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Victa 82V Garden Tools Clearance @ Bunnings


Went to the Bunnings Rockdale, NSW Store and they are clearing out their Victa 82v Garden Tools (except the mower unfortunately).

82V Product Price Battery Included Stock at Rockdale
Brushless Blower $75.04 No 5
Pole Saw $95.14 No 2
Chainsaw $110.02 No 4
Hedge Trimmer $70.02 No 4
Hedge Trimmer Kit $150.02 Yes 1
2.0A battery kit with charger $90.02 Yes 0 (None in Sydney)
4.0A battery kit with charger $120.50 Yes 0 (None in Sydney)
2.0A battery $80.07 Yes 0 (None in Sydney)
4.0A battery $118.50 Yes 0 (None in Sydney)

Sure the prices will be the same for all SYD/NSW branches but best to call ahead for availability.

Not sure if it's the same in other states but no harm in asking! 😊

I have the mower and the blower and they are AWESOME! Just as good as Petrol without the smell. Just brought the Pole Saw today and kept the line trimmer head from my 80v system to use with it. Fingers crossed it works!

Good luck! 😊

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    • +3

      Where are you getting this from?

      The manufacturer of the engines went bust, but the quality is fantastic.

      Please share your source on this etc? Briggs + Stratton going bust has killed the line; but they were great tools.

      Incidentally, Marsden Park had a few out there last time i was there and so did dural.

      • my last victa purchase from bunnings

        two years already ive replaced the rear axle assembly and both wheel assemblies under warranty

        independently look for reviews of the current victa range available at bunnings and youll see problem after problem. after this one dies i'll never buy another victa mower again and thats from already owning a victa and a rover all running briggs & stratton motors in the past.

        • +1

          That's an unfortunate purchase for you, but not briggs & stratton right and not electric? Reviews on the 82v B&S seem to carry around 4.1 stars on the same site.

          Cheap petrol powered Victa stuff isn't in the same class as their 82v B&S powered range which this deal is for.

          • @MorriJ: $400 on a mower with plastic wheels and recurring faults is not a cheap purchase.
            id expect better from this brand …our last rover/briggs lasted 25 years

            • +3

              @franco cozzo: I regularly use the 82v stuff. Bigger property (2.3ha) and the 82v get an absolute workout.

              I get you got a shit petrol product from Victa and the wheels fell off. It's certainly not reflective of my experience with the 82v range, that's all.

              • @MorriJ: Which model did you buy?

                • +1

                  @jv: I've got everything in the 82v portable range except the backpack blower.

                  The chainsaws I highly recommend, I can't replace the blades for the cost of a new one at the moment and are my go to to get through the fallen trees that came down in the recent floods.

                • @jv: Sorry, I meant which model mower.

                  There's at least a couple of different ones that I've come across..

              • +1

                @MorriJ: I second this. I've got the 82v mower, whipper snipper, blower, chainsaw and edger. I've gone from a honda mower and stihl whipper snipper and chainsaw. For me the battery is way better. My lawn is about 400sqm at the back and 200 at the front. Works flawless for 18 months now. Would never go back to petrol.

            • +1

              @franco cozzo: I own and have used my 82v victa mower for about 3 years now with no issues whatsoever….

              steel deck with a powerful motor it is literally just an electric version of their petrol models
              makes the ego and most other electric mowers feel like cheap plastic toys

              not sure why plastic wheels are a concern here? what else would you want them made of? you are using this on grass….

              • -1

                @teh_gimp: because they break every bloody time…read the reviews
                what use is a lawn mower that you cant push anywhere?

                …and whats worse is the replacement wheels are just slightly redesigned with no significant changes to materials used
                its basically cheap nasty crap not designed to last more than a couple years at most

                even the cloth catcher is starting to fray at the seams. overall build quality is way down from what it used to be…i'll be lucky to get 5 years out of this thing i reckon and thats treating it with kid gloves

        • He came with receipts

        • +4

          Those reviews are wheely bad !!!

  • 82V?! That’s powerful

    • +1

      Not really, it depends on how much current they draw too…

      • Technically you are correct, but in reality the more current you draw, the more losses you encounter (and any given cell can only deliver so much) - hence higher voltage is generally capable of delivering more power.

        So yes, 82V is indeed exceptionally high for a battery.

      • Currents pretty high. The mower has a 1200w bldc motor, and the hedge trimmer has a 500w bldc motor I'm pretty sure.

  • +2

    These are great. I've used these from in the past. Whipper Snipper and Mower are much more powerful than any of the electric garden tools that I've used.

    • Thanks for linking that website, it would have saved me some money on tools I've bought from Bunnings and used once.

      Shame they are only at Southbank though.

  • Anyone got the part numbers for the hedge trimmer stuff? I'd like to check stock availability in QLD.

    • go to the bunnings nz site. they still sell them, same item numbers, so grab the item number and plug into powerpass.

      Marsden park has a bit of a range, i think i got my hedge trimmer kit from dural though (120 with 1 2.0ah battery). <- get your item numbers there, plug into powerpass

      • Don't you need a Powerpass account to use that app?

        • Correct, you do. i can lookup your nearby stores if you want. The items are no longer listed on the website, so you can't do an item lookup there.

          You can phone your local if you like of course and give them the item numbers from the nz site etc.

    • +2

      FYI, It is so heavy you will barely be able to use it. I am a reasonably strong 40 yo male and I do petrol hedging a couple of hours most weekends. This device is way too heavy for anyone. Super powerful, and super useless. The mower is good.

      • +1

        Well put.
        I'm all for more power, and I hate saying 'thats too heavy for me!' but if you're using tools they need to be light enough to use without straining yourself, otherwise your accuracy goes to shit and you end up exhausted.

        The battery alone reminds me of a brick. But yeah for power you can't get better with battery powered.

        • +1

          Honestly I just laughed when I lifted this monster. With the battery, at a guess, I would say it would be north of 8kgs.

    • +1

      Virginia had one in stock, which I purchased (sorry) :(

  • Poor support from Victa for this range, it’s like they wanted easy money (since it’s simply rebranded American)
    Ego 56V is waaay better

    • +1

      Ego 56V is waaay better

      I looked at one instore a few weeks back.

      Felt really cheap and not designed really well.

      You can't walk easily behind it without knocking your shins into the catch.

      • Nope. Suggest you look at Oz Tool Talk
        Pretty much EGO gets the gong against any other battery garden tools

        • Not from a usability perspective.

          Have you used an EGO?

          I tried one in the store and wasn't overly impressed.

          It would be very uncomfortable mowing a large area…

          • @jv: I have their entire basic garden tool range (without pole extensions)
            I have the self propelled mower
            They also have a 10 amp hour battery = 560 watts
            Victa only do 4 amp hour = 328 watts

            • @Boogerman: Watt hours not Watts
              ie Storage Capacity not power output capacity

              • @ESEMCE: Just comparing specs of the EGO top of the line blower is more powerful (234kmh) & pushes through more air over time (16.3m3/min) than the top Victa blower, for one tool example
                When I was deciding on ditching my Ryobi 18v range a couple of years ago for a serious garden tool range I undertook a decent comparison, before going with EGO. I learnt that voltage isn’t everything

            • @Boogerman: So how do you push the mower without knocking your shins into the back of the catch that extends way too far???

              • +1

                @jv: It’s never an issue
                My guess is you didn’t extend the push handle

        • +2

          I'm with jv
          EGO looks and feels cheap.
          They also don't disclose their power output which is a massive red flag to me.
          The Cells in a 56V battery have to push a whole lot more current to achieve the same power output as the cells in an 82V battery. So either they're working the cells harder, or their motor is nowhere near as powerful as the Victa… Either way, it's another negative.

          Oz Tool Talk also rate the Victa Mower highly from what I can see.
          Take their reviews with a pinch of salt too, only 39k subscribers, so they're either making money from undisclosed sources or they're just doing it for the fun (which seems unlikely)

          • @ESEMCE: Even the USA YouTube channel reviews rate EGO the best in a lot of tests (eg Workshop Addict IIRC)
            I would rather take an original manufacturer over rebranding
            And EGO has a wider range

            • @Boogerman: But this deal is for Victa 82v equipment - you can't get the EGO tools for anywhere near these prices, so why even mention them ?

              • -1

                @Nom: Lol. I've got the ego basic mower, blower, line trimmer, two batteries and two chargers for $0.

                Gumtree bulk buys + flogging off the unnecessary stuff.

                (And I'm allowing $20/hr of my time in that net $0 price)

                PS: The victa is probably good too

          • @ESEMCE: I was sceptical about ego too. The misses bought the mower and line trimmer 6 years ago. Mower does 5 suburban blocks a fortnight 3 of these Kikuyu. Mower is rock solid and not at all flimsy. Trimmer gave issues after 4.5 years but was covered under the 5 year warranty. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Chain saw is pretty good too. Highly rated by project farm on YT. Mower is good for all but Kikuyu that has been let grow too long in spring. I scalp my lawn once a year with an old petrol Mower and then have no issue mowing for the rest of the year with the ego. I hope this helps.

      • +3

        Got the mower, blower, and line trimmer. They're absolutely sensational. Yes they're plastic, but still extremely solidly built and lighter too because of it.

  • +5

    These have been on clearance for months now, but as an owner of a mower, trimmer and polesaw, I can say these are quality battery items. Ignore secondhand reports..

    • +1


      Owner of 3x chainsaws, pole pruner, several whipper snippers, blower and the victa 82v cart. Fantastic products, disappointed the engine manufacturer went broke.

      That said; I've gained 2 chainsaws, blower and pole saw for sub $400 in the past 4 months; so price is a big winner.

  • Anyone know how to convert the battery to work in Kobalt? I think the ridges on the edge are different.

    • +1

      Similarly, are these 82V batteires same as previous 80V Victa batteries or do they have different ridges again?

    • Think you have to chisel or dremel the plastic "guide" off whatever device you are inserting into rather than modding the battery.

      • Mine came with 2 batteries. One still works fine. If i modify the device and charger, will it then work for both batteries?
        Does removing the guide make it harder to insert?

        • I haven't modded mine yet as I started to butcher the plastic with the blunt chisel I was using. Here's another vid showing a different tool and success.

          You can see that a set of guides remain so the batteries should still fit in well.

          I just saw the battery mod videos. Modding the battery would be the best approach however more precision and tools are needed.

    • +1

      I milled out new keyways to match the 82v batteries to the 80v victa line, would be no different with the kobalt battery.

      When I dismantled both the 80v and 82v batteries - they both were identical right down the the battery management PCB revision and part number.

      • Could I open up the 82V battery and insert it in to the skin of my old Kobalt 80V battery, since the batteries are the same.

        • I can't comment on doing it with a kobalt battery as I've never owned one, but if I had them in front of me I'd give it a try. You'll need a T10 security torx. 4x screws and swap the battery and attached faceplate into the other case.

          • @savagethree: I think the shell interiors were made intentionally to not quite fit. I know someone who gave it a shot and then 3d printed a new shell.

            • @MorriJ: They were made to be different, probably to stop using competitors batteries in their skins.

              Here's a link showing roughly I done to make the batteries fit other manufacturers products. This guy used a table saw, I used a little cnc milling machine but same principle.


      • +1

        So the 82V and 80V batteries aren't physically the same, I mean in terms of being able to interchange the batteries across products, but the innards are the same?

        And this is why you shouldn't buy this Victa range, because Victa deliberately make the packs incompatible. They obsoleted the 80V range about 5 years ago and then 2 years later bring back an almost identical product with different battery casing so you can't re-use with the new generation. Gues what will happen in another year or 2? They'll bring the prodcust back with another battery casing change. Pathetic. We shouldn;t support this behaviour.

    • +8

      You'll be back though. You know it, they know it, OzBargain knows it.

      • +1


      • I will go to bunnings just not that particular bunnings and if being honest i have only had bad experience with him only at that store.

        • ROFLMAO

        • There was an attendant at the tool shop at my local Bunnings who was always in a bad mood, the default was always grouchy to all the customers, and that was just for sales!

          In any case, there's a photo of almost all staff at the front, and I could only see 3 older guys with glasses. Paul, Tom, Sam.

  • Can someone please send me a photo or screenshot for the Victa Hedge Trimmer for $70?

    • +1

      Call bunnings Rockdale and they can verify the price 😉

      • I bought from QLD and they wouldn't price match another bunnings. Would you have a pic or screenshot to prove the price. I would like to use that to claim price protection from my credit card, if possible.

  • +1

    NOthing in qld

  • +1

    +1 For the effort involved in drawing up that table

  • +4

    For those curious; bunnings will ship items to you if you phone the store. It's standard practice. I live in the bush; so no "delivery" option available online etc, but if i phone a store, they will box it and sent it to you at basically their cost price.

    You don't need to be local to the store either; - I live 65mins north west of sydney and have had Ashfield and Alexandria ship me items that were on sale.

    If you can't make it into a bunnings with stock, phone up, ask for the trade desk, explain you need item xyz with item code abc and what will it cost to have it shipped.

    They will take payment over the phone and ship it out.

  • There's an 82v product line (called Snapper) in the US that has additional accessories and spare parts that aren't stocked here in Australia. Things like cultivators and a vaccum. The batteries may be keyed differently similar to the different key ways on the original victa 80v and kobalt lines compared to their 82v line that was relaunch a few years ago - and now discontinued.

    • Given Snapper is in US, is it keyed the same as the old Lowe's/Masters Kobalt?

      • Going off the photos on their website they look to be keyed the same as our victa 82v.

  • Can anyone with a PowerPass account see stock in Qld on the 82V blower? Item number is 3381104. Otherwise if there's stock somewhere in NSW would be good to know - I'll see if they can ship it.

    Would also like to know about 3381098 and 3381097 - any stock anywhere on PowerPass? Thanks!

  • -1

    Gladesville NSW still had 3x Trimmer skins this afternoon around 12pm, I picked up the last Trimmer with battery kit.

    Hoxton Park NSW still had 3x blower skins around 3pm, I pick up the last blower with battery kit .

  • +1

    I manage to get 5 x 2ah 82v batteries today $55 each and 1 chainsaw skin $50
    Batteries. $80.7 but I asked to pay less chainsaw was $110 I asked for better price as all VIctor 82v range is quit stage 2

    • Could you explain what "quit stage 2" means?

      • +1

        First u have a live item … items that r regularly sold at bunning …
        Then items go deleted then after 6 months
        They go quit stage one
        Then after another 6mths they go quit stage 2

    • Which branch did you find 5 batteries? 😊

      • Canberra bunnings

        • Wow! Fancy selling one? 😊

  • Bennetts Green has an 82V mower left, but that's it.
    Kotara, nothing.

  • Picked up the last pole pruner from Ashfield NSW ($65). One mower left there.

    • How much is the mower? Kit or skin?

      • Sorry didn't inquire. Just noticed it sitting at the back end of the aisle.

        • The mower prices are not being dropped unfortunately.

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