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[VIC] TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Clearance: HS100 $4, HS110 $9 @ Bunnings Altona


Quite a few there in clearance trolley at front of Bunnings Altona store.
Not sure about other stores.

These apparently can’t be flashed with tasmota (non-esp chip inside), but have been known to work well with home assistant (is that still true after the recent firmware updates??).

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    My Kasas work fine in HA

  • Are the item numbers 0090977 and 0090975?

    • Looks like it on the label in photo

      • I know but they are not clear as you can see.

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          Yep, those are the item numbers.

          I thought I’d be clever and upload a “large” img instead of the 6MB original. :(

  • Do these work with tuya (sorry new to all this stuff and playing but so far only with Tuya)?

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      No, TP-Link smart plugs don't work with Tuya/Smart Life.

      • Ta

  • Anyone saw this clearance in other states?

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    HomeKit compatible without homebridge or HA?

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      No but super easy with Homebridge

    • I have these on homebridge, was pretty straightforward

  • Mine have stopped working with HA now. Annoying honestly.

    • Mine still work? Have you tried removing then re-adding the integration?

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        Is that you Roy?

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    Interested if anyone saw these elsewhere.. cheers

    • Me too. Any is WA SOR let me know please. I got the HS110 and is excellent. Love how you can see the energy usage and save a lot of money knowing what deviced use on standby.

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        Save a lot of money? Maybe save the cost equivalent of one of these devices but a lot of money is probably an exaggeration…

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          Run a pool pump with one of these you will save a lot of money, ours runs for weeks drawing 1kw and suddenly jumps to 1.9kW. give the sand filter a backwash and clean baskets and back down to 1kw. That is 900watts extra for 8 hours a day.

          Also used to test all devices energy consumption, I had an old hifi that used now and then, left powered for the clock and tested was using 25watts on standby and only 28watts playing music! Had this powered for the last 10 years! Like leaving 3 light bulbs powered all the time for 10 years!

    • Saw them at my local in NSW, Forster store to be exact. Also had a bunch of hue lighting stuff fairly cheap.

      • Same price?

  • Wow, wiill have to check my local. Have a few that work great with google home especially for Christmas lights.

  • Can these be used to time a charger for an EV?

    • It can act as a timer for anything you plug into a normal wall socket.

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      Possibly, but I wouldn't recommend - from memory it's designed for loads up to 10A, and I wouldn't be real comfortable using it for an EV running flat out at 10A plus.

      • Fair call. Ill continue to use the current timer which involves me physically switching on from the wall at 11am each night.

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          at 11am each night

          It must get dark pretty early where you live

  • Great deal but insufficient quantities?

    • There are at least 10 of the HS100 shown

  • IIRC: Home Assistant support is not guaranteed, the firmware was made optional after HA users complained but then TP-link backflipped on this decision.
    If you buy one of these, you may need to put it on a VLAN to prevent firmware updates (assuming they're not already running the update).
    Otherwise you'll just have to use the apps TP-link officially supports to control the plug.

    For $4 that's still not bad.

  • My closest bunnings is Munno para but not showing any stock otherwise i would of bought at least 5 of the smart plugs

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    Yes at other stores. Just got hs100 for $10 ballarat.

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    Epping VIC is showing low stock, stores nearby seem out if stock.

    Happy to look up stock in stores via the PowerPass app if anyone wants to reply or PM with their store.

    • 6170 please? Thanks

    • Long shot but anything in Sydney. Chatswood/Artarmon/Gladesville/Rydalmere areas, I'll be on the road tmrw so might have to detour and pop into a few.

      • 3122 please, thank you so much

    • anyone else with powerpass that wants to check? that actually replies within 10 hours :)

  • Couldn't see the clearance trolley when I was in there

  • do these work with the tuya smart app?

    • Read above.

  • Coburg VIC is listed as in stock!

  • These ones are really good if they make it smaller. You can't fit other plugs next to it because it occupies the adjacent plug

    • The new models (eg KP115) are smaller but ~$25-29. These will be clearance prices.

  • did anyone find in WA?

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    None at box Hill or Nunawading stores in VIC

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    None at Hoppers Crossing store.

    But sausage with onions is yummy outside 😋

  • None left

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    These are excellent. I have six of the hs110 plugs. They are reliable, and work flawlessly with Google Assistant.

    I have individual plugs for:
    - hot water heat pump
    - electric blankets
    - coffee machine
    - slow cooker
    - steamer /rice cooker

    • I have a few of those and I have been using them for the past few years however I wonder how do you find them useful with your rice cooker/slow cooker. You still have to turn it on/program manually or am I missing something?

    • rice cooker

      do you need to stop it in the middle of cooking ? :O

  • YMMV on coil whine from annoying to merely noticeable with the smart plug powered but in the standby state (e.g device off).

    Otherwise reliable (mine about a year so far).