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10% off All Gift Cards (Includes JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys etc.) - 1% Processing Fee @ The Card Network (Max Purchase $102)


T&Cs Apply. Enter code at checkout. limited to one use per customer. Available to AU customers only.

Combine with
10% off Apple Mac Computers @ JB Hifi

Participating Retailers
The Him Card Academy Brand, adidas, Aquila, ASOS, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Diesal, Drummond Golf, Edge Clothing, Foot Locker, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JB Sports, Neverland, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Store, Van Heusen, Xbox
The Her Card adidas, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Aveda, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Forever New, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Kookai, MAC, Nike, Platypus, Princess Polly, Seafolly & Sunburn, Showpo, Sportsgirl, Tiger Mist, Tony Bianco, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique
The Active Card adidas, Billabong, Camping World, Compleat Angler, Drummond Golf, Foot Locker, Giant, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, Merrell, New Balance, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Puma, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Sports Power, Surf Dive n Ski, The Athlete's Foot
The Home Card Adiars, House, JB Hi-Fi, Matchbox, MyHouse, PETstock, Provincial Home Living, Robins Kitchen, The Good Guys, Urban Home Republic, VIP Home Services, Wheel & Barrow Homewares, Zanui
The Kids Card adidas, ASOS, Booktopia, BOUNCE, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, H&M, Holey Moley, Hype DC, IMAX, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, New Balance, Platypus, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The Athlete's Foot, Toyworld, Xbox
The Teen Card adidas, ASOS, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, Glue Store, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Surf Dive N Ski, SurfStitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique
The Baby Card Adairs Kids, Baby Bunting, Booktopia, Purebaby, Ripe Maternity, The Trybe, Toyworld
The Online Card Sold out Adore Beauty, ASOS, Beginning Boutique, Culture Kings, eBay, Hello Molly, Princess Polly, Showpo, SurfStitch, Tiger Mist, UGG Express, White Fox Boutique, Zanui
The Cinema Card Use this gift card at cinemas that accept eftpos around Australia
The Pamper Card Use this gift card at salons, day spas and beauty clinics that accept eftpos around Australia
The Pub & Bar Card Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia
The Restaurant Card UUse this gift card at restaurants that accept eftpos around Australia

29/4 330pm: Max purchase amount is now $102.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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      • Online gift cards run out of stock (just generate more FFS!)

        From what I understand, they can't just generate digital gift cards. They buy them in bulk from the main company or have contracts in place and purchase. Once these are exhausted, they need to purchase more. That's probably why they enforced the limits (although ridiculous) to slow down and get more customers.

        If it was the main company selling them (such as how Woolworths sells gift cards direct to consumer), they would most likely be able to generate more easier.

      • (just generate more FFS!)

        Someone clearly doesn't understand how gift card reselling works. You really think they have unrestricted access to a vendor's gift cards? Ofc not, they have strict agreements in place, which can range from how many at a time they can purchase, to total limits altogether.

  • Far easier to wait for the supermarket promotions whereby you get x Rewards/FlyBuys points per card purchase. These generally equate to true 10% discount - no processing fees…

    • The supermarket promotions are generally limited in shops, not quite open to JB, TGG. They're good for eBay.

      • No, they run the promotions on either these cards or the Ultimate cards - various incarnations of each usable at JB etc. For example, this.

        True, it's not 10% off cash in hand, but if you regularly shop at the same supermarket, equates to exactly the same thing.

    • Really true 10% discount . I value them for some reason 5% below your true discount .

  • i can only purchase max 1 x 100 for each. Not worth it at all

    • You can use different email addresses or the various alias tricks if you have a gmail account

      • -1

        by various alias trick its just putting periods in your email lol.

  • So basically 9% off JB and TGG
    Would've been good to get it for eBay though..

  • +2

    Have been waiting for 4 hours for my second order, sent an email to TCN, got reply below


    Thank you for reaching out to TCN support.

    The order is now being processed and will be sent to the email [email protected] once the process is complete.

    Hope this helps.

    • i have the same reply. The rep promised I will get the card today… I don’t know if their system can do it.

  • I hope they don't make us send through our driver license like they did last year..

  • +1

    I bought two cards between 3:30pm and 3:45pm and got them right away.
    I've bought two more, one at 4pm and one at 5pm, using a different email service for each thinking that might help. Both of them are stalled in the order confirmation stage.
    I did call their customer support for the 4pm one and they said I will get the card later today. It seemed like a guess and didn't give me a lot of confidence.
    Even though I need more I think I will stop buying in case this delay becomes days, because I want to buy something in the next 24 hours and I don't want to tie up my time and money chasing digital gift cards that aren't shipping.
    I should have jumped on it when I could have bought one with $500 of value on it.

    • I bought one 500 at 12:45 and still waiting….

      • Damn. Strange that two of mine went through instantly later than that. Have you tried to contact them?

        • I called them twice and sent the email once. No reply from email.
          The call rep asked me to be patient….

  • +2

    I bought 13 cards, totaling $1250 in face value.

    Did so by adding +1, +2, +3…… at the back of my gmail address (but before the @gmail.com part!!!)

    All of them came through instantly. Added them to the phone with no issues. My wife's getting a "new" iPhone 11 on the weekend!!!!

    Word of advise, if you use gmail, you can add alias for your email address by adding + (plus) or . (dot) to your address. Anything after the plus sign or dot gets ignored by gmail servers, so they'll still go through to your normal email address.

    I used plus, but suggest you use dot, because in the later "send card link to phone number via SMS" stage, the plus addresses (which are pre-filled) result in an error saying it's an invalid address. Replacing the plus with a dot worked. If you used dot in the first place, you can save a tiny bit of work later.

    Good job to the OP, thank you!

    • +1

      I just did it with [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and so forth. So for the dot, I think you mean gmail servers ignore all periods before the @gmail.com.

      Though how are you intending to use so many gift cards in a single transaction?

      • Yes absolutely, thanks for correcting me. Gmail server ignores dots so don't add anything after the dots. With the plus sign, everything behind the plus sign gets ignored at the same time.

        They came through as MasterCards, so you add them to your Google Wallet/Apple Wallet and pay for the item by scanning multiple cards, surely JB can do it.

    • +1

      What time did you do this? I have two cards ordered that have not come through. One to a Gmail address and one to a Protonmail address. The ones I did earlier today to Yahoo and my work emails came through instantly.

      • I did it at around 4:30 - 5 pm.

        Have they arrived yet????

    • How many did you buy at a time mate?

      • The maximum I could do was $100 worth per transaction, so that's what I did.

  • If the bar cards are just mastercards, and they don't have a list of the bars that accept it, isn't it basically 10% off a mastercard you can use anywhere?

    • if you ever used a meals card from salary packaging, then you will know that it's not possible.

      basically 10% off a mastercard you can use anywhere?

      • But they say "any bar or pub" in Australia - surely they don't have a list of EVERY bar or pub in Australia?

        • +1

          This has come up before and businesses get a code based on what type of business they are, or something along those lines. If they're not registered as a pub/bar then it won't work. After downloading their app I was able to search for restaurants to use the card at, so they likely have a list too.

  • Ordering 4x$100 of the online Home GCs to use at JBHIFI…
    I've made the recipient email the same for each but using a different one to get the code to work,
    There's no reason they decline if you send them to the same email is there?…

  • Any ideas if you can you stack The Good Guys/Home cards? For like a $1000 fridge?

    • +1

      If you bought physical cards, yes.

  • A bit late to the party, but I'm interested in purchasing any cards that can be used at JBHiFi's online store (https://www.jbhifi.com.au). Can any of these cards be used directly on the website or do they need to be taken in store and then either used or converted fully to a JBHiFi Gift Card? Are they physical cards or digital cards? TIA

    • Too late. Online cards sold out.

  • What's a good electronic store to buy a heater? Jbhifi, Goodguys?

  • -1

    1% Processing Fee is a complete rip-off.

  • For my second order, I have applied the promo code” LAYBUY10” and it shows $90.90 at checkout. After I clicked ‘PAY NOW’ it suddenly shows $101 to me and a message popup “this code has been used. I closed the page immediately but the payment has been made.
    Danm, I email them but they blocked all the emails.

  • using the dot in the gmail 'hack' I've only received gift cards for two orders made around 7:30 tonight.. anyone else made any orders to a 'dot' gmail address after that and had them come through ok? thank you.

  • Bought two $500 at 12:30pm. One came through, the other hasn't. Have sent multiple emails and been on the phone for hours. Anyone know why one card wouldn't come through? Really f'd up my plans… lesson learnt.

  • +1

    Bought only 1 digital card. Order confirmation and invoice came through. Credit card showed paid. Half a day later, still no GC. Not the first time I have problem with TCN :-(
    The "Contact us" link in the Order has the email address "[email protected]", which of course auto-respond "Your message to [email protected] has been blocked. " when you try to contact. WTF!

  • No student card :(

  • -1

    I got the Apple Watch 6 40mm from the Good Guys for $474.25.
    $547 price match with Officeworks, $250 TCN card ($22.75) and $50 off with 28 degrees card (targeted deal)

  • Max purchase ruins this deal. Had $500 home card in cart but left too long. Disappointing TCN, ended up only getting a $100 pub card

  • +3

    Anyone currently not receiving their digital cards immediately?

    • yup.. I received 3 of them.. but not the rest.

    • +1

      I have received 4/12. And confirmation emails for 11/12.

      So will have to wait and see if they process overnight.

      • +1

        thx mate. was received 2h later

  • REPLY HERE IF YOU RECIEVED CARDS buying after 5pm on Thursday

    For anyone out there (and me) seeing if others had success in getting their cards :)

    Thanks in advance

    • I bought 2*100 for him cards around 4:30 and received them straight away

  • +3

    seems like the code is dead now

    • Ha. Was waiting till tmrw to buy the cards to let them sort out any issue. Unfortunate I guess :(

      • I reckon the promo code is for yesterday only. It's expired

  • +2

    Chatted with TCN on Facebook messenger. Got a reply fairly quickly.
    "I can see you have tried to place many orders using the LAYBUY10 discount code. With this, your orders are currently being 'checked. Your orders will either be accepted or rejected. If the orders are rejected you will be sent a notification via the email address you used for that order and the bank will reissue the funds back into your account
    Timeline hopefully by the end of today. But with so many orders much like yours, maybe by Monday. I cannot give you an exact ETA."

    Still holding out hope for extra orders being accepted, but I expect they will be canceled.

    • +1

      Cheers for the update.

      I just hope they get it done today, I don’t care that much if they cancel my orders.

      I just hope it’s don’t before Sunday when the Mac sale ends at JB where I was going to use them.

    • +2

      And…. canceled.
      The good thing is at least, there was no refund to process, they simply canceled the order and declined the transaction. Definite win there !

      • +2

        Yep, I was cancelled and refunded for the two digital gift cards I didn't receive. I had managed to get two before that though. So, $18 off my purchase at JBHiFi. Not great but better than nothing.

  • Just got an email that the order has been cancelled.

    • Same here.

    • Cancelled mine too, said unable to verify details

    • Same damn

    • Yep same here, which is BS, sounds like they oversold or miscalculated how many orders they would get

      • +1

        Sounds more like they are a shitty company who wanted a PR stunt.

    • Same for me. They said

      We take security very seriously, and a major part of that is ensuring that orders are placed by the legitimate cardholder. This keeps our customers, other credit card holders and TCN safe. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify this purchase, and it was declined out of caution.


    • same here

  • +1

    Your order has been canceled
    Thank you for your recent order with The Card Network (TCN). We’re emailing to inform you that we are unable to fulfill that order, and your credit card has not been charged. We take security very seriously, and a major part of that is ensuring that orders are placed by the legitimate cardholder. This keeps our customers, other credit card holders and TCN safe. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify this purchase, and it was declined out of caution. This is not a reflection on you as a shopper, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We understand that you have a number of options when making a purchase, and we’re sorry for this frustration. We invite you to revisit TCN and place your order again using details – such as phone number, email and billing address – that match the cardholder’s information. We will then re-evaluate it for fulfillment. Thanks for shopping at TCN. .

  • Glad I negged and it’s staying negged. This cancellation is so scummy of them.

    • -2

      negged as the handling of this is anything but scummy.. most scummy promoters would have accepted the money, sat on it for a while then returned it and garnered the interest from it all.. the immediate declination of sale and non acceptance of the money is the best possible handling. Your other comments just make you look negative because you missed out on this (and other) deals.

      • No sorry, they're still holding onto the money. Saying they're cancelling it doesnt mean squat if its still pending.

        And this is not only because of the cancellation, but the changes to the limits of promotion that went to $100, which didn't even let you buy $100.

        • I'd be interested if ANYONE out there hasn't had their money returned immediately, as all posts so far indicate that all moneys were returned immediately back to the cancelled buyer's accounts.

          Actually.. if people paid with PAYPAL then yes I can believe the money is being held - but that's PAYPAL doing it, not TCN. I paid with credit card and the payments were cancelled and refunded immediately this afternoon.

  • Bought a digital one to use and a physical one as a gift ($100 each). The physical one got cancelled. Oh well, I guess I can get them a better gift. I guess eventually I'll get the money back.

    • In the meantime they're keeping your money for the weekend.

  • +3

    Mine isnt canceled. Made one order of 10x$100 physical cards. cc is charged and moved from 'pending' to approved.


  • +1

    Lol cancelling all the cards. What a scummy 'promo'

    • +1

      Some people seem to have forgotten what happened with Coles has the 15% off sale before Christmas. Cards were taking ages to activate, shifting of goal posts to suit themselves and piss poor customer service.

  • Mine got cancelled as well…

  • Only one purchase of $100 went through.
    also got charged $1.32 Currency Conversion Fee??

  • +2

    I got my 10x$100 gift cards arrived in the mail via express post.