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8" Bandsaw 350W $129, Belt/Disc Sander 450W $149, Wood Lathe 550W $169, LED Worklight 50W $40 @ ALDI Special Buys


Wood working specials https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-15-...

Store stock levels can be checked after 24 hrs from the sale date using https://www.stockcheck.aldi.com.au/

8" Bandsaw 350W $129
80mm cutting capacity
Table adjustment: 0° to 45°
Table size: 300mm x 300mm
Saw blade length: 1400mm
Cutting height: 80mm at 90°
Throat depth: 200mm
Saw table can be pivoted from 0° to 45°

Belt and Disc Sander 450W $149
0°-90° belt tilt
150mm(DIA) sanding paper
Sanding belt: 100mm x 914mm
Side table size: 195mm x 136mm
This sturdy bench top Belt and Disc Sander is the perfect tool for all your at home sanding needs
Note: WA only: the belt and disc sander might be delayed according to https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buystm-produ...

Wood Lathe 550W $169
Sturdy aluminium construction
Max. workpiece diameter: 250mm
Max. workpiece length: 600mm
An ideal wood lathe for beginners right up to the experienced
The perfect machine for all your home projects

LED Worklight 50W $39.99
Aluminium casing with carry handle and rear socket
4500Lm (dimmable)
Wide area illumination
3m cable
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Quick release & F clamps

Set A: Quick Ratcheting Bar Clamps
2 x small (105mm x 200mm)
Steel bar: 3mm x 8mm
Clamping pressure: 200N
Contact pressure (approx.): 11kg
Weight (approx.): 73g per unit
2 x medium (155mm x 345mm)
Steel bar: 5mm x 18mm
Clamping pressure: 400N
Contact pressure (approx.): 18kg
Weight (approx.): 470g per unit
All Quick Ratcheting Bar Clamps with reversed handles

Set B: Quick Ratcheting Bar Clamps
2 x large (310mm x 495mm)
Steel bar: 5mm x 18mm
Clamping pressure: 400N
Contact pressure (approx.): 18kg
Weight (approx.): 570g per unit
All Quick Ratcheting Bar Clamps with reversed handles

Set C: F Clamps
2 x clamps (200mm x 50mm and 300mm x 80mm)
1pc screw clamp F-form – 200mm x 50mm, with screw thread
Clamping width 200mm, throat 50mm
Clamping pressure: 1700N
1pc screw clamp F-form – 300mm x 80mm, with screw thread
Clamping width: 300mm, projection 80mm
Clamping pressure: 2700N
Weight: 1.2kg
Metal rails made of carbon steel
Clamping jaws made of cast black steel
2 component handles

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  • +2

    Nice, interested to see what Bunnings replies with as I still have a few Christmas Bunnings vouchers to spend.

    Wouldn't mind seeing a price match on this: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-370w-belt-and-disc-sander_...

    The bandsaw they will probably match the Ozito (https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-200mm-250w-bandsaw_p003583...) even though it's much less powerful.

    • +3

      I noticed Bunnings took the Ryobi bandsaw off the website a few days ago. They've only matched the Ozito in the last few years.

      Should probably get a price match on the Ryobi belt sander as they've done in the past though as there is no Ozito offering.

      • In previous deals did they just price match through the website or did you need to negotiate in store?

        • +2

          Bunnings drop the price of their Aldi equivalent Australia wide on the website
          Expect the change any day now

      • I notice Bunnings doesnt seem to be price matching anymore….


        • +3

          Patience, grasshopper

          • @Boogerman: Hey presto, you're right! Bunnings dropped the Ozito Bandsaw from 149 to 129 in the last day or so.

        • if they do match the bandsaw it will be with the lowly ozito bandsaw, not the ryobi one

          • +1

            @mtg: Yeah that's what I said above - although it's a cop out because the power is so much lower

    • +1

      i got my sander at a great price 2 years ago https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/37385/76665/sander.jpg
      and a table saw as well :) https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/37385/76664/tablesaw.j...

      i can't complain for the price

  • Might get some more bar clamps, seems reasonably priced

    • +1

      Have you used them before? I've had some cheap ones that weren't worth using because they released with a big of vibration. I've got some big nasty cast iron G clamps that are about 50 years old, but I would love something a bit easier.

    • +1

      Mate got some last time and said they weren't good enough to be called junk.

      • I got some a few years ago, the large ones are just ok, the small ones are bad. Hopefully they’ve improved in quality.

      • +1

        EXACTLY the same experience with me and those POS clamps …Could not have worded it better (above)

    • Aye Same here.

      Could do with a few light duty ones to supplement the medium duty ones I already have.
      More so as an 'extra hand' then holding anything major. Surely they can't be that flimsy…

      • You can get a 4 pack of small Irwin quick clamps for $30 at Bunnings. Good price and good clamps, but they're only 150mm.

    • I use them for small jobs, for the price they do a great job.

      • Yeah, I use the quick clamps all the time for small jobs to hold things in place that don't need a lot of pressure and when I only have one hand. They're great for that purpose.
        If you need proper clamping pressure they aren't the clamps for the job.

    • They are absolute trash. The bar gets pushed out of the mechanism into the plastic sidewall and they don't work anymore.

      Don't waste your money.

    • I got the bar clamps a year or so ago from Aldi. The quality is trash. The jaw broke on one clamp the first time I used. Second one didn't last too long either.

      F clamps might be worth a look.

  • +3

    Anyone given the lathe a go before?

    • +1

      I'm tempted, despite definitely not needing one. Main thing holding me back now is that it probably needs a fair bit of dedicated bench space, which I don't have

      • -1

        They should have one set up in store so you can try it out, just bring your own block of timber.

      • +4

        I'd save your money, look for something better quality second hand.

        A lathe needs to be heavy and stable to minimise vibrations. An aluminium bed falls well below the mark.

      • HaHa! You're definitely getting one!

    • You would have to bolt the lathe down to a solid bench…

    • I have some lathe work to do but was thinking of just going to the local Men's Shed which has it all set up, the tools etc, likely even the wood.

      The price here was tempting as Men's Shed do have a $100 or so yearly fee, but just another piece of equipment that will take space until I have a use for it again.

      • +2
        • this for the men’s shed

        You’ll also be supporting a good local organization.

      • +3

        Wish there was a women's shed. I'd like to use those tools too.

  • +9

    I've got their bandsaw. Can confirm it's proven good value for money. It's compact and basic, but a heck of a lot cheaper than the alternatives. Still have all my fingers, which is a plus.

    • I've tried getting one for the last 2 years but keep missing out (obviously not something I need but would be great to have). Maybe 3rd time lucky.

    • +1

      Do you primarily use it for wood, have you tried with metals? (are there metal cutting blades for it)

      • +2

        Even with the blade change it really needs to run quite a lot slower for ferrous metals. At the speed it runs the teeth overheat and blunt very quickly (tested it out myself, new blade lasted a few minutes). For aluminium it's fine, even with the standard blade it comes with. You can cut aluminium with most standard woodworking saws (with a little patience if it's thick as it's prone to clogging blades).

        • Does it cut well on acrylic?

          • @Bluering48: The general recommendation for acrylic is put the band on backwards so you're cutting with the other slope of the teeth and the teeth don't gum up with melted plastic. It's been many years since I cut acrylic and it was with a handsaw so I can't vouch for how effective that method is but it's a commonly given recommendation.

    • we got 2 bandsaws last time, my Bro's one is working fine, with mine, the Electromagnetic switch died really early. Spoke with the help desk and they advised their are NO spare parts available, so i had to return it back to Aldi. Thought about swapping the switch over myself, but then again, it would probably negate all the safety features.

  • Looks just like our old meat saw. Cheers OP

  • +1

    I am a fan of much of the Aldi gear but their mini machinery models in my are close to if not junk.

  • Why are they advertising 8cm as inches?

    • +2

      Throat depth: 200mm

      • Ok, so the 8" is the throat depth not the cutting height (which was my first glance assumption).

        • A bandsaw with an 8" cutting height is going to be a lot bigger and more expensive (starting around $1,000 for a basic one). 8" is pretty big though. The one I have (a larger Einhell one, the same guys as make Aldi tools I believe) has about a 5" height and it's rare that I come anywhere close to needing that height.

    • The throat is 8" wide.

      • -1

        So widethroat rather than deepthroat?

        • -1

          The watergate informant?

  • Very interested in that bandsaw

    • you will need to get their early, last year they flew off the shelves

    • Get the Ozito then, same price for now and better supported with part/blades.

      • the blades are the same for both models, 1400mm. for both models, blades and parts (if any) are available on aliexpress or ebay

        the aldi bandsaw is just a rebadged Scheppach HBS20

  • That work light looks ok for the money ?

    • +1

      50w 4000 lumen ironhorse one is $99 at bunnings, so it appears to be great value

    • +1

      If you've got Ozito batteries the cordless worklight is great. Only rated 2000 lumens but I use it around the halfway setting and it's plenty bright.
      Got one when they were $30, haven't used a cabled worklight since. Great for camping too, flood lights the whole area.

      • The Ozito is $40 at the moment. Is that Bunnings price matching ALDI or standard pricing?

        I remember it's been down to $30 before last year.

        • +1

          Yeh that's the normal price.
          BTW, anyone know what's up with Pricehipster at the moment, all the Bunnings stuff is gone.

          • @bamzero: maybe caused by the recent Bunnings website update?

      • Got one of these floodlights, the amount of light is absurd! I'm glad it's got the adjustment knob so I don't go blind in smaller spaces

  • +4

    Repeat after me after a deep breath: I don’t need more tools. The ones I have already are sufficient.

  • Is it possible to buy spare/replacement blades for the bandsaw anywhere?

    • yes, cheapie ones are available on ebay or aliexpress. you just need select an appropriate one (length, teeth, material) for what you want to cut.

  • So randomly clicked the Special Buys Delays page, and the sander is listed. It may or may not show up in all stores on the Saturday.

    • +1

      says for WA only

      • That you are correct!

  • +1

    What's up with the stock checker only working a day AFTER the sale starts. Surely the answer is 0.

  • Bugger Bunnings not matching the sander price!

  • My Local ( Mitcham SA ) had 3 bandsaws as at Sat arvo 3pm

  • I forgot about this sale…… oh well :/

  • did anyone get a bandsaw. None in Canberra or Melbourne. They could've all been bought.

    • What time did you go? They sell out pretty quick.
      If you're using the stock checker, pretty unlikely to find any the next day.

      Missed out before so this time I went down for store opening, they had 10 and 4 still there when I left which I'm guessing would have been gone shortly after.

    • Yesm. Though I suspect they're all long gone by now.

      For reference, I dropped by the Scoresby store around 15 minutes after opening, and there were around 8 bandsaws left. As well as plenty of sanders and lathes.

      Also I happened to be taking a day trip down to Phillip Island that day and happened across an ALDI there. Popped in around 2pm out of curiosity and still found a couple of bandsaws but no lathes or sanders. Though I couldn't see an empty space where they could have been either, so maybe that store just never received them.

  • A few still at my local yesterday ( 1x bandsaws, 2 lathes. Didnt see sanders but I wasnt really looking for them

  • Anyone know if these can cut metal?

    • it should be able to with a bi-metal blade. the stock blade that comes with the bandsaw is for wood

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