Xbox Series X (All Access) Subscription Plan $46/Mo for 24 Months (Min. Cost $1104) (Ships June 30) via Telstra


Mine just got sent out, tracking from startrack, like last time it might only be availabel for the day.
This is the All Access subscription for 2 years at $46/pm, you can pay for one month and cancel, keeping the comsole at MSRP + 1 month of MSRP GPU, then continue with the cheaper GPU offers. Telstra will just bill you for the console & single month GPU.

Critical Info Summary

$763.79 (1 month + $717.92 remaining on your console) if you cancel straight after receiving

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    I am probably going to cancel my All Access in the first month and pay $763.79, I have 6 months currently via Eneba at $1/7d keys.
    I had to add each 7 day key individually, 14 day doesn't work, I think these codes came from Pringles in USA. Anytime you add a key, your sub is turned on for auto-renew.

    Eneba only lets you buy around 10 keys at a time and then makes you wait I think 24hrs between orders, if you want to test a couple just remember that.

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      10 keys at a time, yes. I bought half a dozen or so 10 code transactions in the space of a couple minutes a couple months back when those codes were on spesh.

      Finally actually put them all in the other day. A month or two shy of the 3 year limit once again.

      • So besides the annoyance of punching in so many codes, there's no issues on stacking on them with a current gpu account?

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          No issue, I have added about 20, most of which where to an existing sub. The 14-day however was not usable as it is the trial type. These 7-day ones are just normal time codes.

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          Nah cobba, you're all g.

          If it says, sorry, when it says the code has been used, you're more than likely fine. Check your account has gone up 7 days to be safe, but on my last 50 or so codes they all said that. I just went to Google, asked what 70 days after (current subscription end date) was and when I put in the 10 codes made sure it matched that date, which it did every time.

  • Is there any way to get on this plan without already being on a phone or internet plan with Telstra?

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      I have heard some people have had luck in-store without an existing account. I got a $15 data Sim on a month by month and cancelled straight away after placing my xsx order.

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        that's a good idea, worth a shot. Cheers

  • Do they have stock or is this a pre-order?

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      Right now it is in stock, I just got tracking info from startrack, when the order button changes to back-order this shipment will be done.

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      I ordered in December when Telstra was quoting a 4+ week wait. It was shipped the day after I placed the order. I’ve read of others here and over at Whirlpool having the same experience (shipped well ahead of time).

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      No stock.

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    I don't understand. What's the benefit of this vs just buying outright from Harvey Norman @749?
    Is it the month of access, or just getting the console sooner?

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      You would only want it from Telstra for two reasons, first is if it was the only available stock and second if you wanted to spread out the payments across 2yrs without a credit card or interest. But anyone on this site would know the $16/pm for GPU is a bit more expensive than what you can find elsewhere so mostly just stock availability.

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        Or you are a Telstra Alumni and get 10% off your bills.

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          or Telstra staff and get 25% off.

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      Stock availability and not giving Gerry any money.

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    No bonus points though? Bummer

    • You will still acrue 4600 points per month as you pay the bill.

      • Sorry that's supposed to be 460. It is 10 points per $ spent.

    • I didn't get any bonus points unfortunately.

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        You get points from making payments, internet, phone XSX but yeah no bonus points is a bummer.

        • They usually have a bonus allotment at the start of a new plan, like 10,000-15,000.

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          I'm talking the 30000 bonus points it was originally offered with that made it worth while

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            @Krondorf: Yeah pretty much a free controller

          • @Krondorf: I have 23,000 +30,000 would have been awesome. Last time I got that many from the direct debit offer, +50,000 they also had Nest Mini's for 2/15,000. I got half a dozen for x-mas presents.

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    Just to make sure I understand this correctly: You can cancel the GPU payment after the first month, but are you then forced to pay out the remainder of the value of the console? There's no way to just pay for the console hardware without GPU over 24 months?

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      That's correct, it's the system now for all Telstra plans, they only do "monthly" but if you don't stay on a plan while still paying off the device you have to fork over the rest of the device repayments straight away.

      The All Access plan is treated as a handset with GPU as the phone service.

      • Thank you for clarifying. Makes sense

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    I'm on this plan from launch, got the bonus points so a free controller… Game pass ultimate is awesome though no regrets..

    • How many bonus points? I didn't get any this time around, I got maybe 10,000 with my tablet from 2yr ago.

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        It was 70 or 75000

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        Xbox pre-order bonus +30,000

        • Yeah you are right, sorry. Not sure where I got the 70k from.

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    So if I sign up for this what happens with my existing GPU balance?

    I’ve currently got about 30 months worth of access using cheaper codes from Brazil, so don’t need that but would the existing balance stay there unused while this ticks along until I cancel?

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      That's a question I would love answered as well.

    • I know you can stack up to 36 months, I assume anything over that probably just disappears.

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      I have 2 years worth and the expiry date just keeps getting bumped up each month, it's basically on hold.

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        Thanks, that’s the way I read it it should work

    • So I had 8 months when I signed up, similar to above keeps getting bumped up by a month , I don’t know but thought there may be a limit like 12 months … anyway with that many months your just better off with retail purchase

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        Yeah I thought it was wait till 6 months left but no, the FAQ's on website say :-

        If you’re already an Ultimate member,
        wait until your existing membership has a
        prepaid balance that is less than 12 months
        before redeeming the
        24-month Ultimate membership through Xbox All Access.  You will be unable to redeem with more than 12
        prepaid months of Ultimate.

        To check your prepaid balance, go to your Xbox account.

        Note, once converted to Ultimate, Xbox Live
        Gold and other Game Pass memberships
        cannot revert.

        To find out more, visit the Xbox Game Pass page.

        And Yes I can still order according to webpage (maybe clicking tab gives a delayed delivery time?).

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    It's no longer on, they're out of stock.

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      It still says “order” and not “back-order” for me

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        I had an out of stock error and also a CS staff tell me it was out of stock, but I went into the page 2 minutes ago and was able to place an order so who knows.

    • It is still showing as available for me

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    Thanks OP. Bought one. Seems to be in stock.

  • I ordered at about 2:30pm (Central Aus time) and got a preparing to ship + tracking number today.

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    Placed an order earlier today and already have confirmation that ready to be shipped and tracking information. Finally decided to get one. Growing impatient with waiting for a PS5.

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      I just counted 385 playable games on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, many of those share save game with my PC and almost all with my Xbox One S. Some of the newer EA Games like FIFA 21 have 10hr playable time until it's in the normal EA Play.

    • yeah I am lucky I have a ps4 Pro I am not going to upgrade the playstation till the PS5 is fully stocked and no longer has a shortage.

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    Great news!
    Your order is in the queue.

    • you can order it but its a back order

      The Xbox Series X has been extremely popular. Place your order online for free delivery and to secure your spot in the queue. We expect delivery to take greater than 4 weeks.

  • Telstra are still allowing you to order this. It says shipping by June 30th. You don’t get the bonus points, you do get GPU for 24 months.

    I placed an order yesterday if that helps.

  • what is a "GPU 24 months" ?

    • Game pass ultimate subscription. You can cancel this straight away if you want.

  • I cancelled this and paid the early cancellation fee. Telstra now claim they have to cancel my game pass access as well.

    • The early cancellation fee should just be the rest of the console, not the subscription. $750 total + 1 month minimum.

      • Oh my mistake then. I thought if you cancel after 1 month you get console + 2 years Game Pass Ultimate.

  • ^^ But according to the FAQ's you WILL have to pay off the remaining 23 months of Xbox Ultimate AND the console cost straight away if you cancel the mobile account/SIM - also you lose all the Ultimate in the next month (it's a month-by-month thing through the console).

    It's sort of a 2 year loan payment through Telstra where you get the console and you pay the monthly Ultimate a month in advance? (including a console payment) BUT with whichever mobile plan on your monthly bill too.

    Due to lack of Series X availability it's Sort of worth it - but I will continue to try to win an X/S for maybe 6 months & then decide whether to try for 2nd hand refurbished or T access.

    I notice EB Games has pre-owned One X's with Premium? refurbishment for $398 and pre-owned PS4 Pro for the same price (the $298 one is a 500 GB PS4 not the Pro).

    • The 24 month payments are only locked in for the console, it's in their terms that the Ultimate subscription is entirely month-to-month, I have read the terms myself and confirmed with Telstra that is the case.

      Telstra no longer have non-handset fixed terms anymore for phones or devices, they let you pay only the phone off. The catch is that if you don't want the phone plan anymore you have to pay the hundreds left for just the handset upfront, which is enough to keep the customer for the contract term, without the former issue of owing for an intangible service not rendered.

      Vodafone switched to this model as well, not sure why Optus is still carrying service contract minimum length plans.

      • Ok re-read & agree - I think they changed to be more understandable - definitely used to give impression of All paid if cancelled.

        Now explicitly states that console payments remaining are owed And not the monthly Ultimate.

        Seems like a Great thing - I can get free Ultimate using Microsoft Rewards & already have a monthly Telstra mobile account so infinitely more useful to consider applying (for me & also the others who sign-up then cancel straight after activating their phone/1st month of Ultimate).

        Great, thanks.

        EDIT checked link thru mobile monthly link in FAQ's top option still SIM Only plan so yeah that's not a Pre-Paid so buying a new mobile is un-necessary? to order Series X links below :-

        Month-by-month -

        Top option SIM Only -

        • I got a post paid SIM and cancelled as soon as my Xbox order was placed, go into a Telstra store and you might not even need to as some people have been lucky this way.

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    Hopefully this saves others the pain but Telstra currently have no series x in stock. Make sure to chat with customer support before signing up for a sim to make use of this.

    • Lol unlikely they will have much stock since there i massive backlog of orders anyways!