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Oral-B Smart 7 7000 Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case $99 Delivered ($89 with Welcome Voucher) @ Shaver Shop


Oral-B Smart 7 7000 Electric Toothbrush Powered by Braun. Same price @ Amazon Sold Out

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  • probably this is how much these ones worth. still I prefer sonicare ones from Phillips.

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      I have the cheap $25 oral b and was thinking about upgrading as my battery is not holding charge anymore. Could you pls elaborate bit on why you like the Philips one better? From my understanding Philips just have vibration where oral b have rotating head. My basic mind says moving brush head should do a better job.

      • We have both in our household. The Sonicare has a very definite flush of liquid which seems to help clean between the teeth. The newer generation heads on the Sonicare are far too big, one must purchase the smaller head sizes to clean their teeth with the coverage that a well-operated Oral-b would provide.

        The Sonicare does actually move the head, and the bristles stroke in a single direction back and forth rather than oscillating.

        My preference is a really good clean along the gum line without causing damage, as well as a really good clean between the teeth. Both of these brushes will do an excessive job at cleaning the visible surface of your teeth (when used correctly). The Gumcare brush heads for both should be used over any other brush head because the bristles are finer and clean further between the teeth and gum line with a lower chance of damaging the gums.

        Neither brush is going to replace the need to brush attentively at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. If I were purchasing a new toothbrush, I'd get the cheaper of the two with a water-based flosser, interdental brushes (if one has room), and real floss. If one cannot afford both an electronic brush and a water flosser, I'd recommend a manual brush with a water flosser over.

        edit: link to better of the two Oral-B gumcare brush heads.

        • Thanks. That was quite informative. Didn't know about water flosser but the YouTube video looked promising. Do U have any recommendations for water flosser ?

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        Virtually no difference from an effectiveness point of view. Choose what you prefer brushing with.

      • Personally having owned a number of both the Oral B and Philips Sonicare - we prefer the Sonicare

        This one is 50% off ($99) and also comes with a travel case so is the same price as the Oral B model

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      Opposite to the others I prefer oral b going back to that after sonicare the last few years

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    Would it be out of the question to say that oral b have so many electric brushes is more about confusing us and inflating their prices rather than customer choice.

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      It's ironic that they too are confused = they are customers too.

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      sums up the basics. Really the features you want are the pressure sensor ( So you don't mangle your gums) and the quad timer is nice.

      Nearly all of the expensive features are gimmicks.

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        Agreed, however I'd add that the Lithium battery is a must as well. Pro 2 2000 is the best bang for buck.
        I have a genius 9000 and I have massive buyers remorse as I don't use any of the so called smart features. Only purchased it because it was black and it was the star wars version hah

        • Star wars?.. cool

        • Need > usability > practicality > beauty

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          Yeah I have the Pro 2 2000 and it's pretty great.

          The timer really shows how pathetically short my old tooth brushing routine was

        • I would prefer the 9000 for the extra button and the light for when I'm brushing at night. I have the 2000, 5000 and 8000

        • I have a genius 9000 and I have massive buyers remorse as I don't use any of the so called smart features. Only purchased it because it was black and it was the star wars version hah

          I have the same toothbrush I only buy the matching black replacement heads. No ragrets!!

        • Agree, I just bought the Smart 7000 mainly due to the battery (not Bluetooth), but only because it was at this low price since the other lithium models were more expensive. Otherwise Iā€™d have picked the Pro 700 which is currently $49 at Amazon.

  • $89 is a very decent price.

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    Probably the best feature of the smart Oral-B toothbrushes that they don't advertise is that you can edit the quad timer timing and you can edit the modes, rearrange their order and delete unused modes if you wish to.

    I've got the 5000 and to me the only real upgrade from this to the 7000 is the travel case, I paid about the same for the 5000 about 2-3 months ago.

    Beyond the pro 2000 which is the lowest model with a lithium battery the rest of the features are basically wank features until you get to the iO series which have better brush heads.

    • Yelp! The RRP of one of the iO models is $749, same as the Xbox Series X. And $899 for another. AI for brushing teeth?!

  • off topic maybe… that travel case reminds me good old days when we can travel around to other countries….

    • You can if you want to for a wedding in India

      • You are mean.

    • Does anyone know where you can buy them? The genuine Oral B one is far superior to the AliExpress cheapies.

  • My only complain is the misleading "Travel case", when the AC adapter provided only works for 220-240V.

    • Dunno about this one but mine doesn't even fit the charger in the case

      • Yes, somehow I forgot to mention your point. Charger doesn't fit into the case.

        I can't imagine buying a phone and the charger only works for 240V half of the world.

        • Yeah there are USB-C adapters that let you use this through your phone charger

  • Is it worth getting this over the pro 2 2000 deal?

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    Oral-B Toothbrush heads also on sale @Amazon.. Grab them while you can!

  • This is back on now for same price. 2 days after I bought the 4000 model for $99 šŸ™ƒ

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