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Chromecast with Google TV $89.10 + Delivery / $0 C&C @ The Good Guys


Seems like an alright price. Use ShopBack for an additional 4.5% off or CashRewards for 3%. Offer expires at midnight.

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  • great gadget, any idea when will google stadia be supported on this?

    • I'm assuming never as Google has abandoned Stadia. Could be wrong though.

      • +2

        Fake news. They haven't abandoned Stadia, they abandoned developing games internally for the platform. Big difference.

        • +5

          They haven't abandoned Stadia, but them abandoning game development and their track record of dropping projects willy-nilly doesn't fill me with confidence about its future.

  • A lot of 2018 or newer Sony TV's got updated to the Google TV interface FYI (mine included - x900f) so almost makes this device useless. Good bit of kit though for older TV's or TV's with no smart functionality. Good price too.

    • My Vodafone TV got updated a few months back to closely resemble the new UI also - sticking with the VTV for a little longer but thought this might be a decent deal for someone else. :)

      • It definitely will be great for some people. It's yet another strange decision by Google - update TV's to their new design, making the Google Chromecast almost pointless to a wide area of the market. They make great products but almost don't give them a chance. See Stadia.

        • +3

          making the Google Chromecast almost pointless

          Works better and more compatible that most cheaper smart TVs, or older smart TVs (we have a panasonic)… Probably more powerful too…

          • @jv: Yes you're right. It will have its uses for some. I'm meerly pointing out that for those with newer TV's they already kind of have this device. Just incase anyone was interested to buy :)

            • @jcarl: Depends on what TV. I am very happy with my Hisense Q7, other than the limited app support of the Hisense OS, so I purchased one of these after being happy with one on our old 50" Pana plasma.

              • @witheredcouch: my vodafone tv has just stopped playing netflix. it just goes black and goes back to where i was last. Disney plus and Youtube still work. tried updating netflix but says everything is upto date. Suggestions? otherwise i might buy this

                • @gbones: Factory reset

                • @gbones: Hmmm.. Netflix is definitely working on my VTV so that seems strange. Have you tried uninstalling the app entirely and downloading again from the Play Store?

            • +1

              @jcarl: Highly subjective, most TVs have woefully inferior wifi, processor, memory even compared to google tv let alone better media boxes. For basic streaming APP use be OK but beyond that it becomes quite limiting.

      • Keep hearing about VTV but never looked at it. You said 'sticking with the VTV for a little longer'. Is it the beginning of the end or something for VTV. TV is fine but I don't want have a good one until the kids are older and not so, well, kids.

        This cheap ass TV I have, JVL, does fine for watching Foxtel, Netflix via Foxtel etc.
        TV has but in chromecast but meh.
        Keep looking at these 'new' Chromecasts, thoughts of VTV but especially a Shield Pro. Wondering what way to fall. Any help, very much appreciated. Thank you.

        • +3

          Having used extensively a Vodafone TV, Mi Box 3, Chromecast w GTV and Shield 2017. I would say the shield is the best by a strong margin, and the smoothest, but it only really is worth it if you need HD audio. Otherwise, the C with GTV makes the Mi bOx 3 and Vodafone TV feel very sluggish and dated and is the pick. After being unhappy with my Hisense Smart TV's OS i didn't even consider using my Mi box 3 or a Vodafone TV, i went straight to buying a C with GTV

          • +1

            @witheredcouch: Thank you for your response. Genuinely very useful information. Appreciate it. :)

        • +1

          I think it became end of life and stopped getting more stock/selling it. I still have one on one of our TVs. If you just use online streaming services googletv is fine. If you are more adventurous such as with playing some games, local super high 4k streaming from pc/nas, iptv etc then shield pro is the go. Avoid the shield tube completely. FWIW i have/had Shield 2017, both latest Shield Tube & Pro, Vodafone TV, Chromecast with Google TV.

          • @Xizor: Thank you for your response. Genuinely very useful information. Appreciate it. :)

        • +1

          Hi seamonkey! This is the main reason I said “a little longer”… by all accounts the VTV is end of life. With that said, for $72 it’s been epic - it has received at least 3 OS updates while I’ve had it, which has only made it better over time. At some point in the future I’ll upgrade to a GTV to keep getting updates. A commenter below has mentioned the shield and its definitely a better device - however it is quadruple the price - not a particularly fair comparison. It’s certainly not 4x as good. My VTV has been flawless - it doesn’t lag, the remote works well, and the apps load quickly. I can’t imagine the GTV being that much better

    • +9

      Those new TV will become "old" one day
      Don't believe build in smart TV OS will keep up to date indefinitely
      Just like my "smart" TV from LG 8 years ago, most apps no longer works and not able to update either
      Gadget like Google TV extended the Smart :)

      • A valid point. But to be fair your TV is 8 years old! TV's weren't very "smart" back then and most people I'd assume would upgrade sooner than that. But you raise another good point.

        • You must be new here ;) My hand-me-down TV from my parents bought ~15 years ago still going strong :D
          It's a Dick Smith branded one from back when they weren't actually Kogan.

          It is decidedly not smart though.

  • Won't say $89 is a good price. Picked up 2 for $60 each when there was a bundle deal with Netflix and ppl only want the free credit

    • +3

      So 2nd hand for $60 is a good price but $89 new isn't?

      I never saw the deal you refer to with Netflix, but wish I did.

      • +1

        Who said is second hand? Both were brand new and sealed. The deal is still available at google store including this device and $95 Netflix credit for $140.

      • -1

        Neither second hand, nor $60 each after claiming Netflix credit - it's $44.05.


        • +2

          Neither that because I wouldn’t want to pay double the price for Netflix and negate all the savings. Best was with LatitudePay

          Or CBA offer below

        • +2

          What kind of ozbargain user pays for Netflix? I use my sister's account lmao

  • +7

    For those with CBA Kogan $30 cashback offer. It’s $98 on Kogan plus add a $2 kogan sim to get it down to $70 after cashback

    For those that don’t have CBA Kogan offer could use the Good guys CBA or Latitude offers

    • +1

      Thank you, just checked see I have the Kogan offer

      • how do you check?

        • On your home screen of the app, there should be "Commbank Rewads", below/above "Notifications", "Get Cardless Cash" etc

          • +1

            @Rorschach: oh thanks @Rorschach.. legend

            • @ironlabs: No worries, shipping is a bummer, though

              • +1

                @Rorschach: Shipping should count towards minimum spend, so you won’t have to add a $2 item. Otherwise start a kogan first trial and get it for $95 + $5 item.

  • +2

    The Google TV bundle deal works out much cheaper if you use Netflix…

    • Works out more expensive for me

      • +5

        comes with $95.94 Netflix credit, for $139.99

        works out at $44 for me…

        • But I am paying full price for Netflix
          So savings = $0

          • @Pricebeat:

            But I am paying full price for Netflix

            Silly you…

          • @Pricebeat: It's credit, it doesn't cover any particular plan on netflix. If you pay $5 for netflix, the credit will last a year and a half. If you you pay $50, it's for two months or so.

            • +1

              @pizzaguy: Credit that can only be used on AU Netflix (not many methods of getting discount on AU Netflix apart from paying with discounted iTunes gift cards, then again that wouldn’t combine with the credit). AU credit can not be used, if you are getting half priced Netflix via another country. So basically you are stuck with paying full price, which is double for me. That will negate all the savings

              More info here

              • +4

                @Pricebeat: Would've been less hassle for everyone in this thread, if you'd said that sooner…

                • -2

                  @pizzaguy: It's posted on basically every Chromecast TV thread by Jv and I reply the same every time. My reply was to them and not to make the whole ozbargain understand. Maybe it would be wise to understand the context before chiming in or ask for clarification before making remarks?

                  • +1


                    My reply was to them and not to make the whole ozbargain understand. (…) would be wise to understand the context before chiming in

                    Oh, it displayed as a public debate to me :) Hope it's just for my account and nobody else wastes time on reading this.

                    • -2

                      @pizzaguy: or you could just admit that you chimed in because you prefer Netflix bundle as per your comment above and didn't bother to understand anything apart from wasting my time

                      • +1

                        @Pricebeat: I took time to explain what the Netflix deal was about because you seemed obviously confused with your (not understandable to me) answers to what jv was saying (understandable to me).

                        Now I learnt that it was just shenanigans and it was me confusing your obscure intentions toward jv for you not knowing how the deal works.

                        And yeah, screw me for offensively chiming in :)

                        • @pizzaguy: Your reply

                          It's credit, it doesn't cover any particular plan on netflix. If you pay $5 for netflix, the credit will last a year and a half. If you you pay $50, it's for two months or so.

                          Took me twice the time to understand what you are trying to say. Full price isn’t equal to premium plan vs basic plan. Full price equals to paying exact amount they ask for the plan whether it’s top tier or basic. But I didn’t just jump to conclusions and still tried to understand it and replied properly.

  • This or Firestick 4k for streaming 4k? I heard this overheats and causes issues?

    • +4

      I'd go this.
      Oddly and surprisingly, this seems more stable/reliable over the Shield TV (non pro) for me. Handles Plex 4K no worries, where as Shield would regularly crash, or output no audio.

    • Do you primarily use netflix/youtube or prime video? Prime video doesn't integrate as well as the other services on Google TV. It works fine, it's just not as deeply integrated

      • used mostly prime/youtube..
        which do u recommend, fire stick or googlechrome?

        • I haven't used a fire stick.

          In terms of integration, Chromecast with Google TV will easily let me access shows I'm watching on Netflix from the front screen. There will be a prominent button saying 'Continue Watching Superstore' and I'll click on that and it will take me directly to the show, no further clicking. It doesn't do that for Prime shows, you'll have to navigate to the app and then to your show. It's not a dealbreaker, it's just not as convenient

          Chromecast with Google TV also recommends you shows for services you don't have. Lots of Disney recommendation, I don't have a Disney subscription….

      • I Personally use chromecasts for almost everything, but also have one google tv.

        Chromecasts are just so handy I cant see any of the alternatives being nearly as good

    • I've got this and it's been excellent. No overheating.

    • Depends if your other devices are from the Google or Amazon family.

  • Is this still worth getting if I already have the Apple TV 4K?

    • I wouldn’t say so, unless for a second, older tv without smart features.

      • Probably not, my niche case is I have a bunch of Google speakers and want to add my TV/Hifi into the speaker group.

  • +1

    get an additional 5% off if you have access to Suncorp rewards program. So, with Cashback, the total cost should be around $80!

  • Question to members who have this device.
    I used old generation Chromecast in my AV receiver to be used with a projector. The quality of youtube is really bad like 480p or so 720p sometimes. I had to use my media PC to run youtube at full hd. When casting from mobile using the chromecast, quality option is disabled. Does google tv allows quality to be changed to higher resolution?

    My Sony TV has google tv integrated and it allows to change the quality, but want to confirm if it is the case with this device too.

    • Your old generation chromecast would of been a limiting factor, sounds like it wasnt even a chromecast HD?

      • It supports Full HD. Netflix, Prime and Stan works fine. Its only You tube.
        My question mainly was if google tv allows to change the quality of youtube videos.

        • OK hopefully someone else can answer, I can't recall for sure what youtube experience was. I only used the google tv for a day before getting rid of it (hate the recommendation ribbon & new UI, but will have to get used to it as soon as its forced on the shields).

    • For older generation Chromecast (non Ultra)
      1. Disconnect from Cast via mobile app.
      2. Play on mobile app and change quality to 1080p
      3. Cast to TV

      Now you should connect back on TV at 1080p. I'm doing this as a workaround for this issue.

  • +3

    Good price. Just be aware they have a problem with audio output. For example on streaming video apps (Prime Video, Netflix) it only outputs stereo even though it's supposed to support 5.1. Previous Chromecasts apparently don't have this problem and people have been hassling Google to fix this one for a while with no luck yet - https://support.google.com/chromecast/thread/76596323/chrome...

    • Yes, my old chromecast supports 5.1 via prime, stan and netflix. Hope they fix it else it would be worth upgrading.

  • +1

    I am looking at either this or the new Apple TV to replace a very old Apple TV that no longer supports YouTube. Is it possible to totally turn off the voice assistant on the Google tv?

    • +1

      You have to press a button on the remote for voice control - it's not on permanently.

      • That’s good to know, thank you

      • It however does speak at you whenever you search for an app. Which I havent figured out how to turn off yet?

  • Got it thanks :)

  • Do these support multiple users? Or are my wife's dog videos going to infect my feed?

    • Use a second YouTube app. ie. Smart YouTube TVA and get bonus ad blocking.

  • Would this be any good to wirelessly connect my laptop to my work Monitor at home? I am looking for 4K @ 60Z resolution for smooth experience. If anyone here aware of a better product for this usecase, please let me know.

    • I’m sure someone else will chime in and answer with more detail but what you are trying to achieve is very difficult, potentially expensive, and will likely be a bit laggy. Any particular reason you can’t/don’t want to just use a cable?

  • Whats the difference between this and the firestick?

  • +1

    Chromecast with Google TV provides low cost HD channel access solution to pre MPEG-4 HD TVs (earlier than 2014, we have three!!) which only receive SD channels at low resolution. I know because I use it that way. The dongle streams FTA HD channels from Seven, Nine, SBS and the ABC but not Ten for some reason??

    • +1

      Correction: It does stream the 10 network, I just omitted installing it .. :-( .. !!

      • +2

        And final point about Chromecast with Google TV, if you install VLC (powerful media player and an available app option) you will be able to access all shared files on other devices on your WiFi network. Think about that .. :-) .. !!

        • Awesome, thanks mate

  • Does anyone know how to redeem the 3 month YouTube premium trial mentioned in the ad?

  • Can you sell the Netflix credit if you buy from Google? I have Turkish Netflix so the credit is off no use to me.

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