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[Pre Order] Kraken Power Bifrost RTX3070 i9-9900KF 16GB Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite Gaming PC $2000 + Post @ BPCTECH


Hi Guys! Good afternoon!

I hope you all had a great weekend :)

Today I am happy to bring our NEW Series of Kraken Power gaming system build - The Kraken Power Bifrost RTX3070 Gaming Build!

Build Specs:
Intel i9-9900KF 8Core/16 Threads Processor
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite ATX Motherboard
RTX 3070 8GB Graphic Card (Asus/Gigabyte/EVGA)
Corsair 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Memory
512G PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSD
Coolermaster MB511L ARGB Mid-Tower ATX Case
3x RGB fan included
EVGA 700W 80Plus Gold Power Supply Unit

(The bonus gift pack has been expired as we already reach 30 orders :)

The system will start shipping around MId-May.

Our new series of the system is naming after the character from Norse mythology. The new series focuses on providing our customer with the most performance or the best value system on the market. We will also develop fancy-looking builds like our previous Sakura system.

You are more than welcomed to advise us which build or PC parts you would recommend. I will share your opinion with our PM and see what we can do to improve our future build.

BTW our flagship Ragnarök Kingpin Gaming Build is coming this week; it's not a bargain System XD, but I want to share it with you guys because it looks terrrrrrrrrrific :)

BPC Sales Team

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  • Hey. I'm very interested. Can I specify the Gigabyte 3070 Aorus? I want the 3xHDMI connectors.

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      Hi Bishop,

      Unfortunately, we haven't confirmed our GPU Stock model yet. That is also the reason why we delayed the shipping to May.

      But we can definitely offer you a bonus DP to HDMI adapter if you can add the request under your order :)

      BPC Customer Service

  • +5

    Wow this is an excellent price considering current GPU shortages

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  • +1

    This is a good build. Any chance for a 10700k z490 system at the same or similar price? Could we have RGB ram instead of the current kit?

    And also, in the image it shows what looks like a blower style gpu? Will you be using blower style GPU's in this system? Is the keyboard, mouse and windows 10 promo still available?

    • Hi Winston,

      We actually looking to design a new 10thgen intel system, but it does take some time.

      As for the GPU, the blower one is actually for the demo, we will use normal 2-3 fans GPU once our stock arrived.

      You can definitely ask for the blower model, but I would like to mention that model is quite noisy :)

      BPC Customer Service Team

      • Please keep me posted on this.

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    Great deal. Is the ram CL16? Is there any way to know roughly which 3070s will be used (2 or 3 fan model)


    • +1

      Also, what brand Nvme SSD is being used?

      • +3

        The Ram is CL16 for sure.

        And for the NVME SSD, we will use either Samsung or Western Digital.

        As for the GPU, unfortunately, we can't confirm any detail at the moment, but the 3fan model definitely preferred to use.

        BPC Customer Service

        • So no blower style gpu's then?

  • +2

    The $39 wifi upgrade - what is the actual kit being offered?

  • +1

    Looking like an amazing deal! I am interested, Just some questions is it a blower style gpu? And what is the wifi upgrade? Is it to Wifi 6? How many fans will the NZXT case have?

  • +1

    I assume this isn't dual channel?

  • +2

    As vice-rear cabin boy Sir Bobo Gargle would say …

    Release The Kraken !!

    • +2

      I scrolled down in hope of a Kraken reference…. not disappointed!!

  • How do you actually order one?

  • my current build is ryzen 2700x and 1080ti. is it worth to upgrade?

    • Probably and then you can easy sell your system and recoup 1/2 back if not more.

      • +4

        The 1080Ti itself can be resold for like $700 $800, it's crazy

    • I have exact build. To be honest I'm still playing everything at max, 2k 60 FPS minimum (except Cyberpunk). Warzone for example at 2k gets 120-135fps. What monitor do you have? Might be better to wait it out a bit further.

  • It might be 2 generation old cpu and mb but with gpu pricing and quality brands plus the bonus pack still an absolute bargain.

  • Good deal

  • Shame the bonus pack has expired. Might've bought it otherwise. I'll be waiting for future systems from you guys though, seem to have consistently good deals.

    • What was included in the bonus pack? Then again, if I know what I missed out on I won't want to purchase..

      • +2

        It says. An EVGA mechanical keyboard and a mouse. I think windows 10 as well

  • +3

    Shame Windows isn't included (and the bonus pack is out). Would probs jump on it if it were.

    • Same… I was waiting to get approval from the boss when I got home.

    • +7

      Windows is like $1?!

      • Not for a legit licence.

        • +2

          does that matter, all it does is remove the watermark, got one from Aliexpress awhile back, no issue thus far

      • From where? I've only ever been able to get it like $50+ OEM, so clearly I'm doing something wrong! I've seen codes being sold places that look dodgy, haven't risked it.

        • Windows Insider

  • +4

    Probably the best pre-built 3070 I've seen here. All components are quality and from named brands.

  • hi BPC, i see that you have removed the 1TB HDD from the list, is that part of the bonus as well?

    • Hi Valuelooker,

      From our end seems the 1TB HDD option is still on the upgrade list.

      As I mentioned in the description, the bonus pack already run out :)

      BPC Customer Service Team

      • +2

        ah sorry I mean from the build specs you have removed the 1TB HDD.

        in the website, it still has the 1TB HDD as part of the description.
        "KrakenPower Bifrost RTX 3070 Gaming Build - Intel i9-9900KF 8Core/16 Threads Processor - Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite ATX Motherboard - Corsair 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Memory - EVGA 700W 80Plus Gold Power Supply Unit - 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD"

  • +1

    Dam missed out, probably would have bought it with the bonus.

  • +5

    Yes any chance you can extend the bonus back OP?

  • Hi BPC,

    If I order this one now and specify in notes that I'm happy to wait as long as it takes to get the Gigabyte 3070 Aorus as the GPU, is there any chance you guys would do that for me? I've loaded up on paid extras and I'm ready to press buy.

    Thanks for an excellent deal, yall.

    Edit: Nevermind, got a reply from Dennis via email. This isn't possible.

  • Is the stock day accurate 14/05 - If i order will it despatch that day?

  • I've just gotta say the 9900k is a shame I would have like to see a 3700k build for the future CPU upgrade.

  • +1

    You should extend the bonus back for some more orders.

  • How would I know if the bonus pack was included in my order ?

    • I sent an email to the sales team to confirm. It was [email protected]

      • You got a reply ?

        • Not the person you're replying to, but I just got a reply from that email.

        • Sorry for the late response. I did get a reply

  • +1

    WTH this is a Great price! Quick search best I could come up buying parts separately was $2,322!!

    560 CPU Intel i9-9900KF 8Core/16 Threads Processor 
    200 Cooler EVGA CLC360 AIO RGB CPU Cooler
    200 Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite ATX Motherboard
    920 Graphic Card RTX 3070 8GB Graphics
    120 Ram Corsair 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Memory
    84 SSD 512G PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSD
    140 Case Coolermaster MB511L ARGB Mid-Tower ATX Case
    98 Power Supply EVGA 700W 80Plus Gold Power Supply Unit 

    • What about the added bonus items?

      • Which one exactly?

        • Cant find the info for it anymore but it was a evga keyboard, evga mouse and window 10 thing

          • @Alaken: Bonus items were for first 30 orders, they're gone now.

    • plus thats today's prices and not in a month when it could come down a little

    • $920 for an RTX 3070? Really?

  • How is this a better deal than the XPS one?

    • +1

      Cus Dell stuff struggles to sell used and generally sucks also XPS has awful cooling.

    • +4

      dell motherboards, psu etc are total trash as well, and generally not upgradeable.

  • can you request a specific brand of gpu, say evga? and will it be 3 fan?

    • +1

      Just got a reply from these guys via email. No promise on gpu.

  • Looks awesome OP. Any chance of a 3080 build? I understand the supply shortages atm.

  • it's funny because people buy these in bulks, remove the gpu and mine on it and sell the rest of the components.

    • +8

      What exactly makes that funny

  • personally, I still prefer my 3900x-2080s that I got a year ago for a little bit more
    But in current market, this is a pretty good deal, upvoted

    • +2

      why you even looking at deals you can skip a generation.

    • Thanks :)

  • good deal for anyone who can pickup. couriers unfortunately dont treat computers well enough for them not to arrive with a big ding in the case and dead components

    • +1

      Yes, we strongly recommend our customer to pick up from our Mountwaverley store if possible.

      Not only to avoid any accidental damage, but you can also pick up all the original boxes as well :)

  • I wish I need a PC lol, this is an INSANE KRACKER of a deal.

    • XDD

  • +4

    very refreshing to see a build that doesn't use cheap budget parts, like some other recent deals on here. Good job BPC.. Keep these deals coming and OzB will help boost your sales.

    • :)

  • Quality Deal. It would be perfect it was a 10700k

    • +1

      Wouldn't the 9900k be a better perfomer anyway?

      The only difference to 10th gen seems to be the arbitrary socket change to LGA1200, and that's it

      • I just got annoyed to buy a dead socket brand new. If it was used, I would understand.

        • +1

          LGA1200 is a dead socket as well…no upgrades past 11th gen. If you want to upgrade into the never-never, buy AMD. The 9900KF is totally fine for this system at this price point.

          • @xyron: Not dead yet…and a 10700kf can be had for $360-380 wit sale on ebay. Someone just valued this 9900 for 560 in the post above.

  • How's this compare to Ryzen 5800X?

    • Its basically a Ryzen 3700x with no upgradeability.

      • Can you explain why it has no upgradability? I don't understand, could you not just swap out the CPU post purchase?

        • The socket has been discontinued

          • @zjz93: But you could always just swap out mobo and CPU..?

            • @Kalo: true but most people would be more happy if they didn't have to swap out a mobo just for cpu upgrade especially on such a recent pc

        • It means that 9900k is the top of the line CPU for that socket
          if it was a 3700K (which is identical in performance) you'd be safe for probably 3 more generations depending on the motherboard.

  • Description on the store page says 1TB HDD in additional to the SSD. Should that be there?

    • Generally, it's the browser cache problem, we have few customers who met this issue in the past post.

      • It was in the text description at the top, but no matter it's fixed today :)

  • Am I the only one getting only 3 upgrade options? The SSD and HDD ones are fine, but the wifi option shows an upgrade to 32gb of ram.

    • Seems to work fine for me just now. Browser derpiness maybe?

      • Must have been. I did try 2 browsers but yeah, seems to be fine for me now!

  • How to choose the nzxt h510 case + aio pump upgrade option?

    How to request ship this order unassembled as I prefer to assemble myself and keep all original boxes?

    • Hi Babyvox,

      Unfortunately, the NZXT H510 upgrade option has been sold out.

      All custom system build orders will be assembled before shipping. The extra shipping fee will apply for the box shipment, as generally, we only attach the accessories with the case. You are welcomed to pick them up locally for free.

      BPC Customer Service

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