications about the promotion. T&Cs apply.

How to get your voucher:

  1. Activate the Promotion by signing up through this link;

  2. List and sell items in auction-style or fixed price format on eBay.com.au for $1 or more (excluding shipping costs) during the Promotion Period.

  3. For every item listed and sold during the Promotion Period (except for items listed in the Excluded Categories), you will receive a voucher up to 10% of the sold item price (excluding shipping costs). A maximum of $50 applies per voucher and a maximum total amount of $2500 worth of vouchers can be availed under this promotion. For example, if you sell an item for $800 excluding shipping costs, you will receive a voucher worth $50. Once the item is sold, we’ll send you the voucher within 7 days by email and you can also check ‘My eBay’. Items must be paid for or marked as paid. An item is considered sold when you have received the full sales price. Regular fees for sellers without an eBay store apply, other than the additional allowance for free insertion fees.

As per the last post this stacks with free listing promos.

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  • Tried redeeming this. Saw it in both My Ebay and on the homepage, though it said the promo has expired.

  • Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired

  • The promotion is available from 22 April 2021 10:00 AEDT to 01 June 2021 23:59 AEDT ('Promotion Period').

    Just started this morning. It's a targeted offer.

    This promo has been running for several months(with different dates), I've used it on two accounts and paired it with the unlimited free listing promo (FVFs) that was offered during the Paypal>ebay payment transition.

  • What are the new fees for the payment transition ?
    For example I sold an item for $50 fixed listing what would the fees be ?

    • Your $50 item will incur exactly $7 in fees!

      12.55% plus a $0.30 transaction fee.

      Fixed fee – all categories $0.30 per order

      Variable fee – 13.4% of the amount paid by the buyer up to $4,000 (including postage and handling), calculated per item

      2.5% of the amount over $4,000

      • oh boy i would never sell on feebay again due to the insane fees

        • Why wouldn't you just incorporate the fees into your item price, so the BUYER is paying them ?

          If you're selling goods at no-fee prices on a with-fees platform, you're doing it wrong 👍

  • I was targeted for this offer by a blue pop up box addressed to me: "Peter, sell now & get 10%* back to shop
    Score up to $2500 in vouchers. Ltd time only…" but when I clicked through to activate the offer I got this (in red): "Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired."

    • I'd check back later, sounds like a system bug. I've had this issue before with other promos.

      If you don't have a current free listing promo to pair with this offer, you can list on Gumtree and get two free listings (no FVFs) per month on eBay.

    • Activation is working now, promo commences 25th.

  • Had this offer appear on the ebay page as a banner, but when I clicked it I get "Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired."

    I can't seem to find the banner again either.

  • I had the same issue as everyone above ^

  • It's working now.

  • Just repeating what I said in my original post for this promo (now expired), it can be paired with free listing promos, including the 2x item per month eBay Gumtree promo.

    Also worth noting is the 10% vouchers earned from this promo are single-use. Spend less than the voucher amount in a single transaction, you will forfeit the remaining balance. As they are a voucher and not a gift card, they can't be used with other promo codes.

    • Can confirm this works. Just got two vouchers from sales using the ebay gumtree free listings promo, totally $86. Best ebay promotion yet, I'd say. Only downside is when you pay for something using the vouchers received, you can't stack with any other promo codes.

    • So if sell 2 items via gumtree > Ebay = No fee + 10% voucher ?

      • So if sell 2 items via gumtree > Ebay = No fee + 10% voucher ?


        The voucher will appear immediately after the sale, but the reversal of fees may take a week for listings initiated on Gumtree.

        In general, I've found FVF promos (Gumtree and ebay promos) can not be relied upon to automatically reverse the fees. Most of the time I have to contact "chat" support for this to occur where the fees are always quickly refunded.

        Keep a close eye on this link after your item sells: https://www.ebay.com.au/mes/transactionlist


    Got this, shame I just sold all the things I needed to sell….

  • Tried to activate via the link, saw it on my ebay as well, got no success. When my item has been sold, ive got the voucher. Seems weird

    • My 10% promo expired on the 7th of April, however, I'm still receiving 10% back on every sale I've made since that date.

  • Mine says * This offer is effective as of 25/04/2021 12:00:00 AM ???

    Sell now & get 10% back to spend* Start date 25/04/2021 12:00:00 AM End date 05/06/2021 11:59:59 PM
    Activate your offer and Earn up to $2500 of your sales back as an eBay voucher. Learn More - Sell now & get 10% back to spend
    - opens in new window or tab

  • The offer activated for me today after it wouldn't work on the day this deal was posted but after activating it successfully today it doesn't show up in the usual "Promotional Offers" on myebay selling area.

  • So I had this offer expire on April 7 (had got 2 vouchers previously) I tried clicking this but said I couldn't get it, had a sale finish yesterday and $50 voucher is in my account today haha wowee

    Edit: just clicked the promo again and it allowed it on my account, but definitely wasn't there prior! Good times

    • Yeah I think they work after the offer ends if you listed the auction before the offer expired.

      • Nope, deal expired April 7, listed the deal April 24th. eBay have zero clue what they're upto usually, just an example of this same sale it was meant to not have Final Value and Selling Fees as per a promotion actually in my selling area, but they charged the full fees anyway. Got them refunded thankfully