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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $799 Delivered ($599 with Live Chat + Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung


As pointed out by budgetplanet (and probably other people)

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is currently $799 on Samsung Galaxy Store.
Coupled with $150 voucher (Actually the $200 loyalty coupon you get from Samsung Live Chat) and $50 voucher, it brings the price down to $599!
Trade in to bring price down more!

Note that this is the Snapdragon Version, so it is superior to base S21 AU Version in many ways! Bigger screen, battery, camera etc…
I immediately got one for my mum because $599? Sure why not. Hopefully she doesn't mind late Mother Day's present.

*Would have posted this earlier, but I was waiting for the $50 voucher to confirm if it does stack! It does!

Mod Note: Please use the Classifieds Megathread if you are requesting a code.

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    Bought the Note10 plus from the jb deal. Should I return it and get this instead? Really want to know which has the better camera. Not many reviews really compare the two phones

    • If you have Note10+ then keep that. It is not much different in bargain.

  • bloody hell only just bought the A52 5G for this price through the education store

  • Just checking out how to get the $200 voucher, then it went out of stock RIP

    • Only Navy is out of stock.

      • I just bought mine and could only select either lavender or red :(

        Navy is OOS but the others are 'coming soon' and cant be selected.

      • Only Red and Lavender can add to cart.

        Navy said Out of Stock and can Get stock alert.

        • Red is the better colour anyway :D

          • @cyrax83: Wanted blue only coz the missus has the red one. Guess we are just going to have to match now!

            • @julz15: And that is a bad thing because ?

              • @Xantar: Hahaa. Fair.. At 599..cant complain

          • @cyrax83: Red makes your calls and internet go faster.

      • My bad, was only looking at under the 128 GB storage option where only Navy says “Out of Stock”.

  • Offering a $50 newsletter coupon to first one to PM me

    • I would like to have one, thanks :)

      • now gone. someone PM'd me

        • No worries mate, cheers

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            @NotSoRoyal: Go over to the linked request thread and ask for one. I'll get around to sending more out later tonight

  • FYI, anybody still have the $200 code from last time still work.

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    Still works, still stacks, red in stock.

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      how to get a loyaty voucher? i been waiting on the live chat for the whole morining..

      • same, i keep getting 'the chat is now closed' without even being connected to anyone

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        See second link to chat on comments page 1. If no operators available keep clicking try again. Then follow my comment above.

        Enter loyalty voucher into the text bot chat.

        Then be nice to the person in the chat :)

  • Waiting for a better deal on the S21 Ultra. Trade in deal is okay but still so much outlay. Cmon Samsung pls pls

  • What is the depth camera on this like? The depth camera on my S10 5g is a bit glitchy, shows a spike in the middle of my screen regardless of what I am photographing.

  • Will they give me anything for s10e?

  • Surely an upgrade to my Nokia 8 purchased August 2018 for $370. Bought! Thanks OP and thanks for $50 voucher code kind stranger.

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    If you are struggling to get through to live chat, just call their hotline 1300 362 603. I was able to get a code in about 5 minutes. Same process

    "Hi can I get a loyalty code for $200 for a S20 FE 5G. I broke the screen on my S7."

    Hand over personal info and they put you on hold and get you a code.

    Code must be entered in caps including the dashes XXXX-XXXX

    Thanks OP ordered 2 x new phones for myself and wife. Navy gone but a red and lavender one are on the way!

    Also note code can only be used on a single purchase, you'll need to ring them twice to get two codes.

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      I accidentally added two different phones in the cart and noticed the discount applied to both. So while you can only buy one of each phone, the discount will work on multiple phones.

  • Thanks OP works like a charms!

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    FYI I got this message from the agent:

    "I see, just to let you know Samsung has updated the guidelines regarding our Loyalty vouchers to be specific to customers who have devices that have accidental damage. This is is to help them saving up to $200 in purchasing a new device instead of repairing their devices and if your device does not have any physical damages that needs to be repaired, we cannot provide you a voucher code."

  • I just asked nicely for the $200 code and they gave. Took about 30 mins of waiting on the live chat to get to talk to someone though.

  • Takes very long time to connet, One moment please, all our text chat agents are currently busy. We will connect you to the next available agent.

  • Any deals on the A52? Trying to decide between that and the 20fe. Thanks

  • I have all S20FE colours showing as 'coming soon' now. That would suck since I have the $150 code but newsletter email non-existent…
    EDIT: Now showing Lavender and Red still available. Weird.

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      Now showing Lavender and Red still available. Weird.

      Yeah, just red and lavender available.

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    How long does the $50 newsletter email take?

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      A long time by the looks of it.

      • +1

        Not received anything in 2 emails. Not even acknowledgment

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          I complain about this and Samsung gave me the following email.

          Samsung Australia has received notice that you have yet to receive the requested $50 Marketing Opt-In Voucher Code to be used on purchases of over $350 on the Samsung Online Store.

          It appears that you have successfully registered, however, your email provider may have blocked emails from our promotional account.

          We appreciate your patience in this matter and are happy to manually provide the below code for use:

          Should you have any further concerns please do reach out to us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to assist in a timely manner.

  • S20 Fe 128 are currently out of stock
    256G says coming Soon

    • pick different color…

      • Oh my bad. Cheers

  • Bought one. Chat to Ivan and got the code.

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    Is the $50 newsletter code a generic code? I've registered but no email as yet.

    Edit: NVM didn't see comments above…

    • where is the link for registration?

      • It should popup when you enter the store.

        • +1

          Just waiting on newsletter code to buy

          • +1

            @badonde: Sent you one

          • +1

            @badonde: mine never came in, ask in that " the Classifieds Megathread" I got someone sent me a code..

  • Thanks OP! After waiting for a few minutes, and having to change the browser I was able to talk and secure a voucher!

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    signed up for the $50 Newsletter Voucher , i have still not received it.. anyone experiencing the same?

  • I got the $150 voucher but the chat person said they don't stack. Anyone has confirmation on that?

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    For the $150 code:

    Get on chat > Choose Product & shopping > Smartphones > Enter details > Copy & paste

    Hi there, I was hoping to get a $200 loyalty voucher to upgrade my old damaged S9 plus to the new S21. Thanks in advance.

    From there might have to wait 10-15 mins but you can just do whatever and check back every now and then.

    Btw cheers OP and also @shadow131 as well for helping out massively with the $50 codes for those still waiting.

  • Can you hypothetically return the device if you experience touchacreen issues?

    • Don't see why not should come under warranty especially purchasing directly off Samsung.

      • Cuz they could argue that it's within Manufacturer's specs

  • This like the S10e deal from a year ago. Except online not in store https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/520310.

  • Bought a red one for $599. Thanks OP!

  • Does the loyalty code work on other Samsung devices?

    • Yes but I don't recommend buying anything other than s20 fe 5g for now

      • Thanks. Do you know if it is just for phones or it also applies to tablets?

        • The agent told me it can be used for galaxy s20, s20 plus, s20 ultra and s20 fe.
          So I'm assuming it's only for phones unfortunately.

  • Navy color back in stock - just purchased for $599!

    • That was 1 in my cart. I guess it expired cause I refreshed and it deleted it on me.
      Back to red.

      • Ah you are right, back to stock alert status. Well sorry to take yours..he he

  • +1

    Wow just got a notification it's been shipped with startrack. ETA tomorrow.

    • Same here just got the sms :)

    • Same

  • What cases are people buying?

    • +1

      Have this one on my s10 so ordered the same for this new phone

      • Ahh hate the ones that are all TPU. I think other brands like Ringke and Spigen use polycarbonate on the back so it's harder. Might pay a little more.

    • Let me know if you find something good.

      Are you looking for a folding case, card case, heavy duty, or tiny back case (dunno what they're called).

    • Bought this one just to have something when it comes tomorrow.

  • Oos all colours

    • +1

      It's showing Lavendar and Red in stock in the 5G for me.

  • For some reason the base price is showing up as $849 for me, which means its $649 after the discounts, does anybody know why?

    • +3

      Did you select 5G?

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    So instead of the $50 newsletter voucher, maybe you guys could convince customer service to throw in a free $39 case. I was going to try but was called away, it may help you buy the phone for $650 if you're getting something supposedly worth $39

    • +1

      Why not both? $50 discount and free $39 case :D

      • I did ask about the $50 news letter voucher that we should have got, but was told they have no ability to do that, it was only after I closed chat I thought of a compromise where they provide a free case instead

        • My point still stands.

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    By the way, I note that Galaxy Z Flip 5G is also $1499 (same as JB HiFi). You can get $400 off with trade in bonus just like S21 series. Not sure if you can stack with the $200 and $50 voucher. If you can, it is $850, which is a steal for something unique and just as powerful as S21!

  • The promo code I got almost 2 months ago during $400 trade in period is still working surprisingly.

    • Which one. $200 or $50?

      • $150

        • Didn't she said 7 days? Seems like those philliphines just reading from a manual or something (I chat to one for a long time while getting a code. Sounds like a nice girl. Was going to get her number just because, but realise she could get in trouble).

          • @Xantar: Yes the chat agent did say 7 days. I got the code on March 30th, the day that Samsung said the $200 can only stack with the trade in bonus. So in the end i didn't use the code.

        • In that case, I should save my code for later.

  • I know there is a $50 voucher request chat that I had no response to yet, but is anyone actually getting any response and the $50 voucher from Samsung?