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[Pre Order] Apple AirTag $43.95 (RRP $45) + Delivery ($0 with $55 Spend to Metro Areas/ C&C) @ Officeworks


Slightly cheaper than Apple / JB / Harvey etc.

** edit: Officeworks appears to have pulled airtag range offline

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    True Ozbargain spirit!!

    • Google plz compete in this market; for all Androids!!!

      (not just SamsApple)

    • Quite opposite

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    Better off ordering direct from Apple and getting the personalised engraving for the extra $1.05.

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      But that’s $1.05 more than $43.95

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        …for the same product with added value.

        • +28

          For just $1.05, you can both engrave your personal infromation and completely eliminate the resell value.

          • +20

            @mily: Who says it needs to be personal information?
            Just put on a great joke and it will increase the value.
            "This is iWay robbery" or "iPaid dearly"

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            @mily: There is zero resale value on AirTags, they can only be paired once. There is not way to unpair or factory reset them

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              There is zero resale value on AirTags, they can only be paired once. There is not way to unpair or factory reset them

              Hmm, what happens if you upgrade your phone or get it swapped?

              • @eug: Is it paired per account? What about the family sharing?

                • @ATangk: AirTags are tied to your Apple ID.

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                @eug: Upgrading your iPhone doesn't matter. AirTags are tied to your Apple ID.

              • @eug: It's linked to your apple ID I believe.

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              @garethds: Thats not clear. Articles say that non owners can’t unpair them, and neither can Apple. But some indicate that the original owner may be able to do this.

              We may have to wait for clarification on this point.

              It has now been revealed by Apple's senior director of sensing and connectivity, Ron Huang and that a lost AirTag is locked forever and cannot be used by anyone but the original owner (via Fast Company). Henceforth, the accessory is a complete waste for anyone who finds it.

              Note words , “anyone but the original owner” however the unclear part is that while they may use it, they might not be able to change it from their pairing.

              Another article says

              The AirTag is part of Apple’s Find My Network and no one can unpair it with an iPhone other than the owner.

              Again not specific but implies you can if you are the original owner.

              Guess we might have to wait for some real time info on this.

          • @mily: Could actually heighten resale value with some creative use of emoji engravings.

            • -2

              @mr_me450: Airtags are apparently tied permanently to an Apple ID, so there is literally 0 resale value in them.

              • -2

                @TheRealCJ: Great so once I leave the ecosystem I cannot pass it to a family member/friend to use.

                I knew there was a catch with Apple in making devices disposable.

              • +4

                @TheRealCJ: That’s misinformation. They’re locked to a user’s account in the same way other Apple devices are; they need to be unpaired by the user whose account is locked to the device.

          • @mily: Hopefully one day you too will be rich enough not to give AF about resell value. It depends entirely on the purchaser not you.

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      5 demerits points have been issued to your OzBargain Licence.
      Please be more careful next time!

      • +2

        I thought it was double-demerits this weekend.

        • Oh shoot! That means 10 demerit points have to be issued now. Better be good for the next three years until those points expire.

    • Agree. And Apple's 4-pack already works out to be $37.25 each with free engraving.
      Those who worry about resell value for Airtag because of engraving, maybe you should consider buying some round-shaped film thing to stick on your tag as protection so your tag can still be flawless with no scratches when reselling to achieve maximum value.

      • +1

        Protective-film packs'll be available in 3-2-1…

        • I assume Dbrand is already on top of it.

          • @TheRealCJ: D brand had skins legit like day 0

            • @Jofzar: They get treated like a case manufacturer, so they are given full dimensions and schematics in order to have cases (and skins) ready for sale at launch.

      • +2

        Cling wrap would be just fine for the job.

        • +1

          Classy & cheap

          The perfect date

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    Might be a dumb question, but isn't officeworks losing money by selling it at this price?

    • +5

      Well their margins are more than 2.3% even for Apple products so no, they won't be losing money.

      • -4

        Shouldn't OW charge Apple 30% tax for using their sales platform? Their margin should be >>2.3% or they are doomed.

        • +6

          You head in to buy an Apple product, Officeworks earns (profanity) all. But while you're in there, you see a few packs of batteries you've been meaning to buy or your kid wants the pretty pen set, and that's where they get you.

          • +4

            @Parentheses: The pretty pen sets are not just for the kids…

          • +1

            @Parentheses: But they do make some money and Apple stuff sells itself, not bad for any big business stocking them.

    • +14

      Do you believe Apple sells their products at retail price to their distributors? The standard markup for non tech goods is 100% from manufacturer to wholesaler to retail outlet, then the retailer slaps another 100% to the public. Tech products have much tighter margins but they are still over 10%. I believe Apple products are 15%.

      • Wait until they find out how much the original manufacturing cost for an Apple/Samsung product is.

    • +1

      I heard they pretend the delivery didn't arrive and hence, get the stock for free.

  • +11

    Marques Brownlee Youtube review. Another Apple invention that's been around for years in the name of Tile, Nut, Chipolo, etc!!
    Looks good though, the seamless interaction with an Apple phone would be worth the premium price.

    • +26

      Using the entire Apple ecosystem ( including computers etc) alone is an excellent innovation no one has made.

      • -5

        Other than Samsung with the previously released Smart Tag/+ & I believe Google will beat all with their Google Map billions of users ecosystem.
        At the end of the day, it's much cheaper & OzBargain to keep duplicate keys in backup location & later create better strategy for lost keys.
        How do track Lost Mind$? ;)

        • +3

          Here's to hoping that Google will come out with their own Smart tags!

          I don't want to be limited to Apple nor Samsung ecosystem.

          • @capslock janitor: I’m kinda intrigued, the use of UWB tech in the Samsung/Apple ones are really the killer features of these tags, especially for those who tend to lose their keys or items in a place that is finite like in their house.

            • @TheRealCJ:

              lose their keys or items in a place that is finite like in their house.

              my dad for example might drop/forget his wallet somewhere while out, then get back home and doesn't remember if he dropped it around the house, or along the shops..

              • +1

                @capslock janitor: Yeah, and having a literal arrow pointing/AR Camera (in the case of the samsung smarttags+) towards the item might help a lot with that.

                I see it a lot, working in grocery store. People drop their keys on a shelf by accident while picking up something, then have to try to go all the way around the shop to find it. If they have basically an app telling them which direction to go, it’ll save them quite a bit of time.

                  • +6

                    @[Deactivated]: Honestly, this just smacks of someone who doesn’t have any empathy.

                    A lot of people forget things. Older people, people with ADHD. People lose stuff. There’s no need to make fun of the people who aren’t as superawesomeperfect as you. Someone losing their keys isn’t a ridiculous scenario. It happens literally every day in my store. I mean literally every day. Times that by thousands of places all over the country, that’s a lot of time wasted looking for keys which can be improved by these trackers be they apple, samsung, Tile or any other brand.

                    • -7

                      @TheRealCJ: If only someone invented the thing to find the thing that finds the thing.

                      Or just use $1 belt chain for your keys.

                • @TheRealCJ: After the GPS location, the sound is more reliable & 2x cheaper than the locked Apple system (max 61m, vs 120m for Tile Pro & louder), which becomes obsolete when you move out of it :(

          • +2

            @capslock janitor: oh they will. That will help them track their users more effectively

    • +14

      …the seamless interaction with an Apple phone would be worth the premium price.

      Tile and others have never been successful because there aren't millions of other users' devices 'looking' for yours.

        • +5

          Well dang, they’re gonna find out about my unhealthy addiction to Kmart :-(

        • +6

          And nobody else is doing this /s

          • @GrueHunter: They all do & privacy is Fake News. The good side is you feel like celebrity :)

            • +1

              @taki: What’s so good about being a celebrity?

        • +2

          And Apple had an “obligation under the patriot act” to unlock the San Bernardino shooters phone too. They refused.

          If you’re going to troll Apple posts, best try attack them on something other than privacy.

      • +1

        It's very cool to have a worldwide network of a billion devices looking for your lost keys, but how does Apple explain it to the owners of all these devices? Sort of, I purchased some expensive hardware, I'm paying daily to keep it charged, I'm paying for mobile data plan, but my device is being used to help strangers to find their belongings, and I don't even need to opt-in? My iPhone is constantly scanning for AirTags around and sends their location to Apple servers using my mobile data - that's how Apple beats Tile and other competitors, and the owners of Apple devices are just happy to help?

        • +2

          I read that it is tied to the Find My device. If you enable it, I think you agree to have be ‘used’ to find other people’s devices. Which isn’t really fair if I only want to locate my lost phone, which would have gps and mobile data and won’t need other iPhones to help me locate it.

      • -2

        Looking? More likely millions of devices tracking you everywhere you go with a very high accuracy.

        And the best part - you actually bought it yourself.

    • +2

      Where did they say they were the first?

    • +2

      Airtags use UWB + BLE for tracking, that's a great feature. They also have NFC for identity, so there's actually quite a bit of tech built in.

    • +4

      I kinda hate how all the reviews are glossing over the fact you need to add the cost of accessories for them on top if you plan to use them like tiles (on your keys, etc)

      • +2

        Why.. when we can fork out $400+ for a Hermès keychain/ring/tag instead?

        https://www.apple.com/au/shop/select-airtag-hermes 👀

      • +1

        Not justifying these reviews, but you can expect an endless selection of dirt cheap aftermarket accessories - if not today then in the coming weeks.

        • +2

          The problem isn’t the price, it’s the fact that they’re not fully usable out of the box.

          Everyone keeps pointing out there’s cheap keyring adapters on ebay, most of which are coming from china which can take weeks. So if you’re preordering it there’s gonna be several weeks between getting your airtags and getting your cheap adapters, or you can pay the extra like… 20 bucks for the belkin adapters which will be available at launch, or the 50 dollar Apple adapters.

          And no, this isn’t like a phone case. A phone case doesn’t unlock the full potential of the phone, it’s just a case. There’s no workaround if you want to use these on keys apart from buying a separate accessory or modifying it outside of manufacturers specification.

          I’m honestly more annoyed by the fact that all these sites, ostensibly ones that are consumer-facing, completely ignore or gloss over that. I’ve read more than a few “how/where to buy” articles that completely omit the associated costs of buying holders. MKBHD’s review had it as one single sentence buried in the middle of a six-minute video. If I was the average consumer, like say, my Dad for whom these would be hugely beneficial, I’d probably read all these articles and watch the reviews and go out and buy them, a four pack for 150 dollars, only to find out I’d have to pay at least another 20-100 dollars to attach them to my keys, or have to wait several weeks for cheap accessories to be available/ship from Hong Kong. Or worse go into the Apple store to buy them, only to be told that I have to have the accessories they sell, which going by Apple’s website you only have the choice of the Belkin (19.95) or Apple (45+) keyrings, and if I was an older consumer who didn’t know better, I might assume that you have to have the ones apple sell, so now on top of you 149 dollar 4 pack, you’re spending a addition minimum of 76 dollars if you want all 4 to be hung from anything.

      • +1

        The verge spoke about this a bit with the added cost of the accessories and the lack of ring on the side to attach the tag to something. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/22/22396693/apple-airtag-loc…

        • +1

          Yeah I saw that, seems like they’re one of the only ones. Engadget didn’t even mention it in passing.

      • The media is afraid of criticizing the Apple monopoly.

    • +4

      Another Apple invention that's been around for years

      Not sure why people bemoan Apple because they weren't the first to make a product, they tend to be much better than the ones that were out first just look at the Apple Watch..

    • +29

      Yeah but you don't get this perk:
      "…the Find My network — hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices around the world — helps track down your AirTag."

      • +6

        It’s kind of a big deal.

        • +4

          I may've lost my mind but after today I'll be able to track it using the convenient AirTag© FindMy© integration

        • +21

          And yet hear you are, taking the time to comment.

          Do you also stand in supermarkets waiting for people to buy corn flakes so you can go full spectrum and point and holler "I DUN BUY CRONFLEKS"

        • +1

          You care enough to post uninformed rubbish.

        • +2

          Yet here you are, caring

      • Dang that is actually pretty amazing

    • +2

      aren't you the Wizard?

      • -3

        Magic is better than technology.

        • +1

          Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

        • +5

          What do you call a magician who loses his magic …… Ian.

          /I’ll see myself out

    • +2

      Apple is usually a follower, not a leader. They wait for other companies to release new ideas and products, then they the release their own version which usually becomes the best one on the market.

      • amazon has just joined the chat.

      • +1

        Exactly - innovator not inventor

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