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[eBay Plus] Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB Console $424.15 Delivered @ Big W eBay


Excellent price on this console, one of the cheapest prices I’ve seen.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1

    As someone with a Series X.. wow that 1TB runs out fast.
    Most X/S optimized games must run from the SSD.
    So if you are a heavy user or like lots of games installed…
    Recommend going the X

    • All optimised games need to run from SSD AFAIK.

      Storage isn't an issue if you have unlimited downloads, you can still fit many games on here, not everyone sticks to COD.

      • I mean, the convenience factor is a pretty big thing. That's why I got a console.

        Something you could do is buy an external drive and dump all the non optimised games in there, and exchange any optimised games between the internal and the external storage when you do need it. But yeah, it can be a bit of a hassle.

        • This is what I do and it works pretty well, especially with not a huge number of X|S games right now.

          Made a huge difference, got really sick of managing storage VERY quick

        • Hahaha yeah, ditched a gaming pc for this cause the consoles are just so much more convenient to use

    • Yep agreed. My Series X is nearly full and I have only about 10 gamepass games installed. No idea how a digital only product with half the space would work.

      • +2

        Games use less space on the S too. No need for 4k assets.

        • Good point.

          Any idea what are we talking here?

          COD is the real killer at 140GB… crazy. I think it'll still be 100GB though…, maybe a 40% reduction??

          • @MementoMori: Well, another problem on top of that is that the OS takes over 100gb. So out of the advertised 512gb (well, more like 470gigabytes because, again, marketing), you only get like 350gb. While on the series x, you get the like 850gb.

            • +1

              @Wonderfool: Agreed - I have the X and it became a problem literally on day 2 with it (thanks to GamesPass of course)

              512 GB is crippled really

              Maybe if they assumed we'll all be on 1 Gbps soon enough and this problem will disappear?

              • +2

                @MementoMori: Microsoft's ideal is that we'll be partially on cloud gaming. So the idea is that we'll keep games we are mostly playing on internal so that we can take advantage of quick resume, especially multiplayer games so that we can just jump into lobbies asap, while games like red dead 2 will just be through cloud.

          • @MementoMori: It's 90gb on series s

  • +1

    Problem with the Series S is the drive size. Period. Simple as that. If it had the 1tb drive it would be a fantastic unit for the casual gamer who doesn't need 4k and is on Gamepass. You halve the drive size and tell someone they can only download and buy digital and it makes zero sense. Buy a 1tb expansion for $350? If so, wouldn't you just buy the X? The drive size has halved the market for this console.

    • You assume the 1TB of the X will be enough, of course people will need the expansion for that too.

      • Oh I agree entirely. But offering a digital only with half the space makes zero sense. So buy an expansion device? You end up paying more than an X. Granted you have .5tb more in the end, however you're still dealing then with lesser grunt with the S.

        • You aren't forced to use the MS expansion.

    • While the size is a valid issue, it being a digital only console is irrelevant when it comes to the hard drive size. Whether you have the X or the S, you still have to install the games to the hard drive regardles.

  • "dOn'T bUy ThIs, BuY tHe SeRiEs X"

    "dOn'T bUy ThIs, BuY a Ps5"

    There, that should sum up the trolls.

    • You forgot Nintendo mate!

    • No, it is mostly about the price.

      I can see Microsoft dropping price on this further down the track. Once Microsoft does that, it could be quite compelling. While the CPU in Series S is actually quite good, you cannot use Series S as a normal PC (otherwise it would sell really well), the GPU is something that most of us wouldn't be bothered getting if this were a PC.

      $424.15 to play GamePass. Backward compatibility is basically XBox One (sure, with better lock to 30fps… but is that impressive though?), not One X.

    • +1

      It's always telling how many comments like that are on Xbox deals, it's actually really weird.

  • +1

    Warming up to these. If you only play Apex and Warzone, or any of the free to play games, with Gold not being required anymore, this is great value for someone still on a One S. Only wish it had more internal space or at least a cheaper expansion. The second you run out genuinely and put down money for the expansion, is the moment you realize you should have waited and saved up for a Series X.

    • +1

      It is only worth it for Apex and Warzone if your PC has a really weak GPU and $424.15 cannot fix that.

      If you don't pick up/use GamePass (Ultimate) for Series S, then it makes no sense. For someone who bought One S cheap (< $199), does Series S make sense right now? It runs the same code path for old games as One S (not One X) so back compat games will look the same, perhaps with more consistent lock to 30fps. The 'boost' mode Microsoft is doing is for Series X and 120fps (which means you need a TV or monitor that supports it). You lose that UHD disc drive (sure most of us hardly have UHD movie discs, but if you want to pick up cheap second hand games, that's now gone).

      Series S will do/sell well eventually, just not at this price.

      • +1

        I mean, there's an ssd and quick resume. Personally, I paid 400 just for that lol.

        • Play Apex and Warzone on Series S for $400, really? Quick resume is so great you can even resume every online game 100% without issue (in case other people don't get it, that's not the case).

          • +1

            @netsurfer: It's more that you have shorter menu time lol.

            • @Wonderfool: We are talking about Apex and Warzone right? Series S is the best way to play those? You do know that you can put PC games in background right?

              I get why some people might want Series S for GamePass. But tell people to get Series S because now XBox Live Gold is not required to play it doesn't seem like a strong reason to get one of these.

              • +1

                @netsurfer: You can, but turning the pc on takes time. I legit got the series S just to cut down menu time lol. I can't go back after I Played splatoon on the switch, being able to just say "hey, let's Play" and be in a lobby in seconds are a wonderful thing. Especially now that Microsoft consoles have K+M support.

                And sure, a computer that can run better is only gonna cost you 700 if you get it from techfast, and yeah, it's far more flexible, but hey, if just want an entry point to gaming, it's not like there isn't merits to the series s lol.

      • +1

        Yeah there are a number of give and takes as you mentioned. In my opinion the only real advantage of a Series S is the low cost of entry and low profile of the device. You can buy for your downstairs TV, use it for light gaming with friends or as a steaming box for a non smart TV with the bonus of games that run better than a One S. Or for a sibling and have a great experience playing the one or two games you play together. It's an interesting device in the advantages and limitations of being digital only. Vs a One S I would probably prefer the Series S for the better performance of Apex and Warzone, even if they are at lower resolutions but that's because I am more interested in those games. For someone who puts cheap second hand games as a priority or 4K with fps boast and such, the Series S makes no sense for them. It really is an interesting console that seems to bounce from being a great deal to being a deal breaker between different scenarios. Also for a PC comparison, for someone who doesn't have a gaming pc at all, I'd say the Series S is a great deal for them at this price. The performance they will get in games, even if they are limited to waiting for a digital sale and such will be far more than what they could get from a computer made from scratch within 500.

      • +2

        What if you just don't want to game on PC? Nor does everyone own a Windows PC.

        • +1

          And most people that do own a Windows PC have some prebuilt office box.

  • +6

    One day, gamers on a budget will be able to buy the consoles they want without someone forcing their unwanted opinions down their throat..

    Sadly, today isn't that day.

    • Once big games hit GP the Seires S is going to look more and more like a epic choice for those on a budget, I'd argue the GP addtions have already hit that peak.

    • Post of the year

    • I find these threads funny. I like to come here now just to see at what price point will people universally get converted.

      I got mine for 380 and man, is it a wonderful price. It will probably let me move to being laptop oriented work flow too.

  • +3

    As someone with a Series X since launch day,

    The Series S will do you (profanity) fine in all likelihood, chill out.

    First off, going all digital, let's assume you have decent internet bc otherwise it's an issue in itself, but if you do, downloading and deleting and redownloading games every now and then shouldn't really be that much of an issue, overnight the big ass 100gb games if you need. So jot that down. Edit: I meant to say, Xbox has free save game back ups and downloads, so if you go to a mate's place, or delete and reinstall the game a year later, your save is automatically backed up and redownloaded with the game so long as you're connected, which since it's digital only, shouldn't be a problem.

    Second, while the X has prettier versions of things, including but not limited to backward compatibility titles, unless you're rocking a super fancy 4K tele, it won't look much noticeably better anyway, and even then, the missus' 1080 Samsung from a couple years ago looks pretty bloody comparable to my 2020 4Ker, so eh.

    Third, Quick Resume and all the other cool next gen features work the same on this console, and that alone makes it a worthwhile jump from previous gen (assuming you can afford it, obviously, bc if you're running low on dosh, there's (profanity) no worthwhile next gen games, save your money and wait).

    Forth, Game Pass being the obvious real reason to get this, funnily enough works great. But something of note, going into the future moreso than right now, is the Series S versions of games can and or will be significantly smaller in storage than the Series X versions, which will somewhat counteract the smaller storage available on the unit.

    Five, go get ahold of Retro Arch, Google it, do it either in retail or dev mode, I don't care. But (profanity) DO IT. It runs an absolute treat on the new Xbox consoles, PS2/GameCube and Wii support and everything earlier in up to I think 8K even? Shit's dooooope! Tony Hawk 3, Spider-Man 2, Simpsons Hit & Run, all the classics, all in one place.

    Six, the console is tiny. I never figured I'd be the type to take a console over to my mate's place, I mean, I'm not 12 anymore afterall, but you can slam that thing in a back pack no problem, and it uses the generic figure 8 power cable and HDMI socket everyone has a hundred of, like this is the most portable something can be before it's legally required to have a screen on it. Absolute beaut of design in my opinion.

    Seven, I tried a few games on 120 FPS the other day since it turns out my tele can do 120 but only in 1080 and honestly, I didn't notice any difference. I notice the difference from 30 to 60 as night and day, I'm fine with either, but I definitely notice it. 120, couldn't make it out. Maybe my TV was shit, maybe my eyes are shit, idk, but I couldn't tell any difference. A solid 60 on this console is definitely, at least to me, 100% as good as 120 on the Series X.

    Idk I had some other points, but more and more I find myself thinking I absolutely could have got by with a Series S instead of an X. If I didn't buy the X, I'd definitely pull the trigger on this deal at this price. Brilliant value.

    • I get the appeal why someone who has Series X would find Series S quite useful. However, unless you are willing to let go of your Series X and keep only Series S, I am still a bit cynical.

      I had XBox One S and XBox One X at one stage. Yes, the One S did get a lot of use. That said, honestly, part of it was that I needed to find reasons to justify having One S as well (I actually bought One S when One X wasn't available (not yet released), but once One X was available, I bought an One X too). Yes, I was more willing to move my S around everywhere and for GamePass games I don't really care about, I was more than happy to play on One S.

      Of course, if I were to have a Series S, I would be able to find some good use of it. However, if I can only have either Series S or Series X, would I go for Series S?

      Quick Resume, Digital vs Disc, honestly, it is more complicated. Let's also talk about the down side of Quick Resume. It's limited to most recent 5 games and an update on the game knocks it out. Don't get me wrong, it is great. However, I wish Microsoft gives us a choice that certain games (maybe 1 or 2) can remain in that 5, leaving 3-4 that are the most recent. There are also games which simply don't support it (e.g. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate). Disc version of games basically slows down Quick Resume (since you need to swap discs). If PS5's first party exclusive games provide a glimpse of how true next gen titles load, then Quick Resume won't be necessary for true next gen titles (and that type of game experience is even more pleasant). Microsoft has Direct Storage feature for that type of things.

      For people who haven't bought a next gen console yet, based on my past experience owning both One S and One X (trust me, at that time, I was telling people One S is good enough - that was 2 years ago though and One S deals were $199 or less), I would suggest get Series X now if you want to buy a console at the current price. The issue isn't Series S has any major flaw, but the price. I get this is already cheaper than RRP by a decent margin.

      Yes, if you only have 1080p, have no intention to go 4K anytime soon, and need a console right now to take advantage of GamePass, then Series S is a good choice. However, from an OZB's point of view, the price is not attractive enough for me to + vote it. On the other hand, if you have a 4K TV or planning to get one, consider Series X coz you are worth it. With Series S games, for next gen titles, there is a higher chance you might get 30fps experience, but with Series X, 60fps is more likely / consistent. As for whether you can see the difference between 60fps vs 120fps, I won't get into that. However, 30fps vs 60fps, generally it is quite noticeable.

      • +1

        I'm absolutely willing. If someone wants to buy this, hand it to me, and reimburse me the 300 odd difference, they can take my Series X, I'm down. I just can't be bothered jumping through hoops for something I don't neeeed to do.

        It's more than 5 games on Quick Resume. idk the exact number, some have said half a dozen, I haven't counted but I've had games I've not played in weeks manage to still get QR'd, it's crazy. This Tweet, one of the first things to come up on Google for Quick Resume, shows at least 8 games https://twitter.com/neonepiphany/status/1384281458202669059?... … I can't comment on disc versions as the only disc I've put in my Series X at all is an 80s compilation CD my kiddo really wanted the other day. Had to download Groove Music for it and all.

        The price is what pushed me over too. 250 bucks for more than double the storage (350 something versus 802gb), disc drive, higher power and shit, all that, for 250 more yeah it's a no brainer unfortunately. I was firmly in the camp of "well if this thing manages to drop for 450, that'd be a slam dunk" but alas, it was 500. It's still great, tremendous value, for 500, but the 250 more, if you can afford it, I mean yeah it's not a bad thing. I'm simply saying you could buy the Series S and there's no reason you wouldn't be happy with it.

        Series S does 4K, it's just not on as many games, in time more will likely support 4K on there too, but even then, when talking Game Pass and shit, the vast vast vast vast vaaaaaaaast majority of games on there don't support 4K on either console, so eh. You don't need to think 500 is a bargain, but 424, that's 15% off, for a shiny new console only a few months old, like that's great. 30 vs 60 is v noticeable, yeah, I agree, however what we've gotta remember is ideally when the resolution drops, the frame rate doesn't need to. Further, a steady 30 is better than a shake 45/50 with dips and shit, smooth frame rate > janky but higher frame rate.

  • Not sure why so much hate on storage size. I got one over the weekend for $250 secondhand locally, works like a dream. I like
    Small size, and esthetic
    Xbox game pass games, different enough games to justify console and PC both
    Powerful for 1080p, I haven't upgraded to 4k

    • +1

      250, that's a steal and a half, good job.

      But yeah, SSD, while more never hurts, it's not the end of the world. I have 65 games and a bunch of emulator ROMs on my XSX and still have plenty of space to spare. I think people get caught up in the 130 odd gig that Modern Warfare took up and assume every game is that big.

      • yeah i couldnt believe when i saw on facebook and had a bit of scepticism until i came back home and powered on. it seems lot of parents accidently bought it thinking it was next gen and with disc drive. and their kids negging for series x or PS5s

  • Hoping for a 5oogb external drive from Microsoft, it will be perfect for the series s!

  • +1

    Hope this helps someone make up their mind,
    1. If you have a 4K TV and you subscribe to 4K streaming services and it's either-or between the Series X & S, then wait for the Series X, your existing buying/streaming habits show visual quality is your priority.
    2. If you owned a PS4 pro or Xbox one X then wait for the Series X as the Series S will be a sideways step.
    3. If you own a standard PS4 or Xbox one S then the Series S is an upgrade and it is worth it.
    4. Yes the Series S has a small internal HDD, only X|S optimized games need to be installed and run off it, so grab a cheap 1TB external drive and install and run non-optimized games off that. Even if you get a Series X you will end up getting an external drive.
    5. Series S does not need 4K textures so some game's install sizes are considerably smaller, in some cases 50% smaller. Microsoft also has a shrink feature, in the consoles storage management, so as games are updated with certain features you will be able to shrink the install size while still being able to play the game in all its glory. The Series X also has this.
    6. Auto HDR / FPS boost Series S, tick and tick…. some games will not get these features compared to the Series X as a lot more work is involved in tweaking a One S games version to take advantage of these features.

    In regards to the claims, the Series S is holding back the games/generation, will be obsolete sooner, and is more work for devs to develop for, that's a load of #[email protected]!. People making those comments are basing it on a limited understanding of current technology and previous technology. In real terms, the least powerful system or most complicated system to design for and that holds back developers the most is the PC, as far as consoles go its the switch, beyond that its gets very complicated depending on the technology the games will use with it being a mix between Series S < PS5 < Series X or Series S < Series X < PS5 or PS5 < Series S < Series X.

    As for the graphics quality, the Series S will not be great when running games based on last gen tech or development hence games running at 1080p or lower, dont worry PS5 and Series X have their own problems here too where they dont reach 4K, But as developers start to use all the new technology and release full reworked optimised versions of past games or new games for the current generation, then you will start to see the Series S really hit its stride. Having the full AMD tech of RDNA2 at the hardware level and Microsofts Velocity tech at the hardware level means this thing will in some cases give the PS5 a run for its money as the PS5 doesnt have the full RDNA2 tech at the hardware level and will rely on software to implament some of those functions which will pull from the GPU or CPU, this is part of the reason the PS5 can shift processing power between the two to limit any such negative impact, added bonus this means games not optimised will usually run better on PS5 over the Series X|S.