Click Frenzy Mayhem 2021: Tuesday May 18 2021

Click Frenzy Mayhem 2021 officially begins 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, May 18 2021


As always expect some deals to be posted prior to 7pm. The event runs for 53 hours (ending Thursday, May 20 2021, 1159pm).

Follow all the deals, discussion and view participating stores via the OzBargain Click Frenzy 2021 Sales & Promotions page. The Click Frenzy sales page can also be accessed from the 'Pages' menu at the top of the website for easy access, closer to the date.

Please add 'Click Frenzy' tag to your deal post and remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.

Frenzy Bucks

Promo text:

It’s back! Be one of the first 1000 subscribers to spend $200 or more on Click Frenzy deals and you could score yourself $50 back. Terms & Conditions.


Tag a friend and comment on this post for the chance to win a Nintendo Switch for yourself and a friend! Terms & Conditions.

Competition 2 (14/5)


With only 5 days to go until Click Frenzy Mayhem gets underway, we’re giving you the chance to nab yourself an epic Apple Bundle valued at $1,748 in celebration of our event!

All you have to do to enter is comment down below in 25 words or less, which Mayhem retailer you’re looking forward to shopping with during the event and what item are you hoping to snap up from them and why? Make sure to check out our Brand Wall (located on our website -!) to see which retailers are taking part in our event!

Entries are open until 11:59pm (AEST) Thursday 20 May.


'Go Nuts'

The 'Go Nuts' 99% off deals are also being run as usual. You can see comments on last year's Click Frenzy Mayhem. They aren't for everyone, quite a few OzBargainer's got free products, but a quite a few also missed out and it can be time consuming! If you are interested in participating ensure you subscribe on the Click Frenzy website now. It's also a good idea to Login/Update your account, or signup if you don't already have one.

Promo text/images from Click Frenzy so far:

Yep, you read that correctly! There's going to be some incredible 99% off deals on offer during Click Frenzy Mayhem! We're talking $5 Garmin Smart Watches and $2 Smeg Kettles just to name a couple. Make sure you're a member for your chance to snag one of these bargains!
Here's a taste of two of the Go Nuts deals in store for this event!

Watch Kettle
Xbox Series S

Go Nuts Details/Updates:

We will list the upcoming questions when they become available throughout the event.

Tuesday 18th

8-9pm: GoPro Hero 9 - $8 Q
9-10pm: Nutribullet Blender - $2 Q
10-11pm: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - $15 Q
11pm-12am: Apple Airpods Pro - $4 Q

Wednesday 19th

7am-8am: Garmin Smart Watch - $6 Q
9am-10am: Smeg Kettle - $2 Q
11am-12pm: Apple Macbook Air - $15 Q
12pm-1pm: LEGO Ferrari Sports Car - $4 Q
2pm-3pm: Apple TV 4k - $2 Q
4pm-5pm: Google Nest Hub Max - $4 Q
6pm-7pm: Samsung Galaxy S21 - $12 Q
8pm-9pm: Ultimate Ears Megaboom - $3 Q
9pm-10pm: Balenciaga Cash Card Holder $3 Q
10pm-11pm: Xbox Series S - $5 Q
11pm-12am: Apple iPad Pro 11" $12 Q

Thursday 20th

8am-9am: Homedics Massage Gun - $1 Q
9am-10am: Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - $9 Q
11am-12pm: BenQ Portable Projector - $5 Q
1pm-2pm: Samsung Galaxy Buds - $1 Q
3pm-4pm: Apple Watch Series 6 - $6 Q
4pm-5pm: Portal+ - $4 Q
6pm-7pm: Playstation 5 Digital - $6 Q
7pm-8pm: Apple iPhone 12 - $13 Q
9pm-10pm: Nintendo Switch - $4Q
10pm-11pm: Arlo Wireless Security - $3Q
11pm-12am : Sony Bravia TV 65" - $20 (Finish) Q

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      • +1

        Would it be bad if I did 4,444,445? >:D

      • should be more than that, as the link only shows the past 5 events up until 2018 - there have been more mayhem events (2015, 2016, 2017)

      • Welp. I don't even remember what number i put but its close to that. Wonder if we have to get the exact number to win… The prize pool for this one is probably like 3 phones total lmao

      • This doesn't include 2020 November Click Frenzy

        • Mayhem events are only in May.

    Looking at May numbers it looks around 3.40 million

  • Latesst Q is stupid

  • How many users have visited the Click Frenzy website during all Click Frenzy Mayhem events:

    Answer is: 5,361,072 (Not sure how it fits within 2mill - 5mil)

    According to this link:

    • +1

      Mayhem only (May events).

    • Mayhem events are the May values only. I got stuck with that for a bit too.

    • +1 Referral 5.17%


      • +1

        OzBargain is the main site that stands out, being the 3rd largest individual driver of traffic to Click Frenzy (5%). This mostly came from the OzBargain community sharing links in the online forum to alert fellow members about the best deals, revealing the important role that organic word-of-mouth can play in driving visits.


        • The fact that more people clicked through from DuckDuckGo than from Kotaku is also hilarious to me

  • Do they send an SMS to the winner(s) immediately, or are they delayed?

    • +1

      Prob delayed

    • +1

      delayed. usually people start getting SMS's the following day

    • delayed by one day last time, but tandcs say up to 3 days

      • This means they just do =rand() and find random people who have the correct answer, then pick the winner.

        Game of skill to reduce having to pay lotteries money

    • T&C say it can take up to midnight Monday 24th

  • -1

    Anyone have the updated count for the number of brands that start with C-L-I-C-K, F-R-E-N-Z-Y and M-A-Y-H-E-M?

  • I guess the next pop-up will be before 11:30PM since they won't be wanting to keep people waiting close to midnight. Just a wild guess

  • How many pairs of shoes can be seen in the "Women's Footwear" sub category?

    • I got 72 unique pairs…

      • But 53 listings

      • I count 55, but does 4 single shoes = 2 pairs, or matching pairs only? :-/

        • i counted the individual ones but i have no idea what to put

          • @rain-e: If you say >0 you can't be wrong ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • +4

    Click Frenzy giving us a gift of over 7 hours sleep. See you all at 7am for Garmin Smart watch.


  • put down 19 pairs, probably wrong but one of the images shows 2 different styles.
    Also not quite sure if "pairs" was meaning that two shoes had to be shown in one picture

    • yep i didnt even scroll all the way down, big L for me

  • Dammit, I stopped too soon (got tricked by section break) and counted only 30 pairs :(

  • +1

    How many pairs of shoes can be seen in the "Women's Footwear" sub category?

    47 Unique pairs or could be more depending on their definition of "pair"

    • Pair is a shoe that there are two of that match.

      It's black and white

    • +1

      I'd agree with you on 47 if a "pair" means that you can see 2 identical shows in the shot

  • So that was a difficult question… No way I got that right. Guessed 73. I assumed that it was unique pairs and that even if 1 design of shoe is shown in the picture it must be a pair when counting.

  • +2

    Smeg Kettle
    Deal goes live
    Between 9-10am

    Apple MacBook Air
    Deal goes live
    Between 11am-12pm

    Lego Ferrari
    Sports Car
    Deal goes live
    Between 12-1pm

  • what happened with the garmin watch this morning

    • +1

      Still has just under 40 mins to pop up

      • righto, so it doesnt necessarily have to pop up at 7.00am on the dot

        • Correct, randomly any time within the hour

  • How many days has it been since last year's click frenzy Mayhem ?

  • How many days has it been since last years click Frenzy Mayhem?

  • +1

    365 days since May 19 2020

    • I put 365 too.
      Luck of the draw I guess depending on which date they go by

  • Days 361. 22/5/20 to 17/5/2021.
    362 if it is meant to be as of today.

    • It's the 19th of May today, yesterday was the 18th, why do you use 17 May?

      • Kind of tricky if question is meant to be between 2 events.

  • I am thinking 363 days, last one ran 19-21st May, it has been 363 days since 21st May

    • That's probably not a bad call, could be days from the end of last year's one.

  • 366 days

  • 363

  • +6

    How much money do you get back if you enter your purchases (totalling more than $200) into our Frenzy Bucks promotion?

    A: $50

    • Thanks!

    • I knew the answer to this beforehand but i forgot to put the dollar sign ughhhh

      • Where do you click to get the pop up?

        • +2

          Comes up at random… just stay on the webpage

  • Bit of a break until the next ones:

    11am-12pm: Apple Macbook Air - $15
    12pm-1pm: LEGO Ferrari Sports Car - $4

  • +3

    Xbox time 10-11pm tonight

  • +4

    Anxiously waiting for that MacBook Air!!

  • +1

    Has anyone managed to 'hack' the site and find the questions? I know last year it was quite easy to do using inspect element on chrome but had no luck trying this year (sorry if this is against OzBargain t&c or something lol)

  • +13

    Q: Head to our instagram live to find the answer. We're in the mood for a treat! What is the name of the retailer we are indulging on?

    I took a guess and said Lindt.

    • they aren't even live….

      edit: now they are

      • +2

        Looks like fashion spree liverpool so Lindt sounds good.

    • +4

      Good guess. it was lindt

      Macbook coming your way :P

    • Good guess!

    • It was Lindt :) good guess

    • +1

      how the h*** did you guess that

      • +2

        I clicked on Food, Wine and Liquor on the site, and Lindt was one of the feature brands. I panicked once the Live stream started as I thought Lindt was a brand, not a retail store :D

        Hopefully I was quick enough! :D

    • I guessed Lindt too, before the live started

      • Does that mean you win? based on "speed" ?

        • It should, but it depends how many codes they have to give out.

    • oh damn nice

      I guessed that too once the live video started.

      Searched for Food etc and the first retailer was Lindt.

      Hope they have a few on offer!

  • Lindt

  • Ans: Lindt

  • +1

    Been caught before where they stop somewhere and then walk away.

    • I cried with the PS2 game one last time

      haha.. that was cruel

  • Apologies if it's been answered before - with the fact apparently the SMS to confirm you have "won" being delayed, what happens in the case you've won multiple? Like I assume we are all attempting to answer here on most of the questions…

    • Maybe they will collate it all and sort and remove dupes?

      • So we might only get a kettle when we could have won the Macbook too? :P

    • Also curious to know if we know how many they're giving out of each?

      • t&c's say?

        • Just says "a predetermined number", so if we don't have any insight here then I think it's fair to say we'll find out later! :)

    • t&c's say you can only win once, so after your number has been sent a sms, they will put a mute against the number basically,

      • Fair enough, I suppose in a way it would be much easier if the SMS were sent out quicker, but at the end of the day it is essentially a competition so that old don't look a gift horse in the mouth thing

  • I feel like they might remove the entries of Lindt that were placed before they showed it on the live for 'cheating'

    • Hard to tell exactly though. Live videos could be delayed up to 30 seconds. So who knows when someone saw it and at what time.

      • I really don't think they'd care all that much at those who guessed before they arrived at the store itself, if anything they'd probably think it's great

  • Down to the final minute

  • What is Click Frenzy's instagram handle?

    • click_frenzy

      • Did we need the @

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