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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB (Telstra Branded, Aura Black) $649 ($0 C&C/ in Store / + Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest so far, was usually $899-999 on sale.

Key Features

Long lasting 4,300mAh (typical) battery and 45W super-fast charging 2.0[1]

All-new Intelligent S Pen in a sleek unibody design

Quad rear camera (12MP+12MP+16MP+3D Depth) with live focus video

Exynos 7nm Octa-Core chipset

Large 6.8" QHD+ dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display[2]

Ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor

256GB on board storage and up to 512GB microSD support[3]

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  • Decent price. I am thinking of getting one to replace my Galaxy s8+. Do you know if the Telstra bloatware makes any difference to the performance of the phone or Android updates?

    • theres none…

    • No issues at all. I bought a S10 5G "Telstra Branded" from JB and there was no Telstra boot splash page, just a couple of preinstalled Telstra apps that I uninstalled without issue.

    • Also a s8+ user. It's been a good phone but it is starting to feel a little slow. I might just reinstall and see if that will make a difference, I haven't reinstalled since I got the phone. I also no longer subscribe to the notion of getting a new phone every year as I used to, there's no real point for me, I barely play phone games so there's no pros outside of new updates. s8+ has pretty shitty rom support as well so I guess BL to me.

  • That's a lot of phone for the price - good bargain

  • Will this still work if I was overseas using a different network,

    • Where overseas? Most likely will still work on 3G.

    • Try VPN and check. just kidding… don't shoot me..

    • If you go to here you can see which countries use which 4G bands, then compare that to the specs sheet.

    • +46 votes

      by the time we can travel overseas, this phone will be outdated and you will likely have a Samsung Note 40+ 4TB 7G

    • Good question - I would also like to know the answer for this one. While I understand that overseas travel is not happening immediately, I intend to keep the phone for a fair period of time so overseas use is critical. So far my Google search have not produced any concrete results and to top it off, my call to JB was answered with "Google is your friend, my man" :(

      • I went in to the Sydney city store ready to pay and the sales rep just gave me the disclaimer that this is unlocked in Australia, BUT will not work overseas. I threw the example at him of if I go to HK and buy a local sim, and he said it won't work in HK. Reason why it's so cheap is because its locked to Australia. He said that Telstra does something to the antenna where it will only work in Australia.

        Tbh it doesn't sound right to me, but was enough to put me off. Can someone confirm?

      • Ok, called two other JB stores and both of them confirmed that overseas sims would work on the phone and it can be used overseas :)

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    Micro SD support… the good old days! Samsung should make it standard to differentiate itself instead of copying Apple

    • +18 votes

      Apple copies everything from Galaxy. AMOLED, multi window from 7 years ago, large screen, 5G, small bezels,…
      except S-pen, micro SD, in screen FP sensor, no notch, file manager,… 1/2 of the extra features. ;)

      • Saved it for iphone 20.

      • Yep and pixels are just a few years behind Samsung haha.

        FYI iOS has file manager.

      • 120Hz coming to iphone 13. There’s a first for you. Well done Apple…Wait on do other phones have that?

      • S-Pen copied with Apple Pencil.

        • are you playing ignorant or just too late to the party?

          • @DAT: What do you mean? Apple did copy Samsung with the pencil/stylus.

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              S-Pen copied with Apple Pencil.

              Apple did copy Samsung with the pencil/stylus.

              Firstly, I don't know what you mean, when you say "copied with".

              if you are trying to say that Apple followed/copied the idea of using a Stylus from Samsung, you are right.

              If not, here are some fun facts:

              First Samsung Note with a stylus was released in October 2011
              Apple pencil was released after 4 years, in November 2015

              I hope you can figure out who copied what!!

              • @DAT:

                Firstly, I don't know what you mean, when you say "copied with".

                if you are trying to say that Apple followed/copied the idea of using a Stylus from Samsung, you are right

                Yes that's what I was saying, but reading back on my comment, bad choice of words made my response unclear.

    • That's what they used to do. But wheres the profit in that? They'll make more money charging people for higher storage than adding sd cards on phones. Sad to say but the mass market has moved on from sd cards and headphone jacks.

      Apple dictates trends, there's really no profit in going against the trend.

      • "Apple dictates trends"

        I'm so looking forward to them originating the idea for a foldable phone.

        • Revolutionary, never seen before. We think you're gonna love it

        • I do not think foldable phones are still a trend. They are coming back in the market but I do not believe there is a huge profit in that.
          Apple removes SD card: customer has to buy expensive phone that has more memory.
          Apple removes headphone jack: customer has to buy wireless airpods.
          Apple buys beats headphones (one of the biggest competitor), makes it not much popular to push their own airpods.
          Apple remove one thing and creates market for another thing.

          In case of foldable phone, it is not still profitable as there is still no market for it. So if Apple come introduces foldable phone, they have let go something to cover up the market.

          It will not be hard for apple to produce any kind of tech which can be as advance as it gets because it has billions of dollars. But producing tech is not their only goal, forming market is. So, yes they can produce any advance tech, but nobody will buy it due to absent of market.

        • Apple is gonna be the last in the foldable game yet they're the one that's gonna make it go mainstream.

          The mass market doesn't care about innovation. Look where innovation lead LG.

      • Agree with you. LG held on to micro sd card, headphone jack and removable battery for the longest. And look at where they are now… Sigh…

  • +10 votes

    Damn, if it was dual sim I'd be all over it. Killer deal through.

  • Got one, thanks OP


    Note10+ has more ram (12GB) than Note 20 series (8GB)?!

    • Its a great phone tbh (using one) just afraid of planned obsolescence

      • When this happens, the XDA forums have got your back.

      • What kind of planned obsolescence is there to be concerned about with these phones?

      • Well it's inevitable

        Not sure if Samsung slow their phones down on purpose like crapple

        • in my experience Apple phones are completely fine until the 2nd or 3rd newer gen is released, then performance drops off a cliff amongst a flurry of updates.

          Android phones however seem to gradually slow down through the life of the phone, from what I've seen.

      • The Note10+ will get Android 12 next year, which will be the last major official OS update for it, and it'll continue to get security updates for another 2 years at least. Bbuilt-in apps can continue to be updated beyond that, since most of the built-in apps have been decoupled from just OS updates and can be updated from the store.

        Is there any particular obsolescence that you're concerned about? Our kids still use the Note 5 amongst others, which is 6 years old and runs the official Android 7, and we haven't run into any compatibility issues with games or apps. Almost all games and apps only require between Android 2+ and Android 5+ anyway that i've seen. I could also manually upgrade the Note 5 to Android 11 but haven't needed to yet. The same can be done to the Note 10+ well after it becomes EOL.

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    Any good dual sim phones from Samsung in Australia- AU version?

  • Good price

  • Great price for still an excellent phone.
    Using one to write this comment.
    The S pen feature so useful for signing documents without having to print them out and sending. Don't think I will be upgrading my phone any time soon.

    • I do digital signature on PC. but I guess doing it on a phone would be more convenient.

  • Got one thanks! Using 5% giftcards via suncorp rewards, total cost was $616.55

  • Wow!
    Clearly I'm unbiased but best phone ever!
    I feel like buying to put one up on my wall

  • This or S21?