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UMIDIGI A7 Pro with 4GB RAM & 64GB Storage $93.49 Delivered @ Umidigi-Au-Official eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Pretty Good deal for $93.49 bucks.

I used my $50 eBay plus voucher on it to make my purchase only $59.99 (But of course that means i didnt get to use the PAPR15 code)

For me I think, i coudnt have gone wrong with the $59.99 price tag.

Although main bummer for me NO NFC- hence no Google Pay with this phone.

Dont forget to use the discounted gift card for the rest of $93.49/$186.99 for the 64GB/ 128 GB model.

I recommend you buy the 64 GB model because you can add storage by dedicated microSD card slot. So dont waste money on the expensive $186 model which is almost twice the price for just extra 64 gb storage.


From the eBay listing

Basic Information

Model A7 Pro

Color Cosmic Black, Ocean Blue
Material Glass Back
Stock Android 10
Touch ID, Rear-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner

CPU - MediaTek, Helio P23, 4xCortex-A53, 2.0GHz & 4xCortex-A53, 1.5GHz
ROM- 64GB/128GB
Battery- 4150mAh
Quick Charge-10W

6.3" (measured diagonally)
19.5 : 9 aspect ratio
Waterdrop Display
Capacitive multi-touch
FHD+ 2340*1080

16MP primary camera, F/1.8, 6-element lens
16MP ultra wide angle camera, FOV 120°
5MP depth camera
5MP macro camera, 2cm macro distance

Features: Ultra wide-angle mode, Steady handheld night photography, AI scenes detection, Macro mode, Portrait mode, Panorama mode, HDR, AI Beautify, Ultra wide-angle edge distortion correction, Dual LED flash, Face recognition, Real-time filters

Rear camera video features: 1080p, 720p video recording, 30fps

Front camera- 16MP front camera
S5K3P3, F/2.0 aperture, 5-element lens
Features: AI Beautify, Face recognition, Selfie countdown
Front camera video features: 1080p, 720p video recording, 30fps

Cellular and wireless

Supports 4G(LTE) 3G(WCDMA) and 2G(GSM) networks
FDD-LTE: B1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /7 /8 /12 /13 /17 /18 /19 /20 /26 /28A /28B /B66
TDD-LTE: B34 /38 /39 /40 /41

WCDMA: B1 /2 /4 /5 /6 /8 /19
TD-SCDMA: B34 /39

WCDMA: B1 /2 /4 /5 /6 /8 /19
TD-SCDMA: B34 /39

GSM: B2 /B3 /B5 /B8
GSM: B2 /B3 /B5 /B8

Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth HID
2.4GHz/5GHz, IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n

GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou


4G Dual SIM
2 + 1 SIM slot, Dual SIM slot + Dedicated slot for Expanded Memory

Support dual Nano-SIM card and dedicated Micro-SD expansion memory card



Rear-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer , Gyroscope, Electronic Compass

Support format
PCM, AAC / AAC + / eAAC +, MP3, AMR - NB and WB, APE, WAV
Supports H.264 (Baseline / Main / High profile), MPEG4 (Simple profile / ASP) and other video formats

FM Radio- Yes

3.5mm Audio Jack

USB Type-C

OK Google on Locked Screen- No

Notification LED-No

Dimensions 158.774.98.5 mm

Net Weight 212g

Certification- FCC/ CE/ MSDS/ UN38.3/ MIC/ PSE

Package Contents

1x Phone
1x Screen Protector (pre-applied)
1x Phone Case
1x Type-C Cable
1x Power Adapter
1x SIM Tray Ejector
1x Quick Start Guide

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  • +5

    Price is sharp, but the Helio P23 CPU is getting a bit long in the tooth - still a good deal overall

    • +3

      Yes Helio P23 is pretty shit i had an old phone with that, that one couldnt even play the shopback troppers game smoothly.

      But hey i dont think there can a better value than this especially considering A BRAND NEW PHONE, EBAY SERVICE, FREE POSTAGE, WARRENTY ETC. and especially after combining with a $50 eBay plus voucher OH LA LA LA.

    • +1

      shocked, but then again not shocked, that I got negged for this

      • not mine

        • you're 100% right, helio p23 is getting onto 2-3yrs

  • +1

    They add the tracking number pretty quick too

  • +5

    not much to say really… the existance of this phone makes hunting around for those aust post jbhifi deals redundant given this just about does it all unless you're after nfc etc.

    i know helio isnt too good but at under $100 i dont think its reasonable to expect amazing gfx performance

    • +3

      Also to mention most of budget Auspost/Jbhfi/target deals recently have been locked upto Optus. and some with just 2 gb RAM

    • +1

      Ah, if you are using an Optus carrier you can currently order a realme C3 for 75 bucks online for delivery. If I was with Optus I would take that every day of the week, and it has 850mhz and nfc

      • Can anyone please confirm c3 has nfc?
        Edit: nice, just checked Optus product page, actually it does.

  • +2

    10w is not fast charging…

    • +2

      yeah it doesnt have it according to reviews but it charges from flat in under 2hrs anyway

    • +5

      it still got 4150 mAh, though so should give you plenty of time before needing a charge. And again consider the price tag first, i am even surprised it's got a USB C instead of Micro Usb.

      • +1

        ahhh you must be refering to the older A5 Pro

        i'm pretty sure this is really just a revised A5 Pro w/ bigger screen type c and all that minor stuff to make it saleable this generation

        in true dumb ozbb fashion i bought an a5 last time and now i just got one of these

        i leave a few older and new sub $100 crapper phones around the house just as dumb wifi lookup terminals, camera, mp3s etc

      • I mean it's still a good deal (although I won't touch MediaTek at any price) I'm just offended by them marketing it as quick/fast charging.

  • +4

    This or the $75 optus locked one if I (obviously) dont mind (too much, its a factor) about optus locking? Its a spare phone for myself to play/develop on or one to give to family when there cheap ones they paid $300-400 for die.

    • +3

      The C3 is heaps better if you don't mind optus. Plenty of websites to compare the processors between the two but the g70 in the c3 wipes the floor with this phone.

    • +1

      Second that, C3 is likely a better experience overall if you don't mind Optus locking.
      However, A7 Pro does have the higher res. screen . If you just plan on browsing, watching youtube and doing email, the A7 pro might better due to the screen.
      Just keep in mind that slow processor + higher res. screen = lags.

    • I can confirm you can get the target realme c3 3gb ram blaze red one for $65 delivered (have ordered 1 of those too for $65 just now because of NFC /GOOGLE PAY factor, although losing type c Usb)

      and since that device is network locked im assuming my coles mobile will work fine until the 6 months when I/someone else can ask optus to unlock it for $25

      • +1

        Where can you get a C3 for $65 delivered?

        • +1

          Subscribe to target online newsletter they send you $10 code with $50 minimum spend on the item excluding some things.

          So i got c3 for 65 dollars (+ cost of unlocking after 6 months $25 = $90) a7 pro for 59 dollars

        • combine it with shopback and the afterpay $30 promo and pick it up for about $32.40 (great backup if target doesn't run of stock)

          • @huntress_love: What afterpay $30 promo?

            • @USER DC: they've got the refer a friend promo at the moment where you get $30 off your first purchase above $50 with afterpay. I referred my family to basically got 2 lots of $30 to spend.

              • @huntress_love: I referred my dad, and they gave me nothing nor my dad anything.

                they are fake to me.

                cannot even call them to ask my nor i nor dad got the bonus.

                I will delete my afterpay account now.

                They were falsely advertising to me

                • @USER DC: really, did you try to pay with afterpay, it'll come up at checkout and once the purchase goes through. then you'll get your credit.

                  • @huntress_love: Yes my dad signup and was using afterpay for checkout.
                    Which was asking him to pay full amount in 4 instalments.

                    So yes both me and my dad deleting my account.
                    After this afterpay giving me and my dad false information/ signup not working for us /them not fixing the problem

                    • +1

                      @USER DC: ah sorry to hear that! maybe do a new shopback account, dad get $10 or you get $30. 2nd option i guess!

  • Probably a much better spare phone than the realme c3 for 75 dollars.

    • The other way around. C3 for the win.

  • The processor in this is pretty garbage. I'd take that into consideration if you use any power hungry apps.

  • This or LG K51s?

  • I got my teenage daughter the A9 Pro for about $155. Great phone for the price. This looks like a great option for an entry level phone.

  • +1

    I've been rocking an A7 (not pro, or the other one who's name I forget, just A7) since around December or so last year.

    Absolute ripper of a phone for the price, got mine for free in the end, but well worth what I paid.

    Shoot any questions at me if you're curious and I'll do my best to be of use, but yeah, great phone for me. Loud speaker, lovely screen, long battery, quick and snappy OS, etc. Good boi.

    • Looking for a replacement for an elderly lady. Doesn't do much, just sick of her tiny screen. No gaming, basically phone calls, texts, maybe email/web search. This should be fine?

      • +1

        1000% yes.

        Battery life goes me a couple of days worth of use, usually including a good deal of reading, hour or two of calls, some videos and whatnot, the odd photo, should go fine for her.

        • Thank you. Buying now. :)

          • @Geekomatic: Turn off the google voice input (hey google etc) otherwise the calling system won't function properly.

            • @Bamboozle: Can you elaborate

              • @USER DC: Exactly what I said. It plays havoc with the calling function of the phone. Don't ask me why, it just does. Plenty of people have had complaints, but that's how to sort it out. It may have been fixed in google system app updates since a while back. Play with it first, see how you go before handing it over to Granny.

  • Pay extra and get a Vivo Y12 unlocked in Australia from many places.

    • +2

      Pay extra for Helio P22 and 1GB less ram… doesn't seems like a deal.

      • Is for me, my last Umidigi failed. My Vivid is a rock solid champ.

  • +3

    Dropped my A5 pro in the toilet this morning but it survived.

    • my S2 Lite did not

  • Good price for a screen that's better than 720

  • Does anyone know of or have a link to a full, clear case for this? Preferably magnetic?

    • If i am not wrong the case comes FREE with the purchase

      1x Screen Protector (pre-applied)
      1x Phone Case

      • he probably want something better…

  • Get it for $83.99 use code PLUSTUES

  • +1

    Got the phone today and it won't turn on. Some people on Reddit have a very bad experience with Umdigi

  • My one also not turning on.!

    • Are you using coreect button the power in/off button is very bottom one on right side

  • Oh no so bad to hear

  • I got mine fully fine today.
    Just now opened and working fine atm although in the testing phase rn

    Made sure to record unboxing video

    I Can also confirm you can use the SD card to extend the phone's internal memory. So there is really no point in buying the expensive 128 GB model. (You will need to format the micro sd card though for this)

  • This is honestly really so much better than the REALME C3 from target(which is single sim only).

    You cant even get that unlocked, loaded with so much bloatware. Umidigi is pretty close to stock android. hence very good overall.

    So get this one instead of target one if you dont can manage a phone without NFC and the latest high end CPU's

  • Got mine today did all the updates but having trouble with finger print sensor. I add finger prints for it ok but then when trying to unlock the phone it just won't work.

    • Yes I had similar problem but just add another fingerprint in the settings, and then it works totally fine.

      You can also use face unlock.

      Although one big disappointment to me was not being to use the NAVIGATION GUESTURES with my preferred Microsoft launcher or even POCO Launcher

      • Yeah added 5 of the same finger and it work sometimes.

        • Weird May be delete all 5 and add one. What I did was removed the fingerprint 1 and added a new fingerprint 1 again.

          • @USER DC: Tried that it works perfectly on my a5 pro. Might have a lemon.

            • @paulaus: May be I am not sure I can confirm that mine works fully fine but has the problem i mentioned earlier i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oZoEhbYlKg

              Hopefully SDK tools will fix it

              • @USER DC: I paid 83.99 delivered so I can put up with a faulty sensor. As for gestures I like having double tap screen to open but its not on this phone. I'm thinking of getting a redmi note 9s for around 200 at banggood.

                • @paulaus: I got my mum to pay $35 for the realme C3 Optus locked from target (with Afterpay discount) but unlocking that one is a pain in the as*. And talking to an Optus team person is even more frustrating for unlocking who just keep on asking proof of payment (basically demanding payment of $80, when the store manager himself doesnt seem to know the T&C s which is $25 for older than 6 months phone, (he and locking network carriers only care about you spending $$ nothing else)). Honestly feeling pretty shi*t having bought the C3 for even $35. But dad seemed to like it as a spare phone, so it works out I guess

                  Honestly feeling my $59 is well spent on the phone I received from Umidigi which LUCKILY isn't a LEMON piece.

  • LoL seller increased the sale price now, so Cant stack with the 17% deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/621753

    Although most of you will not buy it considering a few people have gotten faulty units.

    Mine seems to be fine, but may be not gotten the full advertised 4150 mAh battery. Accu battery says estimated at ~3700 mAh.

  • Hi what's with that 30 day returns. The fingerprint reader on mine is crap and now the camera is taking photos upside down and the auto rotate is not working. Had an a5 pro never had any issues.

    • https://i.imgur.com/zHsv2FL.png

      Should not be needing to explain any more to an ozb member

      Plus when item is not as described the returns is always free

      So just open up a item not received case

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