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R.M. Williams Men's Boots, Polish & Conditioner 25% off + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $50 Spend) @ David Jones


David Jones weekend sale 25% off R.M. Williams boots, yes they are expensive but a good deal for Australian made quality products

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Good price - might see if i can sneak some more savings on this

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      Discounted gift cards?

      • +1

        where from?

      • +2

        Why did this guy get negged? Assuming discounted gift card is an option?

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    Great deal, ordered a pair (never see these on sale)

    • +8

      The Comfort Craftsman has a rubber sole, the Dynamic Flex has a combination (rubber and leather) sole. Unclear about the non Craftsman models though

    • +5

      comfort craftsman = rubber sole. classic craftsman = leather sole.

    • +3

      Not true, Dynamic Flex have a rubber sole. Highly recommend this shoe. super comfy.

      • +1 for dynamic flex
        But they're not wrong
        Comfort craftsman does have a rubber sole

    • +2

      Just put topys on your leather soles - sorted.

  • No 11.5, wtf..

  • +9

    One day……. I will buy, but not today. I am broke.

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    For those that are already members of OZPAYTOOMUCH, nugget and conditioner are also 25% off.

  • anyone know if they're offering any other sizes than the H fit for the Comfort Craftsman? i believe the H fit is wide! looking for a regular G fit or narrow F fit.

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      I think they're listed as a separate item. Should be another comfort craftsman boot there with the different width.

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    OK price at ~$440
    Nothing special
    $400 is still the aim

    • +8

      Yeah $440 is achievable every 3-6 months or so, good price if you need a pair.

      $3xx is where you clear your diary and dust off the F5 machine.

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        I was fortunate to find a Comfort Craftsman in my size and colour for $395 at DFO Essendon. I was ready to buy it but the OzBargain in me said ask the lady if she can do any better on the price so I can pull the trigger, to which she said she can take off $50!

        $345 was a good buy. Proud moment.

        • Great find!

        • But those are factory seconds with the hole in the leather right? I definitely would prefer to pay an extra $100 for no hole personally.

          • +1

            @Sex: Yes, I think there was a slight colouring on the ankle area which was going to get covered by pants anyway so I didn't mind.

            • @haji: That makes sense - seems like a pretty decent deal then!

            • @haji: Even then, any leather colour defects are a non issue as they can be covered by pigment matched shoe creams. If its really bad then you can spend $20 on acetone, leather dye and cotton balls, and then a few hours to re-dye the boot.

      • +3

        They were literally this price at the iconic earlier this week too.

        It's pretty much the standard sale price.

    • Scored the "online exclusive" (distressed leather) ones for $395 a couple years ago. Regular wear and still going strong!


    • keep an eye on the deals from allingtons-They do this deal every 6 months or so that brings it down to 396.

  • +5

    Shame DJs don’t have the F fit

    • +9

      No need to swear mate :P

  • No dark tan or rum colour unfortunately.

  • -1

    When in town don't wear brown.

  • Is this online only or available in-store as well?

    • It’s available instore.

  • Another great RM deal tainted by the fact that there’s never any sizes

    • +2

      Just buy the wrong size and change it in store later.

      • I like the way you think lol

      • +2

        Did this for the last sale, bought an 8.5G but needed a 9G. The only store that had them was interstate. Checked at my local store/other Melbourne stores every week for 8 weeks before returning them. They don't seem to get much stock in. Just a warning if anyone decides to do this.

        • +2

          Agree with hero88. There were literally two pairs at DJ’s Chermside yesterday. Apparently they haven’t received any stock.

  • "Do I buy another pair?" That is the question.

  • Perfect - waiting for something that was instore that I could go and try on (again)

    Trying to decide between comfort and Dynamic flex - i think i had settled on Dynamic Flex for the arch support - but will re-try!!

    Have been waiting about 2 years to finally plunge and turn myself into one of those [email protected]

    • +1

      Dynamic flex all the way, the arch support is terrific.

    • comfort is best, but if you have really messed up feet and have expensive orthopaedic insoles, then get dynamic flex.
      I own all 3 (leather sole for formal events, comfort for everything else, and dynamic flex collecting dust). I guess I will get more use out of my dynamic flex when i retire and need orthopaedic insoles.

  • +1

    Scored a pair of these a while back from Iconic who had 25% off with shopback 25% off. nice little bonus and I even got the money from shopback as well so one that tracked

  • +1

    if you missed out, keep an eye out for the Qantas Frequent Flyer Store sales, even with points plus pay it is usually 2k points + <$400 cash outlay. This is particularly effective if you're in the Qantas Points Club and have the tier that gives you 10% everything in the points store (which stacks on sales).

  • Nice deal. Pity no women’s as well. Need a new pair for the wife too.

  • I was gonna jump on the RM’s boat too but I hear anecdotal experiences that their quality has gone down over recent years because of its popularity and mass produce? That for the same price you can get better value? But don’t you buy RM’s for the iconic brand more than its quality?

    • +3

      Very anecdotal. It's still a quality boot made to last years and years.

      There's no other comparable boot available in Australia for the same price and quality. There are cheaper alternatives but they tend to have cheaper leathers, not once piece construction and almost all made overseas now (Harolds, Blundstones, Ariats, etc).

    • +1

      Best boots I’ve ever owned and well and truly last if you treat them with care. Have spent plenty on expensive shoes only to have them break down after a few years. My RMs however keep going strong.

    • +1

      Some leather expert cut them in half on YT and he seemed pretty impressed. His only gripe was a plastic shank that was actually carbon fibre. So no real issues at all. But I do agree you can get much better value but I reckon the cost is justified because you're supporting Aussie jobs and brand/business.

    • They’re high quality in the sense of materials and how they are assembled and the subsequent longevity.

      They’re low quality only in the sense that the manufacturing is a little rough and inconsistent. No two pairs are identical. They’re not “perfect” like German dress shoes.

    • I got annoyed with the RM tax and bought a pair of Ariats. They seem to be just as good. I am 18mo into a pair and they are fine. Paid $280 odd. Wear them 9 days a fortnight.

    • Quality is quite good, you can probably get cheaper/better quality for the price but that'd have to be from overseas makers. If you want to support Australian business this is not a bad choice at all.

      I don't like when they got rid of the made to order model in favour of focusing solely on their ready-to-wear line though but they're an expanding business so it makes sense.

  • -1

    FWIW the boot polish and conditioner is literally the $5 Kiwi polish you can get from Coles/Woolworths.

    • The conditioner is quite different to dubbin. It’s softer and the leather absorbs it.

    • +1

      Polish is different to kiwi. I have both. The rm polish is softer.

      • Personally i've used them both and i agree the RM polish is softer, however i found it rubs off far easier as it has a lower quantity of wax.

    • +1

      The RM Leather conditioner is from Oakwood. It's really good for the money.

  • no H size 😠

  • Thanks OP! Didn’t need RMs but used the deal to get a pair of Julius Marlow boots.

  • No 6.5G in Comfort Craftsman chestnut.. Oh well.

  • So i have a pair of DF's in 9G, sized and purchased at an RM store, but after months of ownership (only wearing once or twice a week) my feet still seem to slide a little when wearing the RM's.

    Is this considered normal, or should i size down to 8.5? Thinking of going to a craftsman this time around.

    • +1

      DF is slightly tighter than Comfort as it comes with an insole so I would suggest that you get sized in a store so that you are sure on your true size.

      • Regarding the DF's, after months of ownership is it considered normal to bestill sliding inside the boot? Its about a 1cm slide. This is my first pair of RMs so i don't know its behavior. It seems to me i should've got a half a size down if i'm sliding. Would that be correct?

        • +1

          Generally they should fit like a glove if they are your proper size however every new shoe takes some time before it conforms to your feet so little bit of sliding is fine and it generally goes away as the sole takes the shape of your feet however 1 cm seems a bit too much after months of wearing. Try putting some scholls insoles and they will fit perfectly.

  • At DFO in Sydney they have a similar comfort craftsman for $200 albeit not the same but still a solid handcrafted build, differences are it’s 3 piece leather vs 1 piece and made in Morroco not Australia

    • Hopefully under ownership, manufacturing comes back to Australia and quality standards rise to what they were before

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