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Brilliant Basics Rice Cooker $9.10 + Shipping / Free Pick up @ BIG W


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  • I was looking to buy a tiger rice cooker… but I could just buy 30 of these instead

    • even if each lasts only 1 year, you have a 30 year lifespan. I wonder if those tiger rice cookers last 30 yrs…

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      You won't need 30.

      This one is Brilliant…

    • Invest a tiger brand and you will have a nice bowl rice every single time.

      • how much difference can a rice cooker make?

        • Like the difference between a chef and a home cook.

        • Depends on the quality of rice and the amount of water you add. Everything needs to be precise with a cheap cooker to get it fluffy. A few drops of sesame oil with help stop hard rice at the bottom. At this price point you would buy several of these cookers as the coating on the bottom of the insert bowl will eventually start to chip/pitted.

          An expensive rice cooker will take the guess work out, and will do a good job with any rice, but the caveat is it’s 250-500 times more expensive!

          Best budget rice cookers are pressure cookers with a rice function $50 on sale. No more hard rice!

        • The difference between fluffy rice cooked consistently all the way through, and rice that’s a mix of gluggy and hard.

          Also, cheap rice cookers often spit starchy water all over your bench-top, which is a pain to clean.

          For something that many people use every day (or twice a day if you have rice for breakfast), paying a bit extra isn’t a bad idea.

      • But not 30 bowls at the same time.

    • but does it cook rice as well as the tiger or cuckoo or xiaomi, some people claim to be able tell the difference , i’m sure there are rice aficionados on ozbargain who would cringe at the thought of rice being cooked in one of these , but i guess it’s a move up from a pot and stove and only costs $9.10.

      • All these cheap cookers do the job, i've still got a small Kambrook, haven't needed to pull out the spare one yet. It will be the non-stick surface that goes. Got an instant pot too but makes it a bit wetter for the same amount of water (and takes longer). Either is alright though

        It's more about technique and the rice quality IMO before you'd pick the difference in taste from different machines.
        1 cup rice to 1.5 cups water is perfect, rinse well first in a shinwa or 3 times in the rice cooker bowl. I mix the water around just before starting too reduce sticking.

    • Seriously, for rice cookers cheaper is often better.

  • I would like a 10 cup rice cooker.

    Should I just get 2 of these?

  • Heads up, these cook rice kinda weirdly. The non-stick coating terrible; cooked rice always sticks to it which means a lot of rice is wasted. Also, sometimes the rice that comes out is still a little hard in the middle. It is quite small though which is good for single person households. I use this when I can't be bothered washing the SS pressure cooker in my small sink (although rice doesn't stick to my SS pressure cooker so it sort of cancels out).

    • I have this rice cooker and concur.

    • cooked rice always sticks to it which means a lot of rice is wasted

      That's why you add a little bit of water when the rice is done and let it sit for a minute before serving

      • Or get a decent rice cooker where this step isn't needed.

      • Definitely not true, especially when you're trying to make drier rice.
        Rice doesn't stick to my SS pressure cooker unless I burn it.
        Also I have tried this and it didn't work.

        • Also I have tried this and it didn't work

          I have tried and it works perfectly

          I also don't believe you because you said this down further.

          Need to use a little more water than with my pressure cooker and other rice cookers to fully cool the rice, but it doesn't solve the problem of a hard layer of rice stuck to the bottom.

          Why do you lie?

      • or just add right amount of water in the first place , if you cook same brand and qty all the item it’s easy to get it right , i used to have brands, qty and water amount written on the back of my old cooker with a sharpie….. long grain, short grain, brown, basmati , jasmine, etc, qty and water needed.

    • sometimes the rice that comes out is still a little hard in the middle

      You didn't use enough water if it is undercooked

      • Yeah I think that was the first time I used it. Need to use a little more water than with my pressure cooker and other rice cookers to fully cool the rice, but it doesn't solve the problem of a hard layer of rice stuck to the bottom.

        The only way I see to avoid this problem is restricting yourself to only cooking 稀饭.

    • It sounds like a saucepan would do a better job. Do a few practice runs and you will work out the amount of water and time required pretty quickly.

      • Mate, I've been cooking rice my whole life and have never heard of someone cooking rice in a saucepan except for risotto. I get it right on my SS pressure cooker just about every time. It's definitely the $10 rice cooker that's the problem.

        • No offence on you mate, but how do you think people made rice before rice cookers exist? I have a multi cooker and still cook rice on the stovetop sometimes when the cooker is busy. It’s a life skill worth to learn if you eat rice daily like me.

          • @Pidapipo: Ahh shit. You know what? I saw the 'pan' bit in saucepan and immediately thought "shallow and flat" (hence why I mentioned risotto) which is very much not a saucepan. Sorry @Superannuation for the slightly snarky comment (but also why would you assume I'm a novice when it comes to cooking rice???). Apologies, dumb comment in retrospect.

            Yes, I have cooked rice a saucepan before (now that I've remembered what a (profanity) saucepan is) and saucepan > $10 rice cooker, but it still doesn't cook as evenly as a good quality rice cooker or pressure cookers (which are the same thing really).

        • I cook perfect rice in a saucepan.
          Many people do.

      • Not to mention that it's like the easiest thing ever once you figured out correct settings for a stovetop burner.

        • It's even easier with induction that has timer that turns the stove off after the exact number of minutes you need to cook the rice.

      • still have to turn the burner down, with a rice cooker its set and forget.

        same thing with a stove top kettle,

      • Saucepan is doable if you don't want too many appliances, just need to pay more attention and perfect the quantities. Can put lid on for last 10 min.

        Chefs do this for large batches but most kitchens would have a massive rice cooker. The keep warm function is handy though and super easy.

  • Why Not !!!

  • Real asians would not buy this. Not even as back up! 😆

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    Does anyone else see a face on the rice cooker? 😄

  • This reminds me the rice cooker my family had in 1980s. Haven’t seen this design for years.

  • In all honesty, this is quite a horrible rice cooker even for sub 10 dollars, the bottom layer of rice is basically inedible. Same can be said for the Kmart one. I would pay more for a higher quality one from say Tiger, definitely worth it - great rice for years.

    • With the Kmart one I found that you need to take the bowl out as soon as it finishes and stir the rice. This will usually result in browned rice on the bottom.

      Yeah it's not the best cooker, but for the price I'm not complaining.

      • Tried this, doesn't work. I've also tried taking the rice out just before it was done cooking (I cook the same quantity of rice all the time and set a timer once) but it just comes out undercooked.

  • I've had one of these for about a year. Works perfectly well. Only issue I would say is the non stick scratches really easy and if you have housemates or family that don't understand that you don't use metal utensils on non stick surfaces then you'll get scratches on the non stick and probably toxic black flecks in your food.

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      use metal utensils on non stick surfaces


    • Teflon is not toxic, it just passes through without reacting with anything. Glue they used to attach it to surface might be.

  • Life’s too short to eat badly cooked rice.


      really? y

      • Why would you eat crappy rice every day to save a couple of hundred dollars on an item that should last for ten years or more?

        • Exactly. You'll basically going to ruin the taste of whatever dish you're eating the rice with. Sauce not going to be soaked up right, etc.


          ok but this doesn't cook crappy rice, it cooked GREAT rice always and were 5-6 people used for few years DAILY

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    kmart home brand only 8$ (MAybe?) BTW oh no, I just went to BigW and didn't see ozbargain this post :( ouch I miss

  • if you look at the indicators on the rice cooker long enough, you'll see a person closing their eyes and saying something

  • fuiyoh!

  • Does this make fluffy rice, asking for a friend ;)

  • I still find the old-fashioned covered saucepan on the stove produces the best fluffy rice.

  • this is not needed at all, anyone can easily make rice in a standard pan

  • Tefal RK705 Rice and Mutli Cooker for $99 delivered is, IMHO, a much better deal and cooker. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B077FFVTFQ/

  • I have this rice cooker, not sure why so many people have problems with it. It cooks rice better than I ever did with a saucepan. Here's my process:

    • Put the rice and water in as per instructions, turn it on.
    • When it switches to warm, immediately stir the rice then put the lid back on and leave it (on warm) for another 5 minutes.
    • Turn it off, stir again and transfer the rice into bowls.

    Doing this, no rice is ever left stuck or inedible. No rice is still hard in the middle, it's all evenly cooked.

    Only ever use the plastic tool that it comes with, and a soft cloth or sponge to clean it and you won't damage the coating. Mine still looks brand new.

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    is this rice cooker approved by uncle roger?

  • These really aren't bad. They're great if you do something similar above.