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Xiaomi Viomi A9 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $199.95 (Was $399) + $9.95 Shipping @ Xiaomi Australia


Xiaomi Viomi A9 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner A$199.95 (Was A$399) Mothers Day Deal
From https://www.mi-store.com.au/

3 power modes - 10 minutes at max power, 30 minutes at medium power, 60 minutes at eco power
Replaceable Battery - Don't stop to recharge, simply replace the battery and finish cleaning in one go (Battery available for purchase soon)
Headlights on the front brush to see the dust & dirt, ensuring you won't leave any missed spots
100000rpm brushless motor with a high-speed roller cleaning - designed for maximum carpet and hard floor pickup
Separate motor inside the main brush attachment - This increases absorption of dust and penetration into thick carpet and floor gaps or cracks
23000Pa with 120W suction power - Strong enough to pick up screws, nuts, wet garbage & dust all without clogging the nozzle or the dust collection area
4 separate nozzle attachments included - Switch and swap easily with one click to suit every situation

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Bought it, cheers.

  • +5

    Anyone used it reviews?

  • This is better than my $1000 dyson v10………..

    • +2

      How so?

    • +1

      That's all you had to say… Bought one..

      • +8

        plot twist. he works for xiaomi

        • +4

          plot twist he works for dyson and hates his job

          • +1

            @BoomTetrisForJeff: plot twist, he/it is a sales bot (exist to post good reviews in comments to make people buy).

    • +3

      I find that EXTREMELY hard to believe.

        • +22

          Discriminates against vampires and shift workers, should be called rotation.

          • +6

            @Hank Scorpion: That discriminates against the jobless and objects with a non rotational symmetry. Should be called epoch.

  • +3

    How longs the warranty?

    • +187

      29.7cm, it's just a standard A4 page.

      • +2

        Haha, yes. Unless it's digital ;)

    • +1

      Hi, we offer a 12-month warranty.

      • Compared to the mighty Dyson V11 outsize, how's A9 suction?

  • +5

    How does this compare to the Xiaomi Dreame V9?

    • -5

      RRP prob 250ish on ebay

    • +1

      Replaceable battery seems like a plus.

      • ehhh better get price and availability of the battery , the australian web site said "battery coming soon" ….didn't have a date ….. Ali also didn't have battery in the store.

        • You can get it on ali

        • +1

          Hi, the A9 battery replacement ETA is currently the End of June. We will update that on the A9 listing now and on the Battery listing (once created this week).

        • Hmm more expensive than the A9 battery. Also, it's not a quick click in/out replacement like the A9 I guess.

  • Gimmick or actual deal?
    Seriously curious

    • -3

      Gimmick may be.

    • +14

      Feel free to decide for yourself.
      This sells for $249.90 on eBay, or less with codes.
      This was posted last week for $199.99.
      The $399 price is about as real as unicorn dust.

      • +13

        WTF? Previous deal had shipping included and only 6 upvotes.

        • +6

          This fact makes this post a gimmick

        • +3


          Also it's from Xiaomi not eBay which is more legit to people.

          Still it's a vacuum not many people have tried so a bit of unknowns.

        • Gone are the days when the amount of up-votes expresses the value of a deal.

          That said, this isn't a bad deal, just not what I'd call a real Ozzy bargain.

          • @Ebany: its because the other one requires ebay plus Id say.

      • wtf and this one out of stock already

        • Says in stock when I visit the link.

    • +3

      Thanks all for the feedback, great to hear all you're thoughts regarding the deal.
      The eBay deal was only for eBay plus members, however, we did expect a bigger uptake overall. The A9 sits in between Dreame V10 and V11, in terms of specs so comparing the prices, $199 is very good. Viomi is a new brand here in Australia, so we want to give our first buyers a great value deal for taking the somewhat risk of a new brand.

      • +4

        Would the Viomi A9 not sit between the Dreame V9 and V10?

        A9 has higher kPa…………………Dreame V9 20kPA….Viomi A9 23kPa…Dreame V10 22kPa
        V10 has higher airwatts…………..Dreame V9 120aw…Viomi A9 120aw…Dreame V10 140aw
        V10 has higher input power………Dreame V9 400w…..Viomi A9 400w…..Dreame V10 450w
        V9 & V10 have larger dust bin ……Dreame V9 0.5l…… Viomi A9 0.4l…….Dreame V10 0.5l
        A9 has one click cleaning V9 & V10 need to hold the trigger in

        Does the A9 have a carpet head option?

        • Does the A9 have a carpet head option?

          And also does it have a flexible hose option like the V10?

        • +1

          Hey Blackrose, thanks for that, and I see what you're getting at. I don't disagree because you raise some valid points, and I agree that the difference between V10 and A9 is quite small, i.e A9 better suction pa but worse AW, and 50W less power, but has the 1 click and replaceable battery etc. No A9 doesn't have a specific carpet head, but the head is good for both carpet and hard floors.

          My initial deep dive put the functionality of A9 above V10, so that's why I personally think it's better, but biased because it suits my needs/wants better. V10 might suit others better and so they'd put it above… I think you get what I'm saying haha. How about we just leave it at them being similar and people can choose the product that best suits them?

  • +11

    My mum is going to hate me for buying this for mothers day until I tell her I got it for a bargain

    • tell her she can gift it to her daughter in-law if not happy.

  • I would’ve probably bought but went for the much blander Makita stick vac from total tools for $160

    • Link? I have heaps of makita batteries, this would be awesome

    • Whats the battery capacity? 1.5 A ?
      How is the suction power ?

      • I can’t say as it was for my child that lives in another city in an appartment. They are happy with it though

    • +3

      I have a makita stick myself. Its just a rubbish in comparison to something like this.

    • I wouldn't bother, they're a crap vacuum.

      Source: Dad got 1 for Mum years ago for spot cleaning but its useless, wont even suck dust/hair up..

  • 23000Pa

    Better than dreame V9 i guess

    • Seems to be better than V10 (22000) but worse than v11(25000)

      • which is the better measurement Pa or Airwatts, Viomi A9 and Dreame V9 both 120aw, Dreame v10 140aw

      • v11 no replaceable battery.
        trade off

  • +1

    Can the brush head be used on both carpet and hard floors?

    • OP - i also wanna know this?

    • +1

      Hi, yep it can be used for both. We have a great video on our listing that shows the A9 in use compared to other products on a variety of floors & situations.

    • +1

      Can even use on bare skin

  • 62 upvotes , must be better than dreame right ?

  • +3

    Does this has a press and hold the run button to operate, or does it have a toggle switch (press once on then release to use, then press gain to turn off)?

    My wife complains about the Dreame V9 because her fingers get sore from holding down the button while vacuuming.

    • +2
      • Where can I buy one of those?

        Also, how much is it delivered to Sydney Australia?


        • You need to 3d print it, the print file is in the link

        • +2

          Just give the slt file to office works and get them to print it.

    • +1

      use this, (similar)…


      a velcro to strap the button down, job done, no more sore finger.
      Feel free to use a cheaper brand, i just got mine from bunnings and never looked back.
      also don't need any 3d printers, and more.

    • +2

      On the website it says:

      "Start cleaning with one click, no need to press for a long time. In the past, the vacuum cleaner mostly used a jog design, and the users index finger kept pressing the button to start the cleaning function. VIOMI handheld vacuum cleaner can continue to clean as long as the user presses once, making housework easier."

  • +4

    How does this compare to the Dyson V7/V9 ?

  • +1

    If anyone has done any research / watched any reviews on this compared to a Xiaomi Dreame V9 or Xiaomi Dreame V10, I'd be interested in your opinion!

    Also curious as to what sort of head this one comes with? Is it like the Dreames where you have to pick between a carpet or hardwood floor (or get both), etc.?


    • +6

      I watched this video comparison and thought it was very helpful. The Viomi came out looking great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sdTYkSDSxU

      • +1

        So did the roidmi.

        The dreame was rather crap.

    • V10 comes with a flexible hose if that's important to you. A9 doesn't.

    • +9

      Yeah, they are definitely very interested in how you vacuum your house.

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