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AKG K361 Closed-Back Studio Headphones $114.62 Delivered @ Amazon AU


If you're looking for flat bass and a fairly neutral, somewhat analytical listen that offers more than the Audio Technica ATH-M40X, this is it. Back down to this price point after hovering at $130-$145 for a while.

If you want something more for relaxed listening with a well done bass kick, wait for the K371 to drop below $170 again.


EDIT: Still available via the US at a similar price, but free delivery is only for Prime users.

EDIT 2: Back in stock

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • love the description.

  • Recently watched these on zeos pantera, also watched takstar pro82 and purchased them. Resisting urge

    • I personally prefer the Takstar Pro 82 v2 (there's lots of night shift/3rd shift fakes, unfortunately), so if you got that from TakstarAudio on AliE, you're in for a treat.

      Treble can sometimes be a little patchy from entry level neutral op-amps, but overall I would consider the K361 to be a sidegrade, trading tasteful warmth for slightly improved treble.

      The K371 is what you should focus on next if you wish to continue with closed backs. If you want to go open back with a $200ish budget, the AKG K612 Pro is $219 delivered at Store DJ right now (quantity is too low for a deal post).

      EDIT: here's a deal post for that: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622102

      • Good looking out, I also have been looking at sony mdr-z7 second hand $400. I also have Sony mdr-ex1000 and Sony wh-1000xm

        any Thoughts on the mdr-z7?

        • I've not demoed them myself, but I've not heard great things about the response from about 2-3kHz onwards. That's getting into a territory where you'd want to spend a little time with them in a store, and I would still advise comparing them against the K371.

          Personally, I'm not a huge fan of throwing big numbers around for closed backs, as they often have significant timbral issues that are difficult to rectify with while retaining the high level of resolution you'd expect from an expensive headphone.

      • Worth noting that the Takstar/Cooler Masters are much more comfortable for anyone with medium+ ears.

        The depth on the AKG’s is pretty bad and there’s no real foam covering the driver.

        However for small ears the K371 is practically an auto-buy.

        • Are you suggesting that the AKG design leaves your ears more likely to touch the material over the driver? I've never had huge issues when a headphone does that, as typically the pads compensate for any potential pressure on the head.

          IMO, the bigger issue would be headshape and clamping force, so that the enclosure doesn't clamp down in addition to that.

          • @jasswolf: It's a huge problem for people like myself with large ears, it gets really quite painful when your ear pushes up against the material on the driver. Recently got an arctis 7 and they're flat out unusable without replacing the pads with something custom and larger to account for this.

            Razer have the other issue you're mentioning where the clamping force actually gives me neck pain after prolonged usage.

            Haven't tried the AKG's but it sounds like I should avoid them.

            • @treborg: The Arctis 7 has a notoriously strong clamping force for a light and compact headphone design, so that again suggest that the key issue is that pressure being applied to your headshape, rather than the fact your ear is touching the material over the driver.

              I wear over-ear headphones all the time that can touch on the tops and bottoms of my ear, but aside from feeling that contact, it doesn't really give me discomfort. Bigger issue for me is TMJ swelling and sweating into the pads if it's hot.

              Keep in mind a lot of higher end headphones usually have a fairly pliable headband that you can use to alleviate that clamping force to suit your tastes. I have a pair of ATH-R70Xs, and I had to gently bend/re-shape the headband a bit to get things under control. You also have the option of rolling through different pads to try and remove any additional depth issues.

              The AKG pads are somewhat critical to their sound, so I would defer to those with modding experience with this and the K371 as to what can be done in terms of deeper pad options if headband adjustments can't really aid you.

              • @jasswolf: After the new pads the arctis 7 is great, no issue with clamping at all, but that's just my own experience with them. I love them a lot at this point (wearing them right now).

                So yeah from what you're saying those AKG's shouldn't be purchased if you're worried about big ears at all. Hopefully their other models are a bit more forgiving in the depth and clamping department, a lot of people seem to like what that brand offers.

  • Hmm, do I need to upgrade my M40Xs?

    Already did, but shhh bought 5

  • how does this compare to the dt770?

    • If you're looking for something approaching that level of bass, while offering an overall improvement, you want the AKG K371.

  • I was surprised at how good these were - I think they might replace the M40x as my go to recommendation for a closed back headphones under $200. I slightly preferred them to the more expensive K371, although the K371's build quality is noticeably better.

    • It really shocks a few people how much their ears/brains have adjusted to what the Audio Technica house sound does to them, and it's why I only recommend the ATH-R70X from their consumer lineup.

      The K361 is a good recommendation if you're keen on what the M40X does do well. Samsung's new direction for AKG really took off with these two headphones and the N400 earphones, but we've not seen any significant action on the open back front since the acquisition, unless you count earbuds.

  • Thank you for the informative post and comments OP!

  • More audio posts if you find time jass, they've been good to read, and comments too. I'm not looking for gear but I do fantasise about buying even more headphones.

  • How does this compare to the cooler master mh752? I've heard good feedback on the mh752 as well and just wonder what are your thoughts especially when both of them are closed back headphones

    • This would have less bass and flatter mids, probably airer treble. I have the Takstar Pro 82 v2, which shares the same driver and basic design of the MH751/MH752, and that's a warmer sound than the K361 is, while also offering fairly lean bass and airy treble. The Cooler Master redesign makes things a bit blurrier in terms of detail (as all gaming remakes tend to), with thicker notes in the bass and lower mids.

      If you're not looking for a headset mic, the K361 is a strong choice, but overall I would point you towards the K371 if you can find $160-$180 to pay for it.

      If budget can allow, and the isolation of closed backs isn't a requirement, I would also point you towards the Sennheiser HD 560S and the HIFIMAN HE400SE Stealth Magnet edition (2021 model), and both can often be had for around or under $250 on Amazon AU, but at that point you're also heading towards the Sennheiser HD 6XX price point (should you want something that's more musically inclined instead of gaming).

      • Thanks for the detailed reply. Although I appreciate the superior sound stage and a more "open" sounding feel from open back headphones, I'd prefer not to because I live with my girlfriend in the same room (you know how it is). Plus I use my headphones for mostly movies and gaming if that helps. Any other closed back headphones that you recommend around that price along with the k361/k371?

  • mine arrived today, only been using them for a couple of hours but so far they are much more comfy than my dt770 and m40x (both of which i find to have a much higher clamping force, and the m40x earpads are just awful)

    sound wise though i think the m40x and dt770 are better (maybe it's just because i am used to them more than the akg, which sounds a bit muddier and less clear) but considering i got this for cheaper than either of those it still performs well for the price point, though i'll have to use them for a bit longer and see how they are for different uses like movies and games