This was posted 3 years 2 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD 128GB $24.95, 256GB $49.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square

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    still waiting for my sd card from the eBay PLUSTUES code error day

    • Check your Auspost tracking. I lost money because Auspost claimed to have delivered it when they didn't and Shopping Square can't do anything after the investigation.

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        Australia post takes forever to deliver to my place. And its eBay anyway i know that if i dont get the item i can ask for a replacement or a item not received REFUND from eBay by their Money back guarantee. Just be nice to the chat person keep on persisting that you didnt get the item they will end up issuing you a replacement voucher like as a one time guesture or something. (IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE ITEM THAT IS).

        Not saying to abuse the system and hurt the sellers. But more often that not auspost just delivers the item but like after 2-3 weeks on the standard letter delivery.

        If you paid by a master/visa Card use their card protection to claim your money back. It will take a very very long time but at least you can be assured that if you didn't get the item you will get your money back.
        This is the main reason i try to avoid using gift cards as a payment unless the discount is steep enough to override this benefit.

  • looks like a good price. I've been happy with my samsung evo plus cards though. What's the benefit of "high endurance" in terms of case use? What specifically would people use this for over say the Samsung EVO Plus?

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      usually dashcams, drones or anything that continually records video to a microsd card

    • Sandisk endurance cards aren’t recommended for Blackvue dash cams. Should be fine for others tho.

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        That's not entirely correct but you're not entirely wrong either. The Sandisks will generally work, but people seem to have less issues with Samsung or Lexar cards.

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        I've been running this card for the last 2 years in my blackvue dual cam setup without issue.

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      Endurance cards (as the name suggests) provides more write cycles. However, this comes with a cost tradeoff. I switched from a 32GB Endurance to a 128GB Evo Plus. It might not have the same number of write cycles but being 4x the capacity, it will still have a reasonable total record time at a good price.

      • 4x capacity = 4x less rewrite cycles compared to the 32gb due to longer cycle window.

        I have a samsung 256gb used in my dashcam for the last 5 years, still going strong.

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    The last Sandisk I bought from these guys (128gb back in/around August) died last week. It only lived in a phone and probably moved a total of 60gb of data in its life. The data is still on it but I can't remove or add anything or format (using win/\/\nix) so its like it's already filled its write cycles which to me doesn't scream "legit" but instead "some random card with a sandisk label printed in sandisk packaging".

    The Samsung evo 128gb however with over 200gb written (lifetime) still seems to be working fine in a PC as a "drive", but after seeing my Sandisk die I'm not as comfortable.

    I'm not at all keen on sending it back for a replacement due to it having personal photos and details on the card itself either so I'll just say caveat emptor and leave it, and this deal, at that.

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      Dunno why someone is voting negatively on your comment which is fair since its the regarding the product and vendor. + vote for you.

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        People dont like the truth is my guess.

  • FYI, there are now 512GB endurance cards from WD

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