Steeldive 1970 (Seiko Auto NH35) from US$83.30 + GST (~A$117.00) Delivered (No Logo on Rubber) @ STEELDIVE AliExpress


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  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 44mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 13.5mm
  • Seiko Auto Movement NH35 (Hacking & Hand Winding)
  • Ceramic Unidirectional Bezel
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet with Solid End Links
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Water resistant - 200 metres

Is The Steeldive 1970 The Best Seiko 6105 Homage?
STEELDIVE 'Captain Willard' Review | BEST Vintage Seiko 6105 Homage! £150 WATCH?!

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  • Legend! Actually looking at getting one of these and was almost going to pay $155 aud

  • gee whiz 44m..

  • I have to jump in with my opinion on this watch as a collector and that is, GET IT

    Best made, awesome lume,NH35 work horse, ceramic bezel and sapphire glass, this thing make a mockery of $500+ Seiko's!

    Downsides are almost none, you can upgrade the clasp to a full CNC on Aliexpress for <$15 if you get the metal band and its a hackers delight as the dials and hands as well as straps are aplenty and the usal expense like plexiglass and aluminium bezel inserts are a thing of the past!

    I got some Omega hands and a SEIKO branded wave dial to mod on mine. So its custom to my liking but Im thinking of buying a second and leaving as is.

    This is the best bang4 buck auto! The NH35 has hacking and hand winding and build quality and alignment of everything was perfect (seiko should be ashamed for how they ship all the watches as until you go GRAND they really dont give a shit IMO) DHL direct to your door in DAYS from China & awesome customer service (they have sent me spare links and another watch they incuded a free NATO)

  • I have this watch and love it on a vintage waffle strap. Wears well on my 6 inch wrist even though on paper it really shouldn't (Probably because of its relatively small lug to lug length of 47mm). Overall, great watch. Would recommend. Also, lume is insane.

  • Amazing specs for that price

  • In the video around the 6:30min, the guy said accuracy was +8 sec per day for him !! Isn't this 1 min per week ? Not good if we need to set the time so often.

    • Don't look at autos then - stay with quartz. It looks like most people here know what they're into (enthusiasts).

      • Yea just looked it up and seems accuracy varies greatly with automatic watches according to

        • I'm a philistine who likes quartz. I could easily live with the accuracy of autos, because usually there is still the date to deal with. All those months that don't have 31 days - I have to reset my watches. While doing this I resync the time, to the second. It would be exactly the same if I had autos.

          Digitals are the exception: I still resync them too every now and then.

          Most people into watches are into autos, with a passion. I'm guessing they'd know their watches (as you saw in the review) and they would be kept accurate.

          • @poohduck: My autos are never wound. I have about 6 of them, but only wear watches a few times a week (don't bother when I'm in the home office). Every time I pick one up to put it on I quickly give it a few winds and set the time.

            Quartz is easier, and cheaper, but there's nothing interesting about it. My phone keeps perfect time as it syncs to an internet time service, but I like watches for the novelty.

    • A 10k omega will give the same performance. It's very reasonable for a mechanical watch.

    • It evens out. Over a months with daily ware you might be 10 seconds out one way and 8 seconds out the other way. Like I said it evens out! Set according to your mobile and cheek every 3 months

      Generally it’s bloody good and you can adjust it if inclined

  • Stock is getting low, here is the 2nd biggest seller - Diver Watch Factory Store.

    Don't forget the $10 cashrewards on top of 5%, ends midnight tonight.

  • Did some research - which of a number to buy. This one or an SD 1954.

    Various buying options on ali express and alibaba.

  • Great watch, I've got the steeldive sd1976 watch (halios clone)
    Great build quality

  • Dumb question but is with or without logo what you guys recommend haha

    • Personal preference. But I know what you mean, it's hard to decide haha.

    • With. The steeldiver logo looks great and my other without it looks weird. It’s the one that’s getting the seiko new face & it’s why I tried the no-logo look

      Might mod the old face when it’s out too

      Blue over the black usually. The green looks great in the flesh too but blue is amazing and stands out. My MM300 steel diver is blue and with the better clasp it’s outshine even $2000 watches I’ve bought

      • How does the green stack up versus black? I'm keen on the green for something different, but one of the linked reviews suggested the green ring doesn't really work well with the dial. Thoughts?

      • Any link to the MM300?

        • The Proxima MM300 is superior to the Steeldive version. The finishing on the Proxima is outstanding. The SD has a flawed crown stem issue and cannot be accessed easily, so it is prone to breaking. Of course only an issue if you need to modify the dial, adjust or replace the movement. There are videos on YT. Proxima also send you QC photos and a timegraph measure before they ship. Apart from the basic Seiko movement, same as the one in the post, the Proxima is up there with many of my watches over over 1k.

  • i prefer pagani design

  • Haha After covid hit, i rarely wore my auto watches anymore due to needing to wind it every time, since i would wear it only like once to twice a week…..
    Any preferred watch winders? (2 of my autos are quite expensive and heard some bad horror stories with el'cheapo winders)

    • Eco solution. Tie one to the dog when you go for walks!!!

    • Doesn't take long to reset it, watch winders are a bit pointless and expensive and wear out the watch quicker. Great wear it more often!

      This one looks good spec for a generic, don't like the shape of the housing that much. Wonder for long it would last, for that price you'd run it in to the ground so perhaps quartz is better.

      Just sent my oris off for a service, thought I'd better after 8y. Not cheap but still pretty reasonable $500 returned. It's either that or I'd be up for a an overhaul, as the oils and stuff can dry out.

      • they don’t do a quartz version with the sapphire glass and ceramic bezel , might be because when you replace batteries it might not be pressure tested and leak ….. beauty of ecodrives diver …..never replace batteries so no pressure testing.
        i’d prefer quartz …..grabbed an auto to see what ceramic bezels are about ……

        • Yes, Sapphire crystal and ceramic bezels are a great combo and desirable, not usually associated with most entry level watches. Keeps your watch looking new. Scratch resistant but still be mindful that the bezels can get damaged with impacts. Both my divers have that combo and it's great (also got a blue on blue Tissot seastar powermatic 80 that's quite striking.

          Just saying quartz probably easier to maintain in the long term but you're right there's probably a fee to re-pressurise when changing batteries. Maybe ok for non divers.

          I think ~43.5mm is the biggest I'd go for smallish wrists but depends on the watch and how the lugs abs strap sit. Rubber straps are pretty good.

    • Why not wear it all the time? I wear my divers all the time even into the shower.

  • Is there a defacto choice to replace the Watch pins as he mentioned… perhaps a link and I’ll grab them at the same time from AE.

  • When placing order put requests in the comments section on checkout. Works for me and I now have 3 and might buy another to mod

    • What sort of requests do you put in when ordering?

      • Hewwo

      • well, if you have a LARGE wrist, a couple of extra links (most will be taking links out of the stand included metal band) and you can ask for an extra strap too. If they can give you links they usually give you a NATO as that will fit anything and its HQ.

  • Only thing I don't like are those square markers on the dial, I prefer round. Considering grabbing this anyway as it looks pretty impressive for the price. Is this similar dimensions to a Turtle?

  • Didn't need it. Bought it.

  • Share your watch? What do you mean?


    A bit cheaper and still have the no logo option

  • Wish I could convince myself to take the gamble on this, but my previous SD was pretty poor quality. I'm not doubting the genuine compliments here, maybe the other model was entirely different, but the bezel was a disaster (feel, inconsistent clicks, sloppy) and the screw down crown was easily the worst I've ever felt… Thread would grind, almost impossible to push or pull it accurately to the date setting.
    It looked great, trusty movement and sapphire, but I couldn't swallow the other flaws so flipped it.
    I'm a consistent flipper, and mainly only play in the budget segment, so I'm probably too fussy. But I'll go back to Orient or similar in this area I think, for overall quality and build.
    For reference, my Cadisen at almost half the price is far better quality, but obviously a completely different style (dressy). And a higher price point San Martin was close to impeccable, though like Orient, I wasn't a fan of the logo.

    • Which model did you get? Just curious, as I'm browsing other Steeldive watches at the moment.

  • Price has dropped even more, updated the post.