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Tendak Laptop Stand Adjustable Holder (Sliver) $17.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ TendakDirect Amazon AU


Multi-Angle Adjustable Design - This Adjustable laptop stand provides 6-speed adjustable height, adjust to comfortable operating angle and height based on your actual need; The ergonomic design makes for easy watching and typing, relieving neck, shoulder, and spinal pain

Compact and Portable Design - Creative portable foldable design, the laptop stand can be folded, and with the portable storage bag to make it easy carry -on. You can take it to your laptop bag and take it to the cafe, school, and anywhere

Sturdy Design - Attractive aluminum construction for both durability and with silicone feet design provides solid stability for your laptop; Rubber footing to prevent slippage and scratch damage to tables or desks; Durable design fittings to hold up to 20 pounds.

Overheat Dissipation - Specialized hollow design, this desktop laptop holder without base plate dissipated the heat easily, airflow is increased significantly around the areas of your laptop most vulnerable to overheating, No lumpy cooling is necessary.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good deal for Sharon Stone…

    • :) need a deal for my broken remote. Pause button broken.

    • Aha I do not understand XD please explain the sharon stone reference?

      • Just after Basic Instinct she starred in a forgettable movie of that name.

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          she starred in a forgettable movie

          You remembered…

          • @jv: I saw it in the cinema, it was so bad that I had to google search it now to be sure of the name…

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              @povertytrap: If it was so bad, why did they name a laptop top stand after it?

              I thought first it was a typo, but they have used it all over the website…

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    6 steps adjustable height or 6 speed adjustable height, never knew this thing has speed settings

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    Thanks OP was looking for a cheap stand for my work from set-up. Hope I can use it for some time before my work drags me back to the office. I will not go without fighting.

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      I will not go without fighting.

      They could always stop paying you.

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      it's good to have a cheap one night stand

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    Hopefully this is fairly sturdy.. 16' MBP is a chonky boy.

    • I use this to support my Ableton Push 2, so I think the 16' MBP should survive fine

    • Just got it. It's great, sturdy as hell. Perfect if you enjoy drawing on your ipad, great angle, also definitely sturdy enough for 16' MBP

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    This design is far more versatile - it gets to ~$24 during promo/ sale:

    • That looks like it would be so unstable and flimsy.

      • It's not - I have been using it for some time and you can also check the reviews.

    • But that is not as portable as this one.

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      While I somewhat agree (I have both types) the one you linked can be mildly dangerous because in some configurations, it can be a little too front heavy and a slight tap or knock may end up with your laptop on the ground. In fact their default picture would lead to such a situation.
      This one is basically foolproof even at it's highest setting.

      • I find it super useful while using a laptop in bed/ couch. Very comfortable experience.

      • in this case the entire thing would fall when topple so the laptop will be protected by these metal limbs.

    • Can definitely see situation where that design might be more advantageous but I gotta say.. its not very confident inspiring.. it looks somewhat weak and looks like it might tip.

  • Thanks op got one.

  • Would rather buy a Coolpad that works both as a stand and keeps my laptop from heating.
    Please somebody suggest one.

    • this one folds up like a nunchucker, with a cool gel you cannot do that though it would be cool, hence the cool pad

      • Lay off the drugs

  • Nice looking stand, good reviews, purchased.

  • Thanks, purchased one.

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    Hey just wondering what's the difference between the one posted and this one below ?

    I bought the Ebay one a while back while I had a $5 off voucher at Ebay. It seems to work well, I don't type on my laptop, but it holds it up well

    Been trying to get another one but not sure if the one on Amazon's better?

    • Correct me if I'm wrong but that one looks to be plastic? It doesn't look super sturdy. If you have prime, you can return it for free if it doesn't work as you expected.

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        I find it sturdy enough, but yeah it's mixture of plastic and what I assume is some aluminium/metal, not sure. I have prime but just not sure if I'd return it since I'd be using it, just figure out if I should just save a few dollars and buy it from the same seller or if this is better in some ways

        • Thanks for sharing your experience. I have decided to buy the ebay one as I also don't type on my laptop and only need it to hold my laptop.

  • Thanks op. Ordered one. Never used this sort of stand for my MacBook. Will see how it goes.

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    Code already expired? Not coming up with anything redeemable for me.

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    Advertising in Australia means respecting metric standards introduced in July 1974, initially introduced in the 1790s (230 years ago).
    I leave the conversation to those lazy to adapt after 230 years.
    This has no relation to speed, but we can understand it's likely steps.

  • I’ve bought this one before, nice and sturdy and folds up really easily. Can’t really fault it

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    Can't apply coupon - has this expired?

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    Or go for the Kmart laptop stand for $10. I have been using one for 6 months and it has served me well.

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    Got one from a previous deal. The rubber that is supposed to hold the laptop in place fell off

  • Cannot apply coupon

  • Anything for a 17" laptop?

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    i got this one from a previous deal, the rubber easily falls off. Generally pretty poor quality. But I guess worth it for the price?

  • Anyone know how the hell I get this to work lol. I cannot seperate the legs